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April 22, 2024

Munzdalorian Mailbox Schedules!

Prepare for Munzdalorian galactic revelries all month long – make sure you’re up to speed when the Double Point Weekends and Special Themed Scatter Events blast into hyperspace! With 4 weekends of bonus points and 4 fresh scatters, this mailbox is your ticket to cosomo-trotting fun! So, without any more droid delays, here’s the schedule for the Munzdalorian Mailbox. If you haven’t joined yet, there’s still time to purchase a mailbox from the FT Store here before goodies start on May 4th!

Mailbox Owner Double Point Weekends (DPWs)

Dates Double Points ON
Fri, May 3 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, May 5 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virtuals, Greenies, Mysteries
Fri, May 10 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, May 12 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virtuals, Greenies, Virtual Colors
Fri, May 17 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, May 19 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virtuals, Greenies, Mechz
Fri, May 24 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, May 26 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virtuals, Greenies, Resellers
Fri, May 31 – 00:01 MHQ to Friday, May 31 at 23:59 MHQ (1 day) Cards, Flats, Temp Virtuals, Greenies, Scattered Types

Special Themed Scatter Events

When you cap the Munzdalorian Mailbox on certain days, up to 10 themed scatters will be deployed nearby. They expire 120 hours after they are deployed, to hopefully give you enough time to capture them all! While we’ll reveal the dates to help you plan, we’ll keep what will be scattering for the following four events a surprise until then:

Dates Special Themed Scatter
Mon, May 6 – 00:01 MHQ to 23:59 MHQ ?
Tues, May 14 – 00:01 MHQ to 23:59 MHQ ??
Thurs, May 23 – 00:01 MHQ to 23:59 MHQ ???
Fri, May 31 – 00:01 MHQ to 23:59 MHQ ????


All Player Double Point Weekdays (DPWs)

All Player Double Point Weekdays include both non-mailbox owners and mailbox owners. So, if you seek a hefty bounty, get your Munzdalorian Mailbox to unlock more rewards!

Dates Double Points ON
Wed, May  8 – 00:01 MHQ to Thurs, May 9 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Greenies
Wed, May 15 – 00:01 MHQ to Thurs, May 16 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Greenies
Wed, May 22 – 00:01 MHQ to Thurs, May 23 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Greenies
Wed, May 29 – 00:01 MHQ to Thurs, May 30 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Greenies 

Gear up for interstellar fun!


April 19, 2024

Chase The Bounty With The New Munzdalorian Mailbox!

Become one of the most feared Munzee hunters in the galaxy with the ALL NEW Munzdalorian Mailbox just in time for May the 4th Scrap Wars celebrations! If you choose to walk the way of the Munzdalore, you’ll travel through space and time for a slew of sci-fi goodies delivered right to your door. This ALL NEW Mailbox is available to purchase NOW and features 28 days of caps, prizes, bonus gifts, the ROBO F3TT Mech, and more! If you were a fan of last year’s Dark Side Mailbox, prepare for a Return to glory and get ready to collect these cosmic treasures at lightspeed!

Get yours NOW in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Incoming Mail Transmission!

You’ll need a Munzdalorian Mailbox Munzee to receive your rewards! This retro spaceship might seem similar to another 80s pop culture icon, but our mail delivery droid retrofit it to travel across galaxies (and timezones) far, far away in order to make deliveries this time around! This motored mailer will deliver virtual items to Mailbox owners starting on May 4th, 2024, but you’ll be able to start earning daily points as soon as you deploy it.

Munzdalorian Mailbox
  • Deploy: 100
  • Capture: 10

How the Munzdalorian Mailbox Works

Starting Saturday, May 4, 2024 at 00:01 MHQ, each day you cap your Munzdalorian Mailbox you will be awarded a different Scrap Wars themed Greeting Card capture, similar to the other mailboxes. Please note that you’ll only be able to earn that specific card on that day, so you really don’t want to miss a day. Once you cap that card you’ll earn points, and you may also get some extra prizes! To learn more about Mailboxes visit the Munzee Help Guide HERE!

The Munzdalorian Mailbox is available for $25 and includes the following:

  • 1 Munzdalorian Mailbox Munzee to deploy and move around anywhere at anytime!
  • 1 Daily Capture of the mailbox each MHQ day starting on April 19th or when first deployed, which should help with keeping up your streaks!
  • 28 Mailbox Prize Days starting on May 4th and ending on May 31st, which will deliver the goodies below when captured, including Cards, Zeds, Munzees to deploy and more!
  • 28 Themed Greeting Cards to both CAPTURE and DEPLOY!
  • 1 ROBO F3TT Mech deployed when capturing the mailbox on May 4th
  • Exclusive access to Double Point Events
  • Exclusive access to Scatter Events and Special Badges
  • This mailbox will archive on June 1, 2024

If you’re interested, you can purchase it in the FT Store! You will still be able to purchase the mailbox after it begins, but you won’t be able to earn rewards from the days that have passed. We suggest purchasing your mailbox as soon as possible to start learning the mysteries it beholds!


Beware the greatest bounty hunter bot the galaxy has ever seen: ROBO F3TT! Like the other Munzee Mechz, ROBO F3TT is a temporary POB. ROBO F3TT will remain on the map until it has been captured 10 times, as you can see below. You will receive a fully-built ROBO F3TT that will auto-deploy on your account when you capture your Mailbox on May 4th. You will also receive the Blueprint to rebuild it when you have earned enough Cogs in the future. It will cost 18 Cogs to rebuild this mech.

  • Deploy: 800
  • Capture: 250
  • CapOn: 150-200
  • Pitted (Crushed) Capture: 500
  • Pitted (Crushed) CapOn: 200-250
Landing Pads

You can find these high flying pyros at the landing pads above every 6 hours or when captured.

ROBO F3TT will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture a ROBO F3TT on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same ROBO F3TT visits you. ROBO F3TT is non-blastable. It will be attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets. You can access it by turning on your “All Expiring Specials” filter.

When a ROBO F3TT is captured, it will scatter up to 3 BOBA T3A.

  • Capture: 50
  • CapOn: 25-35

These scatters will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the Mech owner’s account. They expire after 120 minutes and have a capture radius of 300 feet. These scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.


There are a variety of badge lines associated with this Mailbox, so look forward to earning even more as the month progresses!

  • Munzdalorian Mailbox Deploy Badge — deploying a Munzdalorian Mailbox will earn you a special badge that you can see below.
  • Munzdalorian Mailbox Card Capture Badges — capture at least 1 of each unique Munzdalorian Mailbox card! We’ll keep what these look like a secret for now.
  • Munzdalorian Mailbox Scatter Event Badges — You can also earn badges at various points during the specific scatter events, but we want those to be a surprise throughout the month.
  • ROBO F3TT Badges — deploying a ROBO F3TT mech will earn you the corresponding Blueprint badge that you can also see below. There is also a unique badge for capturing what the force has kept hidden for the time being…

Fire up that cosmic mail courier, hit 88 lightyears per hour, and bring in quite the bounty to celebrate our scrappiest Scrap Wars yet! 


April 17, 2024

Get Moving With Cappy on your Daily Stroll!

Prepare for a journey into worlds unknown with Cappy the magical unicorn! You may have seen this little guy popping up in various aspects of the game over the last few months, but we’re excited for him to make his grand introduction alongside some fantastic new in-game features. Meet Cappy in the ALL NEW Camp Hub where you can chase Shooting Stars on your Daily Stroll, and be on the lookout for any magical Wishing Wells along your journey! To access these latest features, you’ll need to make sure you’re on the latest version of Munzee from the App Stores (4.1.207), then restart the app to pull down the latest over-the-air update version #1116.

That all may sound new and mysterious now, but read on to learn everything you need to about these game-changing new features. This is just the beginning of Cappy’s journey so prepare for adventure and don’t let your new friend down! And can you hear that? Crank up the volume! Because for the first time ever, new music and SFX have been added to the game! Make sure you have your sound turned on and listen as you tap around and explore all the new features!


Adventure Awaits in the Camp Hub!

Where Cappy has come from and what brings him to our world is a mystery for now, but he’s set up camp in the corner of the Munzee map! Look for the entrance to Cappy’s Camp in the upper left-hand corner of the main map screen. This button will help Cappy let you know when it’s time to go on your Daily Stroll, but you can also check out his campground by tapping on Cappy. Once you enter the Camp Hub, whether it’s day or night, you’ll be able to explore and interact with a number of new features. Feel free to tap around!

Explore different areas of the Camp Hub by tapping on the icons below:

  • Daily Stroll Star
    • A new way to play Munzee every day, no matter where you are! Read on for more details below!
  • Star Power Bar
    • As you collect Star Credits during the Daily Stroll, the Star Power Bar will fill up! You can hold a maximum of 100 Stars. I wonder what you could use those for…
  • Wishing Well
    • Tap to find the nearest Wishing Well and use your Stars to make wishes! If none are nearby, you can request a new location.
  • Clock Lantern
    • This displays the current MHQ time, which is based in the CST/CDT time zone. You may also notice the scene changing as nighttime rolls around, which will shift the scene at Cappy’s Camp.
  • Calendar
    • Similar to the clock above, this displays the current month and date in MHQ time.
    • Tapping will also take you to the Daily Activity Tracker to keep up your streak!

You never know how Cappy’s campground might change in the future, and what new additions will pop up, so be sure to check out the Camp Hub each day. And what better way to start off your day than with a little stroll… NOTE: Players can use the option in the Settings menu to hide the Camp Hub button from the map after the Daily Stroll has been completed.

Take Cappy on a Daily Stroll!

Cappy has come to our world to explore and interact with magic previously hidden to us. Much like the game of Munzee there’s a whole world of mystery lying in wait if you know where to look. Help guide Cappy on his journey by participating in the Daily Stroll each day. Once you start your Daily Stroll you’ll have 15 minutes to collect as many Shooting Stars as possible, so you better get moving! This is the only way for you to collect Stars, which Cappy promises will be worth your hard work.

  • Before starting the Daily Stroll, make sure you are in an open area that you’re able to walk around and play! The Shooting Stars will start by scattering close by, but may eventually scatter farther up to 1 mile from your starting location.
    • The Capture Radius Booster and Rover Treats can be used to capture Shooting Stars that are too far to reach!
  • You’ll have 15 minutes to capture as many Shooting Stars as you can before time runs out! Each time a Shooting Star is captured, a new one is scattered nearby!
  • Earn 1 Star Credit for every Shooting Star captured, as long as there’s room in your Star Power Bar.
  • TIP: If you’re having trouble finding the next Shooting Star on the map, tap on the wiggling Star icon next to Cappy on the map!
  • TIP: Make sure you have the new Daily Stroll Types filter enabled to see the Shooting Stars on the map! It may be easier to hide all other types during the Daily Stroll.
  • At the end of the Daily Stroll a pop up will appear showing how many Stars were captured that day.

Once your Daily Stroll has wrapped up it’s time to make a wish! But you can’t make wishes just anywhere…

Discover the Magic of the Wishing Wells!

Shooting Stars come from a far distant land and even Cappy isn’t totally sure where they originate, but he knows what happens when you wish upon a shooting star! If you want to use your Star Credits to make a wish, first you’ll need to head to a Wishing Well! This all new munzee-owned type can be captured daily, but the real magic in Wishing Wells is, well, the wishing! To start off, making a wish at a Wishing Well will cost you 10 Stars and you’ll be able to summon a Well Wisp to track down. You can learn more about these cute creatures further on, but more types of Wishes could be in line for the future so if you have any ideas be sure to send them our way!

  • Tap on the Wishing Well in the Camp Hub to find the nearest location to you! If there is none nearby, a request for a new location may be submitted*.
    • Please note that there will likely be a surge of requests upon launch, so be patient with our approval process. We promise we want as many Wishing Wells on the map as you do! 
  • Tap on the Details to view the option to Make A Wish.
  • It will cost 10 Star Credits to Make A Wish.
    • NOTE: You can only capture and Make A Wish at each Wishing Well once per MHQ day.
  • Once your wish is granted, one of three different Well Wisps will scatter nearby for you to capture! Read on for more details below!
  • Have ideas for future Wishes? Let us know on social!

Once you make a Wish its back to adventuring for you and Cappy! What are these mysterious creatures scattered from the watery depths of the Wishing Well…

Summon Well Wisps!

Cappy isn’t revealing all of his mysteries just yet, but his ultimate goal is helping the bouncing creatures of all worlds return to their own homes. The Wishing Wells work as a portal for the watery Well Wisps, so when they get out it’s up to you and Cappy to follow their trail! The further your Wisp trail takes you the more unique the final Well Wisp Creature will be. What other wondrous watery shapes will appear from these Wishing Wells in the future?

  • Find the first Well Wisp scattered nearby and capture it to reveal the next one!
  • Follow the Well Wisp trail until they form to reveal the final Well Wisp creature!

Parting Notes!

All fun and games aside the introduction of Cappy, the Camp Hub, and more is the result of many (many) months of hard work on behalf of our team and we’re so excited to bring this new era into the game of Munzee! This has been one of the most significant changes we’ve made to the app in years, so thank you for your patience getting here. We want to encourage more daily gameplay for players new and old alike no matter where you live or how many munzees are near you. We hope the addition of the Daily Stroll and Wishing Wells help players along their journey, but this is just the beginning and more changes are in store across the land! We hope you’re as excited as we are because we need your help! It’s more important than ever that we #GrowTheMap because big things are in store for Munzee, Cappy, and of course, YOU- our players! 

We know this has been a novel to get through, and hopefully these new features are user friendly enough to get you going, but our friend Seemyshell has also lent his handiwork for a (truly) play by play tutorial. Check out Seemyshell’s video for all the ins and outs of the Daily Stroll and Wishing Wells in real time!

You can also check out Munzee Help Guide for even more information on Daily Stroll, Wishing Wells, and more! 

April 16, 2024

Secret ZeeOps – Space Case (April 2024)

You better brew up a cosmic-sized cup of coffee because this case is launching you into the stratosphere! An ALL NEW Secret ZeeOps is now available in the app ZeeOps Hub for the usual cost of 1,500 Zeds. It is NOW available for purchase until 23:59 MHQ on May 31st. If you’ve purchased a Secret ZeeOp, you can complete it and collect rewards even after purchasing it is unavailable.

Attention agents, the galaxy faces a dire threat with an intergalactic crime syndicate deploying Mech mercenaries to steal shipments of motor oil all across the galaxy. It looks like the case has gone “cold brew,” and it’s up to you to prevent caffeinated catastrophe! Your mission? Breach defenses and expose the real agenda behind their master plan. Completing a series of missions will unlock new levels in this operation. There are four levels, each with four missions. If you conquer every mission in Operation: Space Case, you’ll earn a celebratory badge, the NEW JAVA The Hub MECH (info below), and more exciting rewards listed in the app!

Start your stellar mission TODAY!

NEW Mech Details

Like the other Munzee Mechz,  JAVA The Hub is a temporary POB that will remain on the map until it has been captured 15 times.

JAVA The Hub
  • Deploy: 350
  • Capture: 230-330
  • CapOn: 100-200
  • Choked Up (Crushed): 500
Landing Pads
  • Greenies
  • Flat Cup
  • Reseller Munzees
    • Red Bounty Ship
    • Blue Bounty Ship
  • Elemental Mysteries
    • Earth Mystery
    • Water Mystery
    • Electric Mystery
    • Void Mystery
  • Jewels
    • Virtual Citrine
    • Topaz
  • POI Drink Depot
  • Gaming Munzees
    • Joystick Physical
    • Joystick Virtual
  • Western Zodiacs
    • Scorpio
    • Sagittarius
    • Capricorn
    • Aquarius
    • Pisces
    • Aries
    • Taurus
    • Gemini
    • Cancer
    • Leo
    • Virgo
    • Libra
  • All Virtual Colors
  • Treehouses & Skylands
  • All Temporary Destinations

This coffee bean bandit can be spotted on landing pads above every 6 hours or when captured.

JAVA The Hub will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture JAVA The Hub on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same JAVA The Hub visits you. JAVA The Hub is non-blastable. It will be attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets. You can access JAVA The Hub by turning on your “All Expiring Specials” filter.

When JAVA The Hub is captured, it will scatter up to 3 Salacious Shakes on the Mech owner’s account.

Salacious Shake
Capture: 30-50

CapOn: 5-30

These scatters will be visible to any player and expire after 120 minutes. They have a capture radius of 300 feet. Since they are passive deploys, these scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity.


As with other Munzee Mechz, the badge for deploying JAVA The Hub depicts the Blueprints, and is shown below:

JAVA The Hub Blueprints- Deploy 1 JAVA The Hub Munzee.

For those who capture Java The Hub, a badge awaits. As there’s just one badge in this category, we’ll keep it secret, for now.

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.


This message will self destruct in 321

April 15, 2024

🚨 Bonus Scatter Event! 🚨

We hope you’re seated for this exciting news: we’re kicking off a Bonus Scatter Event starting NOW on certain* Munzees that include a scattering type! For every Munzee you cap that scatters, an extra +1 bonus Scatter will be deployed nearby from Monday, April 15 at 12:00 MHQ until Friday, April 19 at 23:59 MHQ! 

This unique bonus event will impact a number of different munzee types including those listed below! If you want to help spread the love deploy any of the munzees in THIS COLLECTION and once they’re captured they’ll start scattering up a storm!

  • Mech Scatters
  • Elemental Mystery Scatters
  • Reseller Scatters
  • Glass Guardian Scatters
  • Zodiac Scatters


With all of these Scatters up for grabs get ready to shatter scatter records!



*Certain future scattering types will be excluded from this bonus event, but stay tuned for more info soon! 

April 11, 2024

Take Flight With Dragon Trainer Specials!

Attention all knights and dragon tamers, assemble! Ready your gear and prepare for an inferno of excitement because something blazingly cute is about to hatch near you. Dragon Trainer Specials are now LIVE for you to begin hatching! This new set of specials will now be an ongoing fixture of the game! However, certain styles may come and go but there will be dragons available to chase for the foreseeable future!

We told you it was the Year Of the Dragon and we’re taking that to heart! Take a peek at your map and scout for the nearest Dragon Egg. Armor up – this isn’t your typical egg hunt, these eggs are covered in scales! It’s up to you to crack them open with your captures and claim the reward of your very OWN DRAGON! Read more to find out how to become a Munzee dragon trainer.


Dragon Trainer specials are similar to Evolution Munzees in that they level up based on captures, but unlike other specials you’ll actually be able to earn your own unique Dragon Bouncers as well. 

  • Each will start off as a Dragon Egg MOB (Munzee Owned Bouncer) that will bounce around the map until it is captured 10 times.
  • On the 10th capture the Dragon Egg will hatch into a Baby Dragon tPOB (temporary Player Owned Bouncer), and the player with the 10th and final capture will be the proud owner of the new special!
  • Baby Dragons will remain on the map until they have been captured 15 times when they will turn into an Elder Dragon tPOB! Similarly the player with the 15th and final capture will be the owner of the new Elder Dragon. Elder Dragons will bounce around the map until 20 captures. After which, it will depart into the unknown!

There will be a number of different styles of Dragon Eggs, Baby Dragons, and Elder Dragons, but to start off we will be releasing 2 of each style. Please note that you never know what Baby Dragon will hatch from which Dragon Egg, and similarly Baby Dragons have a chance of evolving into different Elder Dragons as well! You’ll have to keep capping to fill the land of Munzee with all sorts of different Dragon styles!

Here’s a look at the first 2 Dragon Eggs:

Scaled Dragon Egg Speckled Dragon Egg
Points Points
  • Deploy: 25
  • Capture: 100
  • CapOn: 25
  • Deploy: 25
  • Capture: 100
  • CapOn: 25
Landing Pads Landing Pads
  • Greenies
  • All Virtual Colors
  • Greenies
  • All Virtual Colors

Here’s a look at the first 2 Baby Dragons:

Twilight Baby Dragon Viridian Baby Dragon
Points Points
  • Deploy: 50
  • Capture: 150
  • CapOn: 50
  • Deploy: 50
  • Capture: 150
  • CapOn: 50
Landing Pads Landing Pads

Here’s a look at the first 2 Elder Dragons:

Funfinity Elder Dragon Elemental Elder Dragon
Points Points
  • Deploy: 100
  • Capture: 200
  • CapOn: 75
  • Deploy: 100
  • Capture: 200
  • CapOn: 75
Landing Pads Landing Pads
  • Greenies
  • Jewels
    • Diamond
    • Ruby
    • Virtual Emerald
    • Aquamarine Munzee
    • Topaz
    • Virtual Amethyst
    • Pink Diamond
    • Virtual Sapphire
    • Virtual Citrine
    • Virtual Onyx
  • All Virtual Colors
  • Treehouses
  • Skylands
  • Greenies
  • Elemental Mysteries
    • Mystery
    • Fire Mystery
    • Ice Mystery
    • Earth Mystery
    • Water Mystery
    • Air Mystery
    • Electric Mystery
    • Void Mystery
  • All Virtual Colors
  • Treehouses
  • Skylands

All stages will be available for multi-capture until it hits its maximum number of captures. That means players can capture a Dragon Egg, Baby Dragon, or Elder Dragon on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Dragon Trainer special visit you. These dragons are non-blastable. They will be attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets. You can access them by turning on your “All Expiring Specials” filter.

More About Dragon Trainer Specials

To clarify points made above, you can capture Dragon Trainer specials in 3 different stages:

  • Dragon Egg: Captures Needed to “hatch”: 10
  • Baby Dragon: Captures Needed to “evolve”: 15
  • Elder Dragon: Captures Needed to “archive/depart”: 20


There are a number of different badges you’ll be able to earn for interacting with Dragon Trainer specials! Those lucky enough to hatch the Baby Dragons and “evolve” the Elder Dragons will earn badges for deploying each type, but you can also earn badges for capturing 100 of each type. We know that’s a large goal, but we plan on these dragons being around for a while so chase one any time you see it! 

Expect more badges to be released in the future including overall Dragon Trainer captures, capturing complete sets, and more! These Dragons are here to stay for the foreseeable future, so set forth and adventure on!

We hope you enjoy now being able to cap these smokey hatchlings on the map, and let us know which scaled cutie is your favorite!



April 4, 2024

Reseller Glass Guardians Storm The Scene!

The Resellers have been incubating a few Glass Guardian eggs of their own, and they just cracked open after Easter weekend! Please welcome these very special Glass Guardians themed around each Reseller’s shop, all of which are available NOW for purchase!

Reseller Glass Guardian Details

Like the other Glass Guardians, these exclusive Reseller bouncers are temporary POBs that will remain on the map as long as players with permanent Glass Guardians continue to use it. When you purchase a Glass Guardian from a Reseller, you will receive the base Glass Guardian with their respective glass dragon skin already equipped. However, you can still swap out the skins just like the other Glass Guardians — refer to our Help Guide article if you need a refresher!

Each of these Glass Guardians should be available at Authorized Resellers’ shops soon, so if you don’t see it immediately just check back again shortly.

Here are the links to shop all of our Resellers:


  • Deploy: 500
  • Capture: 250
  • CapOn: 300

You can find these glass dragons soaring to the following landing pads every 6 hours or when captured:

Also like the other Glass Guardians, up to 3 NEW Glass Marbles may be scattered nearby when they are captured! Each marble is unique to the accompanying Glass Guardian.

The Glass Marbles will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the Glass owner’s account. This means there are CapOn points for the owner! They expire after 120 minutes and have a capture radius of 300 feet. These Glass Marble scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.

The rewards for Glass Marbles are as follows:

  • Capture: 50 points
  • CapOn: 50 points

Reseller Glass Guardians of ANY type will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture Reseller Glass Guardians on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Reseller Glass Guardian visits you. Reseller Glass Guardian are non-blastable. They will be attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets. You can access Reseller Glass Guardians by turning on your “All Limited Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials” filters.


There are unique deploy and capture badges associated with each Reseller Glass Guardian. As a sneak peak here are the badges associated with the Cosmic Glass Guardian:

The badges for the other Reseller Glass Guardians follow the same pattern.

We hope these Reseller Glass Guardians are a welcome addition to your glass canvases!


April 2, 2024

✨🖊️ Andy’s Flat Fountain Pen + Flat Typewriter Scatters!

In honor of International Children’s Book Day we are excited to introduce our latest creation: the NEW Flat Fountain Pen! This all new Flat Object is in celebration of our Lead Illustrator Andy Cameron, whose work in both Munzee and WallaBee continues to amaze. But that’s not all!

We’ve also re-released Craig’s Flat Typewriter scatters as well! International Children’s Book Day is meant to foster a love for reading and storytelling, and what better way to celebrate than to combine illustrations with the words that bring stories to life!

Read on to learn more about the NEW Flat Fountain Pens and all the details about Flat Typewriter scatters!

Flat Fountain Pen Details

Step into the mesmerizing realm of artistry, where we celebrate Andy’s vibrant creations in WallaBee and Munzee, adorned with his signature doodles and artistic flair. You’ll unlock artistic joy through inspirational illustrations with every stroke. The Flat Fountain Pen joins the Flats as a virtual type. It is currently available in the Freeze Tag Store HERE!

Capture Radius: 300 feet, blastable

Proximity: 50 feet from other players’ Flats, 150 feet from your own.

Deploy: 19 points

Capture: Split 95 points with a minimum of 19 Points

CapOn: Split 95 points with a minimum of 19 Points

To locate Flat Fountain Pen munzees near you, turn on your “Virtual – Flats” filter or “All Flat Types” filter. For more information on Flats, you can check out our Help Guide article.


There are two badge lines for deploying and capturing the Flat Andy Fountain Pen, which features quilled dynamic doodles! You can see the first of each below!


Flat Typewriter Scatters ARE BACK!

A throwback extravaganza that’s bound to ignite your literary senses! Craig’s Flat Typewriter Scatters are making a triumphant return to join forces with the Flat Fountain Pen. It’s time to reveal your inner wordsmith to write away the hours in pursuit of capping these literary treasures!

Limited Time Scatter Details

From the period of Tuesday, April 2nd 12:00 MHQ through Sunday, April 7th at 23:59 MHQ, when you capture a Flat Typewriter up to 3 Stories may be scattered nearby!

The Stories, which are based on actual novels and plays Craig has written, will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the Flat Typewriter owner’s account. This means that there are CapOn points for the owner! They expire after 120 minutes, have a capture radius of 300 feet, and you’ll be able to use Rover Treats to capture them as well! These Story scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.

Limited Time Scatter Badge:

Just in time for International Children’s Book Day, here is a NEW badge to enjoy new reads! Craig’s latest creation is a musical featuring buccaneers and the wee folk, so for a limited time you can add this tome to your badge collection!


Flash Discount!

Need more Flat Typewriters near you? We’ve got a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” discount in the online Freeze Tag Store! You must add 3 Flat Typewriters to your cart to use it! There is NO CODE required — the discount should apply automatically! It will be valid for the same time period as the scatters mentioned above.

Pen your path to success with style! Get doodling with Flat Fountain Pens, check out Flat Typewriter scatters, and unleash your creativity to make your mark in Munzee!


April 1, 2024

Suck It Up! Virtual Auto Capture Is Here! 💨 🧹

After years of tinkering in Munzee R&D, we’re excited to announce a tool that is sure to leave you all breathless. The ALL NEW Virtual Auto Capture (VAC) booster is here and cleaning up the map has never been easier! Have you ever wished you could magically gather the munzees around you as you move along a path, HANDS-FREE? Well the future is here, and the latest in suction technology is sure to make capping on the go a real SUCKcess!

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Virtuals are often deployed in places where it’s not practical to deploy a physical munzee, but many of these are deployed along major roads. This is perfect for road-tripping players, but unless you’re sitting in the passenger seat to cap these munzees playing on the road is a BIG distraction from driving safely. Well with the VAC you let us do the hard work, while you focus on the road.

Similarly if you’re on a run, or a speedy walk, you can once again be hands-free instead of stopping every 300 feet to cap every munzee on your path!

Put The YOU In VACuum!

Setting up a VAC is easy! You can find your VAC credits under the Boosters section. Although it works a bit more like a Blast Capture than a typical Booster, the VAC will capture all SCATTERED Munzees within 300 ft of your moving radius for up to 10 minutes or up to 50 captures. But what powers the VAC you might ask? Well all of your previous hard work! The VAC runs on Munzee Credits, so the larger your stock of undeployed munzees is the longer your vacuum will suck up captures around you. We know some of you veteran Clan Wars players have been sitting on quite the stash over the years, so now is the perfect time for some Spring cleaning!

Join Our VACuum Repair Shop!

We’re still ironing out the kinks a bit, but we were so excited to launch this that we wanted to rush it to production so you all* could begin live testing the VAC! To start off you’ll only be able to capture scattering munzee types, but who knows what the future might hold!

Now we’re sure you’re wondering: Where can you get your own VAC? Well typically we’d suggest heading to any brick and mortar department store to pick one up, but these vacuums are quite the special commodity so we’ve made sure supplies are limited to start off! Just head to the Boosters section of the app, and if you see you have VAC credits start your engines! We’re rolling this out in waves though, so if you don’t see the option in your app just check back again later (or try bribing Support for early access!).

Thank you all for your patience and safe driving skills over the years. Your lack of texting and driving citations is very important to us (as well as your safety of course) so we’re excited to usher in a new era of hands-free gameplay.

Munzee on!

*You all, as in the Royal Y’all, we’re not actually ready for all of you to test just yet!

April 1, 2024

April 2024 MunzPaks

MunzPak fans, get your taste buds ready for a burst of flavor! We’re bringing you a NEW Recipe Greeting card and two NEW Norse Zodiacs that you will want to take advantage of! Check out all the delicious details of this month’s Pak below!

April Virtual MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • 3 Mannaz Norse zodiac
  • 3 Noodle Recipe cards
  • 1 Pumpkin
  • 1 Flat Typewriter
  • 3 Virtuals + Colors
  • 1 Electric Mystery
  • 1 Temp Virt

April Hybrid MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • Credits
    • 2 Ehwaz Norse zodiac
    • 2 Quick Grow
    • 2 Evo Reset
    • 1 Bee
    • 2 Mannaz Norse zodiac
    • 3 Noodle Recipe cards
    • 1 Duck
    • 1 Temp Virt

MunzPak Exclusive – NEW Recipe Card

Stir up some satisfying noodle-icious fun by including your favorite noodle recipe in the notes section when sending out your Noodle Recipe Greeting Card! Don’t forget to take a screenshot of future noodle dishes. Let the taste buds dance, and laughter boil over with the happiness of a homemade meal!

Have a look at this month’s Noodle Greeting Card below:


Norse Zodiacs

For a refresher of the details about the new Norse Zodiac line of munzees, visit the December 2023 blog.

This month, you’ll receive the Ehwaz and Mannaz Norse Zodiac Runes. An imagery of the horse and its rider, Ehwaz, symbolizes the importance of going at your own pace, even in a partnership. Mannaz symbolizes the happiness of taking the path meant for you and living in a way that is true to yourself. Let these runes guide you in embracing self-awareness and maximizing life’s opportunities!


You will earn a badge for deploying each Norse Zodiac Munzee. Here are the badges for the Ehwaz and Mannaz Norse Zodiacs:

Enjoy your March MunzPak options! Save with our monthly subscription instead of one-time purchases. Learn more about our subscription program HERE! First-time subscribers can earn one-time badges for each Pak type this month! Subscribe now at the Freeze Tag Online Store!