April 17, 2024

Get Moving With Cappy on your Daily Stroll!

Prepare for a journey into worlds unknown with Cappy the magical unicorn! You may have seen this little guy popping up in various aspects of the game over the last few months, but we’re excited for him to make his grand introduction alongside some fantastic new in-game features. Meet Cappy in the ALL NEW Camp Hub where you can chase Shooting Stars on your Daily Stroll, and be on the lookout for any magical Wishing Wells along your journey! To access these latest features, you’ll need to make sure you’re on the latest version of Munzee from the App Stores (4.1.207), then restart the app to pull down the latest over-the-air update version #1116.

That all may sound new and mysterious now, but read on to learn everything you need to about these game-changing new features. This is just the beginning of Cappy’s journey so prepare for adventure and don’t let your new friend down! And can you hear that? Crank up the volume! Because for the first time ever, new music and SFX have been added to the game! Make sure you have your sound turned on and listen as you tap around and explore all the new features!


Adventure Awaits in the Camp Hub!

Where Cappy has come from and what brings him to our world is a mystery for now, but he’s set up camp in the corner of the Munzee map! Look for the entrance to Cappy’s Camp in the upper left-hand corner of the main map screen. This button will help Cappy let you know when it’s time to go on your Daily Stroll, but you can also check out his campground by tapping on Cappy. Once you enter the Camp Hub, whether it’s day or night, you’ll be able to explore and interact with a number of new features. Feel free to tap around!

Explore different areas of the Camp Hub by tapping on the icons below:

  • Daily Stroll Star
    • A new way to play Munzee every day, no matter where you are! Read on for more details below!
  • Star Power Bar
    • As you collect Star Credits during the Daily Stroll, the Star Power Bar will fill up! You can hold a maximum of 100 Stars. I wonder what you could use those for…
  • Wishing Well
    • Tap to find the nearest Wishing Well and use your Stars to make wishes! If none are nearby, you can request a new location.
  • Clock Lantern
    • This displays the current MHQ time, which is based in the CST/CDT time zone. You may also notice the scene changing as nighttime rolls around, which will shift the scene at Cappy’s Camp.
  • Calendar
    • Similar to the clock above, this displays the current month and date in MHQ time.
    • Tapping will also take you to the Daily Activity Tracker to keep up your streak!

You never know how Cappy’s campground might change in the future, and what new additions will pop up, so be sure to check out the Camp Hub each day. And what better way to start off your day than with a little stroll… NOTE: Players can use the option in the Settings menu to hide the Camp Hub button from the map after the Daily Stroll has been completed.

Take Cappy on a Daily Stroll!

Cappy has come to our world to explore and interact with magic previously hidden to us. Much like the game of Munzee there’s a whole world of mystery lying in wait if you know where to look. Help guide Cappy on his journey by participating in the Daily Stroll each day. Once you start your Daily Stroll you’ll have 15 minutes to collect as many Shooting Stars as possible, so you better get moving! This is the only way for you to collect Stars, which Cappy promises will be worth your hard work.

  • Before starting the Daily Stroll, make sure you are in an open area that you’re able to walk around and play! The Shooting Stars will start by scattering close by, but may eventually scatter farther up to 1 mile from your starting location.
    • The Capture Radius Booster and Rover Treats can be used to capture Shooting Stars that are too far to reach!
  • You’ll have 15 minutes to capture as many Shooting Stars as you can before time runs out! Each time a Shooting Star is captured, a new one is scattered nearby!
  • Earn 1 Star Credit for every Shooting Star captured, as long as there’s room in your Star Power Bar.
  • TIP: If you’re having trouble finding the next Shooting Star on the map, tap on the wiggling Star icon next to Cappy on the map!
  • TIP: Make sure you have the new Daily Stroll Types filter enabled to see the Shooting Stars on the map! It may be easier to hide all other types during the Daily Stroll.
  • At the end of the Daily Stroll a pop up will appear showing how many Stars were captured that day.

Once your Daily Stroll has wrapped up it’s time to make a wish! But you can’t make wishes just anywhere…

Discover the Magic of the Wishing Wells!

Shooting Stars come from a far distant land and even Cappy isn’t totally sure where they originate, but he knows what happens when you wish upon a shooting star! If you want to use your Star Credits to make a wish, first you’ll need to head to a Wishing Well! This all new munzee-owned type can be captured daily, but the real magic in Wishing Wells is, well, the wishing! To start off, making a wish at a Wishing Well will cost you 10 Stars and you’ll be able to summon a Well Wisp to track down. You can learn more about these cute creatures further on, but more types of Wishes could be in line for the future so if you have any ideas be sure to send them our way!

  • Tap on the Wishing Well in the Camp Hub to find the nearest location to you! If there is none nearby, a request for a new location may be submitted*.
    • Please note that there will likely be a surge of requests upon launch, so be patient with our approval process. We promise we want as many Wishing Wells on the map as you do! 
  • Tap on the Details to view the option to Make A Wish.
  • It will cost 10 Star Credits to Make A Wish.
    • NOTE: You can only capture and Make A Wish at each Wishing Well once per MHQ day.
  • Once your wish is granted, one of three different Well Wisps will scatter nearby for you to capture! Read on for more details below!
  • Have ideas for future Wishes? Let us know on social!

Once you make a Wish its back to adventuring for you and Cappy! What are these mysterious creatures scattered from the watery depths of the Wishing Well…

Summon Well Wisps!

Cappy isn’t revealing all of his mysteries just yet, but his ultimate goal is helping the bouncing creatures of all worlds return to their own homes. The Wishing Wells work as a portal for the watery Well Wisps, so when they get out it’s up to you and Cappy to follow their trail! The further your Wisp trail takes you the more unique the final Well Wisp Creature will be. What other wondrous watery shapes will appear from these Wishing Wells in the future?

  • Find the first Well Wisp scattered nearby and capture it to reveal the next one!
  • Follow the Well Wisp trail until they form to reveal the final Well Wisp creature!

Parting Notes!

All fun and games aside the introduction of Cappy, the Camp Hub, and more is the result of many (many) months of hard work on behalf of our team and we’re so excited to bring this new era into the game of Munzee! This has been one of the most significant changes we’ve made to the app in years, so thank you for your patience getting here. We want to encourage more daily gameplay for players new and old alike no matter where you live or how many munzees are near you. We hope the addition of the Daily Stroll and Wishing Wells help players along their journey, but this is just the beginning and more changes are in store across the land! We hope you’re as excited as we are because we need your help! It’s more important than ever that we #GrowTheMap because big things are in store for Munzee, Cappy, and of course, YOU- our players! 

We know this has been a novel to get through, and hopefully these new features are user friendly enough to get you going, but our friend Seemyshell has also lent his handiwork for a (truly) play by play tutorial. Check out Seemyshell’s video for all the ins and outs of the Daily Stroll and Wishing Wells in real time!

You can also check out Munzee Help Guide for even more information on Daily Stroll, Wishing Wells, and more! 

April 2, 2024

✨🖊️ Andy’s Flat Fountain Pen + Flat Typewriter Scatters!

In honor of International Children’s Book Day we are excited to introduce our latest creation: the NEW Flat Fountain Pen! This all new Flat Object is in celebration of our Lead Illustrator Andy Cameron, whose work in both Munzee and WallaBee continues to amaze. But that’s not all!

We’ve also re-released Craig’s Flat Typewriter scatters as well! International Children’s Book Day is meant to foster a love for reading and storytelling, and what better way to celebrate than to combine illustrations with the words that bring stories to life!

Read on to learn more about the NEW Flat Fountain Pens and all the details about Flat Typewriter scatters!

Flat Fountain Pen Details

Step into the mesmerizing realm of artistry, where we celebrate Andy’s vibrant creations in WallaBee and Munzee, adorned with his signature doodles and artistic flair. You’ll unlock artistic joy through inspirational illustrations with every stroke. The Flat Fountain Pen joins the Flats as a virtual type. It is currently available in the Freeze Tag Store HERE!

Capture Radius: 300 feet, blastable

Proximity: 50 feet from other players’ Flats, 150 feet from your own.

Deploy: 19 points

Capture: Split 95 points with a minimum of 19 Points

CapOn: Split 95 points with a minimum of 19 Points

To locate Flat Fountain Pen munzees near you, turn on your “Virtual – Flats” filter or “All Flat Types” filter. For more information on Flats, you can check out our Help Guide article.


There are two badge lines for deploying and capturing the Flat Andy Fountain Pen, which features quilled dynamic doodles! You can see the first of each below!


Flat Typewriter Scatters ARE BACK!

A throwback extravaganza that’s bound to ignite your literary senses! Craig’s Flat Typewriter Scatters are making a triumphant return to join forces with the Flat Fountain Pen. It’s time to reveal your inner wordsmith to write away the hours in pursuit of capping these literary treasures!

Limited Time Scatter Details

From the period of Tuesday, April 2nd 12:00 MHQ through Sunday, April 7th at 23:59 MHQ, when you capture a Flat Typewriter up to 3 Stories may be scattered nearby!

The Stories, which are based on actual novels and plays Craig has written, will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the Flat Typewriter owner’s account. This means that there are CapOn points for the owner! They expire after 120 minutes, have a capture radius of 300 feet, and you’ll be able to use Rover Treats to capture them as well! These Story scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.

Limited Time Scatter Badge:

Just in time for International Children’s Book Day, here is a NEW badge to enjoy new reads! Craig’s latest creation is a musical featuring buccaneers and the wee folk, so for a limited time you can add this tome to your badge collection!


Flash Discount!

Need more Flat Typewriters near you? We’ve got a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” discount in the online Freeze Tag Store! You must add 3 Flat Typewriters to your cart to use it! There is NO CODE required — the discount should apply automatically! It will be valid for the same time period as the scatters mentioned above.

Pen your path to success with style! Get doodling with Flat Fountain Pens, check out Flat Typewriter scatters, and unleash your creativity to make your mark in Munzee!


March 26, 2024

🔔🐮 A Recap of Udderly Awesome Munzee Madness!

It’s been an aMOOzing March, but we wanted to take a moment to recap the 13th annual Munzee Madness events which took place in Buena Park, CA on March 8th and 9th! Munzee enthusiasts from far and wide gathered to partake in a weekend filled with thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences. Cowbells rang, badges were earned, and laughter filled the sunny skies as Munzee Madness 2024 “mooved” in for its 13th annual extravaganza! Here’s a recap of the highlights from this year’s event:

Friday Evening: 

The madness kicked off with a flurry of Munzee adventures at the famous Portillo’s for hot dogs and other delectable yummy food. Seasoned players and newcomers alike jumped in head first, and even got to rub elbows with Rob and Louise! With the promise of outstanding badges and the chance to meet fellow Munzee fanatics, the energy was electric in preparation of the weekend ahead.

Saturday Morning: 

As the day began in William Peak Park anticipation soared for another day of Munzee madness. From capping to hearing hints about upcoming new features, there was no shortage of excitement as players of all ages kicked off a second day of earning badges and racking up points.

Saturday Midday/Evening:

After a midday lunch event at Blaze Pizza, the weekend highlight arrived midday as Munzee Madness reached MEGA status for the afternoon event in Boisseranc Park! The main event was a spectacle. Joined by a number of Munzee teammembers, the event featured exclusive badges, opportunities to connect with fellow players, and a sneak peek at some exciting new features to come! Rob, Lou, and other members of the Munzee Team were on hand to meet and greet participants. At the same time, Seemyshell from the Official Munzee Podcast added to the festivities with his infectious enthusiasm. On top of all of the excitement, players were invited to join a special beta test to get a first look at new features on the way to encourage more daily gameplay and help bring new players to the game!

Virtual Gardens: 

For those unable to join in person, Munzee Madness offered an exciting opportunity to participate from afar with its Official Gardens. Players worldwide obtained spots in these virtual gardens, ensuring that the spirit of Munzee Madness extended as a global celebration of the Munzee community and camaraderie.

**Our pal Seemyshell put together an aMOOzing video recap of the event here! If you watch until the end you might spot a little sneak peak of a new feature Munzee Madness attendees got to test out!

We hope to see you next year. Until then, keep ringing those cowbells and Munzee on!

March 12, 2024

🛠️⚡ Double Mech Event!! ⚙️

We’re cranking things up a notch with a Mech-fueled deployment extravaganza! Brace yourselves for a double dose of Mechz – yes, you heard it right, DOUBLE MECHZ! From Tuesday, March 12th at 12:00 MHQ through Friday, March 15th at 23:59 MHQ any Mechz purchased or rebuilt will be doubled to deploy another twin Mech of the same type! 


For those seeking to fortify their arsenal, head to our online store and take advantage of our Spring Cleaning Sale with 20% off  your entire order when you spend $30! You can also stock up on Cogs, essential for rebuilding Mechz, and Scrap Stars, which attract Mech Bouncers. Seize this opportunity to expand your collection and strengthen your defenses – don’t miss out!

Rebuild any past Mechz from the Mechz tab in the Redeem Store HERE.

Mech Blueprints Scrap Star Cog 10-Pack

Here are some of our favorite Mechz – which ones are your top picks?

Pull out the tools and crank up the energy! Grab your favorite Mechz to gear up for this electrifying venture!


February 29, 2024

Get Ready to 🐮 Moooove at the 13th Annual Munzee Madness Events!

Grab your cowbells and get ready to join several members of the Munzee Team at the longest-running annual Munzee event in its 13th year! Munzee Madness is back, and this time it’s hitting Buena Park, CA on March 8th and 9th. Be sure to RSVP; we’re expecting to hit MEGA status, so whether you’re a seasoned Munzee enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the game, there’s something for everyone. And don’t worry if you can’t make it in person – we’ve got ways for you to join the fun from anywhere in the world!

Event Details:

Join us under the sunny skies of California for a weekend filled with aMOOzing fun for all! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Friday Evening: Kick off the madness with an evening of Munzee adventures.→ Details HERE!
  • Saturday Morning: Rise and shine for more Munzee mayhem! → Details HERE!
  • Saturday Midday: The main event! Get ready for MEGA status and unforgettable experiences → Details HERE!
  • Saturday Afternoon: Keep the party going with more Munzee madness. → Details HERE!

Earn outstanding badges, get some cake credits, and meet exceptional hosts while hoofing a great time!  Rob, Lou, and other Munzee Team members will also have unique Passport badges to earn for meeting them. Our friend Seemyshell from the Official Munzee Podcast will also be joining in the fun, so be sure to say “Hi”!

Munzee Madness Official Gardens Details:

Get MOOving if you want to join in our exclusive Munzee Madness virtual gardens! Purchase spots in one of two garden designs on THREE different layers of the map, and be a part of the excitement even if you can’t be there in person. Please use the dropdown menu to correctly choose what you would like to deploy.

The Munzee(s) will be auto-deployed for you in a highly sought-after location near the 2024 Munzee Madness events in Buena Park, California – March 8-9, 2024 in and around this area.

Get your virtual garden spot HERE. Your purchase will include one of the following:

  • ONE virtual (random color)
  • ONE flat (random person/object)
  • ONE temporary virtual

This location will also be visited by future players thanks to the large number of deploys in the area.

There are no personal limits in place for this product. You may get as many as you like in any combination, but the overall number of spots will be limited.

Don’t miss out on this udderly amazing opportunity to be a part of Munzee Madness history! There’s plenty of fun, whether you’re attending in person or participating from afar. So mark your calendars, pack your bags (and your cow costumes), and prepare for a weekend you won’t forget!


February 2, 2024

Introducing Daily Captures On Greenies!

While the Snowbirds have been at play Team Munzee has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for a momentous 2024! Much of last year was focused on rebuilding our backend to prepare for the future, and now we’re ready to enact some of those big changes in 2024. We’re kicking things off with a BANG, because starting NOW players will be able to capture Greenies daily!

Yes, you read that right. Much like POIs, we’ve made the decision to allow greenies to be recaptured each day. Greenies are the backbone of the game, and we want to promote recurring gameplay for all of our players around the world. Our mission has always been to grow the map, and for nearly 13 years our players have excelled at encouraging discovery and outward expansion. In order to help grow our community we want players to be able to maintain and celebrate their local areas as well. We’re constantly impressed with players traveling hours to chase down specials or conquer clan requirements, but we also want to encourage new players to take part in daily gameplay so that they too can advance into more skilled aspects of the game.

While we anticipate this change being permanent, we’re still very actively monitoring gameplay and more than likely there will be some fine tuning on the horizon. Although we understand this is a big change for players who have been with us for more than a decade, we think it’s an important step for the future of the game. As 2024 continues we have even bigger plans ahead, so we appreciate that everyone keeps an open mind and focuses on constructive input. As always, there are a number of ways to play the game of Munzee so we encourage you all to take advantage of the changes to help in your own successes as well! 

You can hear directly from Rob with more information about this change on The Munzee Podcast at or you can find it on all major podcasting platforms.

Thank you all for your support over the years. We’re very excited to show you all what’s next. Munzee on!

EDIT: We’ve added a NEW “Hide Daily Greenies” filter, which will allow players to hide all Greenies they’ve ever captured before to prevent them from reappearing on the map again every day. This option can be found in the Advanced filters section for Premium Members only.

January 27, 2024

February 2024 Double Point Weekend Dates!

Love is in the air, and we want to do something sweet! We have a surprise for you that will make your heart flutter! Get ready for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Double Point Weekends in February! Yes, you read that right—double the points, double the adventure, and double the fun! Read the details below and prepare to fall head over heels! 💕✨ 

Stock up on some sweet goodies HERE!

Double Point Weekends (DPWs)

Dates Double Points ON
Fri, Feb 2 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, Feb 4 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virts, Greenies, Jewels
Fri, Feb 9 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, Feb 11 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virts, Greenies, Virtual Colors
Fri, Feb 16 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, Feb 18 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virts, Greenies, Mysteries
Fri, Feb 23 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, Feb 25 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Temp Virts, Greenies, Gaming

We hope you enjoy the sweet treat!


November 21, 2023

Fast Forward Through Holiday Stress With Flat DHS Scatters!

Thanksgiving travel is one of the busiest times of the year and Dylan is on a mission to return his tapes to the only video rental store in the country! Unfortunately his collection of mint condition retro relics is so big he keeps dropping them, so we need your help cleaning up his mess. In celebration of World TV Day we’re bringing back the Flat DHS scatters, so be kind and rewind while you can!

Limited Time Scatter Details

From the period of Tuesday, November 21st at 00:01 MHQ through Sunday, November 26th at 23:59 MHQ, when you capture a Flat DHS, up to 3 Tapes may be scattered nearby!

As before, the Tapes will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the Flat DHS owner’s account. This means that unlike Feathers/Boulders, there are CapOn points for the owner! They expire after 120 minutes, have a capture radius of 300 feet, and you’ll be able to use Rover Treats to capture them as well! These tape scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.

The rewards for Tapes are as follows:

  • Capture: 50 points
  • CapOn: 25 points

For more information about Flat DHS, check out our Help Guide article!


We’ve created 1 new badge for this special period. In addition, if you missed out on the badges from the previous year’s event, you’ll be able to earn them as well. You can see what these badges look like below. Make sure you cap as many Tapes as you can to receive all 3 badges!

DHS Discount!

Need more Flat DHS’s near you? We’ve got a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” discount you can use at the Freeze Tag Store! You must add 3 Flat DHS’s to your cart to use it (in other words — put 6 in the cart, pay for 4, 2 are free). There is NO CODE required — the discount should apply automatically! This discount will be valid for the same time period as the scatters mentioned above.

We hope these scatters provide some fun extra gameplay this weekend!

Munzee on!

November 10, 2023

Scaring Is Caring With NEW PreZent Specials!

WHAT’S THIS?! You may have thought spooky season was over, but we have a few more nightmares before Christmas gets here! Remember scaring is caring though, so we’re excited to announce a new series of spooky PreZent Specials that will take us into the new year!  From NOW until Sunday, January 14th at 23:59 MHQ QReepy and Vile PreZents will be bouncing around the map, and you’ll be able to unbox a variety of different spooky goods.

QReepy & Vile PreZent Specials

First up we’re having a SCREAM light special on Halloween themed Terror Toys which can only be earned by capping the base PreZents! Sure it’s the season of giving, but these gifts were a scary good deal and they’ll be perfect donation items for Toys For Trolls. Don’t worry there will be plenty of other scary seasonal gifts throughout the next couple months so expect more wicked winter PreZents just in the St. Nick of time for Christmas! 

PreZent specials will be released in waves, but will end at a total of 1,500 QReepy PreZents and 1,500 Vile PreZents. They will bounce around every 3 hours or when capped.

QReepy PreZent Vile PreZent
Points Points
  • Capture: 150
  • CapOn: 50
  • Capture: 150
  • CapOn: 50
Landing Pads Landing Pads

These specials will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture a PreZent on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same PreZent visits you. These munzees will not be blastable. They will be attracted to magnets, available from the Freeze Tag Online Store. You can access the PreZent specials under the “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Specials” filters.

When a PreZent is captured, it will reveal a creepily crafted gift inside! At launch each PreZent has the potential to award different items, and more items will appear as the months go on, so make sure to keep an eye out!

While we want to keep most of them a surprise right now, here’s a sneak peek at one of them:

Isn’t Scary Beary so cute you could die?!


There will be a total of 7 new badges to earn from capping PreZents:

  • The 1st line has 3 badges which are based on the total number of captures of PreZents. You can see the title and description of the first badge in this line below.
  • The 2nd line has 4 badges, and they are based on finding and collecting all the items in each PreZent set. We’ll keep these a secret for now, but be on the lookout for more haunted holiday fun!


Make sure to keep capping PreZents each week to see if any new items have been released!

Double Points Weekend Reminder

Don’t forget that double point weekend is now active! Get 2x points on all Greeting Cards, Flats, Gaming, Evolution, and Mystery Munzees until Sunday, November 12 at 23:59 MHQ! Shop the collection HERE to make the most of the weekend’s bonuses!

Munzee on!

October 26, 2023

🐈‍⬛ Spooky Happenings for HalloWeekend! 🎃

HalloWeekend is here and after a month of potion brewing and haunting events, we’re ready to bring it to a close in scary style! Through the end of the month we’ve got special spooky sales, returning Halloween themed items, the ALL NEW Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine, and Flat Cats scatters! Keep reading to get all of the details or head to the FT Store to shop the whole collection!

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

The 31st will be here before we know it, and the frightful Sam Hain is here with a Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale on a number of items! All you need to do is add any 3 items from the Munzee Collection and you’ll get the 4th item item for free. The cheapest item will automatically be discounted, so no code is needed. For example, if you purchase 3 Blasts and 1 Greeting Card, the Greeting Card would be discounted to be free. The sale ends on Wednesday, November 1st at 12:00 MHQ so shop the collection here:

Halloween Collection

Check out our newly launched spooky treats and returning Halloween goodies here:

NEW Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine – $15

    • What will your fortune hold? Only Ratloz The Fortune Teller knows!
    • Capture the Machine each day and Ratloz will reveal your fortune to receive a prize every day for 13 days in a row.
    • After receiving your Fortune Ticket each day, a bouncer will be summoned as an additional capture reward bonus.
    • LIMIT: 2 per player
    • SHOP HERE!
    • More info below ⬇️

Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine

Past Limited Time Halloween Mechz – $7.50 each

Halloween Myth Skins – $10 for each 3 pack of skins

Select Myths Return

    • If you’ve missed out on any Myths or are ready to add more to your collection, they’re available for a limited time!
    • Don’t forget our Myths had quite the makeover during birthday month!
    • SHOP HERE!


NEW Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine Details

Get ready to reveal your fortune and seize your chance at fantastic prizes with our NEW Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine! 

  • Capture the Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine once a day to receive a prize, similar to the Dice Tower
    • It MUST be captured consecutively every day to receive all 13 prizes, similar to a mailbox and the dice tower.
    • You might receive a different prize than others on a given day, but everyone will have received all the same prizes by the end of the 13 days
    • It will be auto-archived at the end of the 13th day after being deployed
  • After revealing your fortune to receive a prize, one bouncer will be summoned to the Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine for you to capture
    • NOTE – It may take some time for a bouncer to land, so be sure to check back again soon
  • The Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine also acts as a standard landing pad, which means anytime a bouncer happens to land there, you will be able to capture it!
  • Other players will also be able to capture your Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine, but will not receive a prize
    • This is to prevent hiding bouncers on privately owned types, so anyone will be able to capture a bouncer that lands there.
  • The Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine may be moved to new locations in order for the owner to keep up with the daily prize captures
    • NOTE – If a bouncer is sitting on the Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine when moved, it will be force nudged and removed
Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine
  • Deploy: 250
  • Capture: 10
  • Spooky Bouncers & Skins
    • Banshee
    • Hades
    • Wyvern Dragon
    • Lycanthrope Yeti
    • Many more included
  • Virtual Witch’s Potions Specials
      • NOTE – If you do not want to have these specials land on your Ratloz Fortune Teller Machine as your daily bouncer, you can wait to deploy and capture it after they leave the map on November 6th

Limited Time Scatter Details

It’s also National Cat Day coming up this Sunday! From now until Sunday, October 29th at 23:59 MHQ, when you capture a Flat Cats, up to 3 Toys may be scattered nearby! For more information about how they work, check out our original launch blog for the very first Flat Cats Scatter Event here:


We’ve created 1 NEW badge for this special period, and you can earn the Kitten Carvings badge by capturing at least 9 of the Cat Toys scattered from Flat Cats. In addition, if you missed out on the Knitty Kitties or the Benji Burr Box Badge, you’ll be able to earn those as well. You can see what these badges look like below.

Make sure you cap as many Toys as you can to receive all 3 badges!

Munzee on!