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July 31, 2018

Introducing The Myth Upgrade!

Birthday Month is nearly over, but we have one final surprise! We’re proud to announce that Myth Upgrades are now available in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Give your Mythological Munzee a power-up! The Myth Upgrade* is a credit item you can use on any of your Mythological Munzees. Myth Upgrade credits are $5 and you can use one per Myth that you own.

When the credit is used your Myth will then have the ability to be “nudged” to a new Munzee. You can use the nudge feature up to three times a day (MHQ 24 hour day) but only after it has sat for 3 hours. This gives players the opportunity to find it before you send it on its way! Please note that this is different than the way nudges worked with Mermaid release. Starting now Mermaid nudges will work the same way as the Myth Upgrade and they will need to sit for 3 hours before they can be nudged.

The Myth Upgrade will also allow you to rename your old Myths! The name will still retain the unique number, but feel free to get creative and customize your myth’s moniker. Please keep in mind our player code of conduct and family friendly environment!

UPDATE: All Mermaids have been sold.
In celebration of the Myth Upgrade, we’ve also put a handful of Mermaids for sale in the online store. So if you missed out on these gilled gals last month now is your chance! You can find them HERE.

We’ve had an absolute blast of a birthday month and an even better time beating the Texas heat here at MHQ all Summer long. We still have some odds and ends in the online store from this month, including Personal Tags from the CA Birthday Bash, Mermaid and Siren Decals, Clown Car personals and more. We have also put a discount on the “Less Than Perfect” personal tags as well!

Thank you to all of our players, we’re excited for everything to come. We hope you enjoyed Zee Greatest Show On Earth! #MunzeeOn #CirqueDuMunz

*The Myth Upgrade will not work for Pouch Creature Munzees.


July 31, 2018

LegaZeeOps- Operation: Evolution

Agents, ZeeOps HQ’s system has been hacked and all of our files on past missions have been erased! You’ll have to recreate past Operations in what we’re calling LegaZeeOps. It’s up to you to keep the legacy of this organization in tact. By completing any Operation this month you’ll earn the “Operation: Evolution” badge, which was previously available in January 2018’s Operations.

Agents, despite Director Zee’s protests, ZeeOps scientists have continued experimenting on Evolution Munzees. The Director doesn’t want anymore surprises, so he has assigned ZeeOps Agents to handle the capture and release of both physical and virtual Evolution test subjects.

With the First Clan and The Rising Sons preparing for war, you’ll need to stay sharp. To keep up your skills, this month will also feature the Mystery Mastery Program. You’ll need to capture and deploy Mystery Munzees of all shapes and sizes to prove you have mastered the Mystery.

August 2018 ZeeOps Operations are now live and you can begin planning your Missions to start on the following day. You can plan your Operations at and purchase more ZeeCred in the Munzee Online Store. You can also track your Missions in the new Munzee app update.

By completing any Operation this month you’ll earn the “Operation: Evolution” badge.

This month’s Missions are as follows:


Basic Training +  Earn at least 1,000 points.
Defensive Training Deploy at least 10 munzees.
Offensive Training Capture at least 25 munzees.
Mystery Mastery Program I Capture at least 10 Mystery Munzees.*
Re: Evolutionary Studies- Capture at least 15 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees


Group Training +  Earn at least 1,000 cap-on points.
Virtual Surreality Capture at least 100 virtual munzees of any type.
Evolution Examination 2.0 Capture at least 5 different types of physical or virtual Evolution Munzees. NOTE capturing different levels of the same type of Evo will not count toward this mission.
Mystery Mastery Program II Deploy at least 5 Mini Mystery Munzees
Exemplary Evolutions  Deploy at least 10 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees


Advanced Training Earn at least 10,000 points.
Always Aware Deploy at least 50 physical munzees of any type.
Mystery Mastery Program III Capture at least 20 Mystery Munzees and deploy at least 10 Mystery Munzees
Evo Enemies Capture at least 50 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees
Zee-fense Capture at least 25 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees

Level 4: 

Expert Training– Earn at least 50,000 points.
Mystery Mastery Program IV-C Capture at least 50 Mystery Munzees
Mystery Mastery Program IV-D Deploy at least 25 Mystery Munzees
Zee-Volution– Capture at least 100 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees AND deploy at least 50 physical or virtual Evolution Munzees
ZEEnith II Capture at least 250 physical munzees of any type

Completing Operations will give you some hard earned rewards as well.

This month’s rewards are:

Basic Op
2 MVMs, 1 Diamond Munzee Credit, 1 Ruby Munzee Credit, 2 Virtual Color Credits, 5 ZeeCred

Advanced Op
3 MVMs, 2 Diamond Munzee Credits, 1 Ruby Munzee Credit, 1 Amethyst Munzee, 3 Virtual Color Credits, 10 ZeeCred

Mega Op
3 MVMs, 2 Diamond Munzee Credits, 2 Ruby Munzee Credits, 3 Amethyst Munzees, 1 Pink Diamond Credit, 3 Virtual Color Credits, 25 ZeeCred

Ultra Op
4 MVMs, 3 Diamond Munzee Credits, 2 Ruby Munzee Credits, 4 Amethyst Munzees, 3 Pink Diamond Munzees, 1 Sapphire Munzee, 4 Virtual Color Credits, 50 ZeeCred

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

This message will self destruct in 3… 2… 1…


*Any mention of “Mystery Munzee” refers to both Mini Mystery Munzees and original Mystery Munzees unless otherwise stated. 

July 30, 2018

MH-BOO Bash Packages!

Prepare for a scary good time! The 5th Annual MHQ Bash will be held Friday, October 26th through Sunday, October 28th, 2018. Since we’re so close to Halloween, it only makes sense that this year’s theme would be MH-BOO Bash!

We’re keeping it simple this year with two packages:

Free Frights Package:

  • Name Tag
  • Access to events

Monster Mash Package- $50

  • Access to Events
  • Name Tag
  • Bag
  • T-Shirt*
  • 2 Blast Caps
  • Access to the an exclusive ZeeOp
  • A new In-Game item
  • Special Edition Collectible/Commemorative Item

*When choosing Between MH-BOO Bash packages, select your package based on the T-Shirt size you would like.

There will also be an exclusive WallaBash Halloween Unique for purchase to attendees of MH-BOO Bash. Check out the WallaBee Blog to learn more.

More information regarding event schedules will be released soon, but the format will be similar to previous years. There will be events during registration Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon (WallaBash), Saturday evening, and a Sunday morning. There will be a wide variety of specials and badges to earn at each event, not to mention all of the munzees to capture in the McKinney area!

We’re excited to see you all for our fright fest this Fall! Stay tuned for more information soon! #MunzeeOn

***Please note that no food orders will be included in this year’s plans, but there will be opportunities to eat during some of the events.***

***To guarantee availability of all items in packages, online registration will close on September 17, 2018 at 15:00 MHQ time. Packages will be available for purchase at the event, but we cannot guarantee all items will be available.***

***Please purchase only one package per person who will be attending. Everyone must have at least the free package. If you have a joint account, please purchase a package for each person (they do not have to be the same package).***

July 27, 2018

August 2018 Clan Requirements

Here are the Clan War requirements for August Clan Wars!

Clan Wars start August 3 at 00:01 — if you would like to join a clan for the first time or want to find a new clan you can use our Clan Randomizer button, but it is only available from 00:01 August 1 through 23:59 August 2 so act fast!

Level 1:

  • Individual Total Points*: 2,500
  • Clan Total Deploys**: 30
  • Clan Total Caps**: 125
  • Clan Total Points*: 40,000

Rewards: 1 Crossbow Munzee, 1 Mace Munzee, 1 MVM, 1 Virtual Color Credit, 1 Goggles

Level 2:

  • Individual Total Points*: 7,000
  • Clan Total Deploys**: 75
  • Clan Total Caps**: 250
  • Clan Total Points*: 90,000

Rewards: 2 Crossbow Munzees, 2 Mace Munzees, 2 MVMs, 1 Goggles, 1 Ruby Munzee Credit

Level 3:

  • Individual Total Points*: 15,000
  • Clan Total Deploys**: 150
  • Clan Total Caps**: 400
  • Clan Total Points*: 175,000

Rewards: 2 Crossbow Munzees, 2 Mace Munzees, 1 Longsword Munzee, 2 MVMs, 3 Diamond Munzee Credits, 2 Surprise Munzee, 2 Amethyst Munzee, 1 Catapult

Level 4:

  • Individual Total Points*: 25,000
  • Clan Total Deploys**: 250
  • Clan Total Caps**: 750
  • Clan Total Points*: 325,000

Rewards: 1 Crossbow Munzee, 2 Mace Munzees, 2 Longsword Munzees, 2 Battle Axe Munzees, 3 MVMs, 3 Virtual Color Credits, 3 RPS Munzee Credits, 3 Prize Wheel Munzee Credits, 1 Catapult, 1 Surprise Munzee

Level 5:

  • Individual Total Points*: 42,500
  • Clan Total Deploys**: 400
  • Clan Total Caps**: 1,500
  • Clan Total Points*: 625,000

Rewards: 1 THE HAMMER, 2 Scatter Munzee Credits, 3 Longsword Munzees, 3 Battle Axe Munzees, 4 MVMs, 3 Sapphire Munzees, 3 Air Mystery Munzees, 2 Goggles, 2 Catapult

*CapOns do NOT count for Total Points
**Socials do NOT count for Caps or Deploys

July 26, 2018

World Heritage Munzees!

Following the release of the Florida and California Historic Munzees, we thought it would be good to release some international Historic Munzees. We are happy to announce we have launched a new Munzee type for just that! The World Heritage Location Munzees will be deployed at culturally significant locations around the world at 00:01 MHQ Friday July, 27.

Similar to the Historical Location Munzees, the World Heritage Location Munzees are deployed by an MHQ account worldwide based on a database of historically significant attractions. This includes locations like the Grand Canyon National Park, the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House and more.

When captured, players will earn between 19 and 45 points. These virtual munzees are not blastable, so you’ll have to get out and learn a bit more about these unique locations! If you notice any that are deployed in the wrong location please contact support with the name/URL of the munzee and correct information.

There is not currently a line of badges for these since they will be so spread apart, but expect news regarding an overall Tourism badge line in the near future! As we have stated before, we plan to continue to expand this line of munzees into more states and different countries as well in the coming months.

Good luck on your historical hunting! Munzee on!

July 25, 2018

New Places Munzees And Point Increase!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve extended the line of Places Munzees! Along with the current Places, we’ve added:

  • Hospital: to be placed at hospitals. Note that no animal hospitals or urgent care facilities will be accepted.
  • Post Office: to be placed at actual post offices, mailboxes will not be accepted.
  • Cemetery: to be placed at cemeteries, no funeral homes or crematoriums will be accepted.

Starting at 15:00 MHQ on Thursday July 26 the Hospital and Post Office Places Munzees will be for sale in the Freeze Tag Online Store. The Cemetery Places Munzees will first be released through the August Virtual MunzPak which will not be on sale until August 1 and then put on general sale September 1.

All of these new Places Munzees have a 1,000 ft capture radius, can be captured daily, but cannot be captured via Blasts. Reminder: Once submitted for deployment, Places Munzees must be verified by MHQ. Please allow up to 2 business days for approval before emailing support. You will receive an email with approval or rejection with a reason. Please see all details about Places Munzees in our help manual.

These new Places Munzees will be available for $10, and you can purchase one of each type per account every 30 days.

The release of these new Places will also include a point increase for all Places Munzees.

All current types of Places will be updated to:

  • Deploy- 40
  • Capture- 20
  • Cap On- 10

The point increase will be active starting at 15:00 MHQ on Thursday July 26.

Remember that all of these places Munzee’s will count toward the Places Munzee Capture and Streak badges as well so be sure to cap a Place every day!

Oh, the Places you’ll go! Munzee on!

July 24, 2018

Shiver Me Timbers- It’s The Siren AlternaMyth!

The water may be good for beating the heat, but things are starting to get a little icy. Beware the screeching of the Siren AlternaMyth Munzee!

As with the other AlternaMyths these Mythological Munzees are deployed on behalf of our HQ staff’s accounts, thus super rare. The Siren AlternaMyths will be deployed at 15:00 MHQ on 7/25.

As the AlternaMyth to the Mermaid Mythological Munzee the Siren is a sea-dwelling creature, but also one that is cold-blooded!  Sirens are attracted to greenies, Water Mystery Munzees and Ice Mystery Munzees.

We’re excited to announce that with the release of the Siren all other AlternaMyths will now be worth 500 capture points. This point change will also occur at 15:00 MHQ on 7/25.

The Siren can be a bit slippery, but you might be able to catch one with a Munzee Magnet! You can find Magnets, Elemental Munzees and more in the online store! 

Capturing a Siren will also count towards the Myth Collector badges so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those ferocious fighters.

Speaking of badges, new achievements for capturing regular Mermaid Mythological Munzees will be available at 15:00 MHQ on 7/25. These badges work like other myth badges and they will be retroactive.

Good luck on your journey and remember to be careful in the water- the seas are a dangerous place, full of unknown creatures!

July 19, 2018

California Historic Location Munzees!

Hot on the trail of the release of the Florida Historic Munzees, we’re proud to announce that we have expanded that line to the golden state of California! Just in time for our FTHQ Birthday event, we’re excited for our great community of California players as well as any travelers that make it to the West Coast.

The CA Historical Location Munzees are deployed by an MHQ account throughout the state based on a database of historical markers. When captured, players will earn between 18 and 50 points. These virtual munzees are not blastable, so you’ll have to get out and learn a bit more about the golden state! If you notice any that are deployed in the wrong location please contact support with the name/URL of the munzee and correct information.

The CA Historic Location Munzees will hit the map at 00:01 MHQ Friday 7/20. You’ll be able to earn a new set of five badges for capturing CA Historical Location Munzees.

We plan to continue to expand this line of munzees into more states and different countries as well in the coming months. We are actively planning a worldwide line right now!

Good luck on your historical hunting! Munzee on!

July 18, 2018

Virtual Sale and Deploy Contest!

UPDATE July 23: ALL Winners have been listed below!

With our Birthday month more than halfway complete, we want to give you more gifts! In our minds the best way is to have a contest to Grow the Map in a few unique areas! Two of the areas have events taking place in the next 13 days, and the third is our California HQ (Freeze Tag Inc).

On Friday July 20 at 15:00 MHQ time members of our staff will randomly select 48 virtual munzees from the following three areas (16 from each map)*. The deployer of the selected munzees will receive a $10 gift card to use in the Freeze Tag store for any purchase**!

Any previously deployed virtual munzees in these locations ARE eligible to win. Two of the locations are also home to emerald gardens currently for sale in the store, and ARE eligible to win! ANY type of virtual munzee within the confines of the maps below is eligible as long as it is deployed by 15:00 MHQ Friday July 20.

Irvine Regional Park

Freeze Tag HQ

Richmond Park

You’ll find a special sale taking place during this contest on several virtual type munzees in our online store right now. Take advantage of the savings and try to win a gift card at the same time! This sale ends Friday July 20 at 15:00 MHQ time.

Not tempting enough? We’ll have members of our California crew select two GRAND PRIZE ($25 gift card) winners live on Facebook before we start selecting the other 48 winners! Tune in Friday at 15:00 MHQ!

Munzee On! Grow the Map and Grow the Game!

*Gift cards will be delivered on/by Wednesday July 25th via Munzee message from Munzee account
**Winning munzees selected will be added to this blog post on/by Monday July 23rd — ALL players are eligible to win up to three times.

UPDATE: Grand Prize Winners:  **Gift cards were delivered via Munzee mail message**

$10 Gift card winners below:

Below you’ll find the 16 winners selected from each area of the map. Gift cards will be delivered on/by Wednesday via Munzee account message.

Irvine Regional Park

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Freeze Tag HQ

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Richmond Park

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Congratulations to all of our winners! Thanks to all players who deployed! Grow the Map!


July 13, 2018

Double Points and 14% Off Sale!

I guess this is why you shouldn’t gamble, huh?

Well our Global Goblet predictions didn’t exactly pan out, so unfortunately we won’t be celebrating with double points on virtuals. Lucky for you all though, we love a good third place match as well! Since England is playing in the 3rd place match we’ve made three items worth double points TOMORROW!

From 00:01 through 23:59 on July 14th there will be double points for all activity on Crossbows, Temporary Virtuals, and Water Mysteries.

We also have a sale in the Freeze Tag Online Store that begins NOW (15:00 MHQ) and will last until 15:00 on the 14th. Head to the store now for a 14% discount on Temporary Virts and Blast Caps!

Let’s all give three cheers for England and hope they win 3rd place because we might have more surprises in store if they do!