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September 30, 2013

Quiz Munzee

Think_white_128px QUIZ MUNZEE Think_green_128px

Today a new style of Munzee has been introduced into the game.  Players have the opportunity to add multiple choice questions to a regular or virtual Munzee.  This is a free feature available to all players.  Please see our our help manual for all the details.

September 20, 2013


The Munzee Oktoberfest celebration is underway!  It ends October 6.  Get out there and capture those icons!

September 19, 2013

Oktoberfest! Wunderbar!

September 21 at midnight CEST ( GMT +2 ) Munzee kicks off the Oktoberfest celebration!  This launch coincides with the Oktoberfest event which originates in Munich but is celebrated across the globe.  Munzee will celebrate from September 21st through October 6th.  We will place 3 different icons on the Munzee map which will “bounce” all over the world.  This bouncing will work the same as our birthday cake celebration with a shorter time limit per icon.

Brezel Pretzel_128px  Bierkrug DarkBeer_128pxLederhosen Lederhosen_128px

How to capture one of the Oktoberfest icons:  1) wait for one to land near you. 2) Check to see the amount of remaining time. 3) Gauge the distance and time related to your location.  4) Apply maximum speed allowed in order to get the capture.     ♥Munzee

And now the actual rules. Oktoberfest icons will land on REGULAR Munzees across the entire world. The first person to capture the Munzee before the 6 hour time limit expires will be awarded the icon and related points. Previously captured Munzees become active again when a special icon is attached. You may NOT capture a special icon on a Munzee you own. Premium members have a “Specials” filter for use in the app. If an icon is not captured within the 6 hour window it will jump to a new location somewhere else in the world.  There will be 333 of each icon active at any given time. This is a total of 999 icons circulating around the world. This increases the likelihood of players receiving a capture and earning more than one icon. Attempting to capture one of each icon is a great goal *hint, hint*  Sind Sie bereit, Oktoberfest feiern?  Dieses Video wird Ihnen im Geiste zu bekommen!Oktoberfestflyer


September 19, 2013

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Surprise!!!  🙂  Munzee is celebrating this day with special messages when you capture a Munzee. No special points or icons awarded, just some fun messages.  We hope it gives you a reason to celebrate with your mateys! Just don’t make them walk the plank!

September 14, 2013

The Chuck

The Chuck is achieved when each member in the clan earns a minimum of 2500 points. But this isn’t all. Each member must also capture a virtual, mystery, and diamond during the clan battle timeframe.

What do you earn?

5 additional Munzee Maces and 5 additional Munzee Longswords.

Get additional details in the help manual.

September 6, 2013

Munzee Longsword


The Munzee Longsword

Long live the Munzee longsword. Three clans earned the Munzee Longsword after play concluded for September 5, 2013. Clans Cologne, Hummel Hummel, and Menagerie were the first clans and players to receive the longsword.  How did they earn this level three weapon in the current clan battle?  Each clan member accumulated a minimum of 1000 points.  Find more details about the Munzee longsword via our help desk.

What’s Next?

“The Chuck” is the highest level weapon during this clan battle.  It won’t be as simple as just accumulating points to earn this weapon.  Which clan will figure out the right combination to unlock The Chuck first?

September 5, 2013

Why Clan Weapons?

This month we wanted to give everyone a new reason to play!  It’s not all about trying to make it into the Top 3 – sometimes it’s about working together with your friends from around the globe.  That is the design for the clan weapon layout.  The clan weapons will not level the playing field during this battle.  Can we expand this plan in the future?  Yes.  Will we?  Stay tuned!  🙂

Specifically we’ve chosen “weapons” due to the fact that these are called clan “battles” or “wars”.  We hope it gives you a fun new reason to get out and Munzee, with the possibility of earning a limited release Munzee type.

September 4, 2013

Clan weapons: Day two

There is much to report in the world of Munzee clan weapons.  10 clans were able to earn the first weapon in Day one.  The weapon is small due to the relative ease of each clan player accumulating 100 points over the course of the month.  In order to reach the next level players must work together and encourage one another to get out there and Grow the Map or get as many captures as they can.  Level 3 and 4 weapons are even more difficult to earn and require extended effort by the entire clan.

During Day one, Clan Hummel Hummel achieved the second weapon.  Due to this fact we will explain it here in detail.  The second weapon is the Munzee Mace.  The Munzee Mace is earned when each player in your clan accumulates a minimum of 500 points.  The Munzee mace is a brand new type of Munzee only available to be earned during clan battles.  It is a permanent installation on the map and awards a special capture icon to those who capture.  The Munzee Mace is instantly added to your account and deployed exactly like a Diamond Munzee. The owner receives 20 points for deploying the mace.  Each capture will split the points between owner and capturer with a sum of 20 points.  For example:  Player 1 captures and receives 8 points, the owner receives 12 points. More details available in the help manual.


September 3, 2013

September Clan War

The first weapon to acquire is the brass knuckles.  This weapon requires only 100 points from each of the 10 players in your clan.  Due to the relative ease of reaching 100 points the brass knuckles are mildly effective in the battle.  They will earn you a few points and hopefully encourage you to move forward in the battle.  This weapon basically assures your clan won’t end up in last place!

***Remember*** Weapons are assigned each night at Midnight MHQ time which means you have 24 hours to accumulate your points before the cutoff for us to send weapons.

The second weapon is called the Munzee mace.  It is very effective and will be a GREAT weapon to add to your permanent arsenal.  All we can say at this point is, you absolutely MUST get your clan to this level!  When the first clan earns the mace we will post here what the requirements are.

Are you ready for war???