Munzee Mistakes: 25 General Tips and Helpful Hints

The Munzee community has banded together to bring us 20 capping tips, 20 deploy tips, and last week’s 10 tips for new players. To continue our journey of making Munzee more accessible for our many new players, this week we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of general tips and tricks sent in by some of Munzee’s dedicated players!

Are you a brand new player? Are you a dedicated player browsing the list to learn some new wisdom? (Are you an absolute expert seeing if your tip is featured? ?) No matter your level of gameplay, there is always something new you can learn since we’re always mixing things up to introduce new adventures, excitement, and specials to everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt!

Here is some general gameplay advice offered by fellow players:

Tip #1: Help fellow players complete Virtual Gardens and Trail Munzees. It helps everyone! (Elisa Angel Reynozo) #GrowTheMap

Tip #2: Always check your filters to make sure you’re not missing anything. (dap217)

Tip #3: Definitely learn how to use the filters to get the best experience. You will need to become a Premium Member to get the better filter range. (mikedee)

Tip #4: Become a Premium Member. The ability to use filters is incredibly helpful. In an instant you can filter out and see hotels/resorts that have rooms. You can filter and see JUST where Mythological Munzees are located near you. Being a Premium Member allows you to do this! (MRSG9064)

Tip #5: When you become a Premium Member, spend some time looking at Statzee. (This is the home of munzee statistics!) There is an amazing amount you can learn by looking at this information closely. (Bungle)

Tip #6: Sign up for monthly MunzPak subscriptions! I love getting my Physical Pak every month, as it gets me out and about in my area! Points makes badges! (Jemma Jones-Hayes)

Tip #7: Go to an event and make lots of new friends! (See the Munzee Events Calendar HERE!) They will be willing to help you with all the questions you have. Remember, no question is too daft (silly) to ask! (Anwsmum)

Tip #8: Go to an Event in the neighbourhood. You are able to meet more experienced players who can give you all kinds of tips. You might even be able to go and Munzee with them to see how they approach things. (Feikjen)

Tip #9: Get in a WhatsApp, Facebook, or online community to share Munzee stuff and just chat amongst each other. Communicating with fellow players is a great way to keep up to date with Munzee and get to know other players. (Human01d)

Tip #10: Watch Facebook, Twitter, and Munzee Blog posts for Munzee Announcements. New Munzee types may mean you need to check your Physical or Virtual FILTERS to see everything. (KernKlan)

Tip #11: If you’re unsure of what a sticker is coded as, test scan it, and then write on the back of the sticker so you don’t forget! (Liam Kearns)

Tip #12: When you’ve completed the new player tutorial, go back and scan that referral code that led you to the game! (Penfold49)

Tip #13: When you are starting out with a fresh area, deploy a “Myth Farm”, a block of Shamrock munzees, a block of Water Mystery munzees, a block of Ice Mystery munzees. That way, you will always have several Myth munzees showing up every day. (MythBait)

Tip #14: When deploying, mix it up a little. A field of Greenies will be more likely to attract players if you add some specials in there. A few jewels, weapons, Destination munzees, and scattering types (Ice Mystery, Fire Mystery, etc.) can help draw a player in. (Jellybean88)

Tip #15: It will take a while and effort, but having ZeeQRew makes capping better, and you won’t miss specials. (GeoTracker7)

Tip #16: If you buy a Personal Munzee, make sure you scan it first to deploy it before letting others scan it! Otherwise, they own it. (Linda Shoemaker)

Tip #17: For deploy requirements, don’t forget that if you cap a Destination munzee (Hotel/Motel/Virtual Resort/Timeshare) that has a vacancy, the room you get counts as a deploy. (Bennycams)

Tip #18: Hold down the “my location button” and it will follow as you walk/drive. (Connor Brown)

Tip #19: For extra fun when deploying physicals, have three Munzee players deploying every 50 feet to make a great Munzee physical power trail! (earthangel)

Tip #20: In cities or areas where walking can be difficult, think about places where a future capper can park. It’s easier to cap when you can park legally and only have a short walk. (Kpr1000)

Tip #21: Think of the long haul. Build your home map to bring the CapOns to you— they will come if you build it well enough! (FrankBroughton)

Tip #22: Along with setting filters, research the area before trips so you don’t get sidetracked and miss the munzees you traveled for by capping everything in sight. (rufnredy)

Tip #23: Name your Virtual Resorts before you ever deploy them. (denali0407)

Tip #24: Deploy as you travel. Name them after the place you’re at. (Pyro1970)

Tip #25: Always take a few munzees along on your trips, and deploy everywhere you go! (Loxmudprincess)

As always, feel free to share these posts with new referrals! (And don’t forget to share your referral code!) If this is your first time reading a blog post, welcome to Munzee! There is much to learn, but so many players who are happy to help!

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Lastly, a big thank you to all in the Munzee community who shared their tips!

Munzee on!