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April 7, 2020

Munzee Mistakes: How to Munzee from Home!

Last year, we started the Munzee Mistakes series of blog posts using tips from our very helpful and knowledgeable players! As we thought we had done a good job of covering the basics, we started going into more specific territory with the last Munzee Mistakes post. This post is somewhat a return to the origins of Munzee Mistakes, as we’ll be covering the basics of munzee-ing from home. While the core of Munzee gameplay is to visit many locations to either capture or deploy munzees, there is a lot you can do without setting foot outside! Here are some tips from both players and staff that we hope you’ll find useful, quarantine or not!

We posted a call for tips from our players last Saturday, and have compiled them in the list below. Consider these tips while playing to avoid the most common Munzee mistakes! For more, you can see what everyone posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! 

Tip #1: Maximize the munzees you can capture from your house!

Keep proximity requirements in mind, and deploy a variety — both physical AND virtual munzees. You need to be within a certain distance to capture a munzee, and munzees must be deployed a certain distance from other munzees to prevent crowding. Both distances vary by munzee type, but most munzees can be captured from within 300 ft. Some munzee types can be captured from a much further distance — if you don’t know which, read on as specific munzee types are recommended in later tips!

Tip #2: Virtuals are made for at-home Munzeeing!

Deploy a few near your home as well to attract bouncers (and to magnetize if you want to ensure bouncers will land), or if you are feeling social, you can trade deploys with other players! Ask friends or other members of your clan! If you don’t know anyone to ask, there are Facebook Groups made specifically for the purpose of trading virtual deploys with other players — those would be a great place to start!

Tip #3: Did you know you can deploy virtuals from the Munzee website?

This allows you to be very precise as you can enter in a latitude and longitude before deploying!

Tip #4: Deploy in a virtual garden, or create a virtual garden near you!

Don’t think that gardens have to be as large as the ones featured in our GOTM posts — small gardens are just as sweet! If you want a new garden near you but you’re not confident in creating a design, there may be another player who’ll be willing to create one for you — again, Facebook Groups are your friend! Though we heard that Dale of Space Coast Geo Store might create a cookie cutter garden for you if you ask nicely!

Tip #5: Deploy virtual munzees thoughtfully!

If gardens aren’t really your thing but you still want a way to deploy virtual munzees thoughtfully, consider high traffic locations such as airports and tourist attractions (i.e. Disneyland, Las Vegas, etc.). Another factor to consider is future events — check the Munzee Calendar and deploy a temporary virtual or a regular virtual depending on how soon the event is going to take place. Definitely check any notes the host has left to find out if the event will be rescheduled or canceled, so you don’t waste a deploy!

Tip #6: Places Munzees make especially great trades!

You can capture them within a 1,000 ft radius and you can capture them once a day!

Tip #7: Deploy Treehouses and greenies near your home!

Paired with a Physical Magnet, you’ll be able to attract all sorts of bouncers! Your mailbox can be a great spot for this, as it will still be accessible to other Munzee players (one of our rules for Physical Munzees), but will be close enough for you to get to it first most of the time! If you don’t have a mailbox, just look for the nearest street sign! If you are on good terms with your neighbors, you can also ask them for permission to stick a munzee on their mailbox / other parts of their property that are prime sticker locations.

Tip #8: Be consistent in your Munzee play!

If you are an active player, you may notice more bouncers coming your way, without even using a magnet!

Tip #9: Swap certain virtual and physical munzee types for points!

If you need deploy points for Clan Wars, this is a great way to meet that quota without having to scout around for new locations. This swapping is currently only a feature on the Munzee Website, so it’s definitely stay-at-home friendly!

Tip #10: Join the Global QRantine Event!

Munzees deployed by the event account have been “upgraded” so that they can be captured from anywhere in the world — but they function exactly the same way as other munzees of the same types! Here’s one you can capture right now!

Do you have any tips to share? E-mail us at! You can also check out our past blogs about 25 master tips, 20 capping tips, 20 deploy tips, and 10 tips for new players. For more tips, be sure to check the blog daily for updates! 

A big thanks to all who shared tips, and if you’re a new player, welcome to the Munzee family! As you can see, this is an interactive community in which players help each other master the art of Munzee. We’ve also been updating the Munzee Help Manual, which will feature all of these tips and tricks as well as a comprehensive breakdown of many aspects of gameplay.

Munzee on!

October 10, 2019

10/10 Means Time for 10 Pieces of Gameplay Advice!

It’s 10/10 today, which means no matter which part of the world you live in, we can all agree on the ordering of the date! And speaking of unity, we recently asked for players to send us their best gameplay tips via Facebook. After examining the many wonderful tips, we’re happy to compile 10 pieces of advice to help facilitate smooth gameplay for players who might be new to the game or are simply interested in hearing some friendly feedback!

The following advice has been compiled with the help of player feedback to assist in navigating all things Munzee. Enjoy!

1. Play it YOUR way. Munzee is all about playing exactly how you want to.

(Reart) – Play it your way. Don’t let anyone tell you you need to have so many points a day, be in a clan, do ZeeOps, or deploy lots of munzees. First get comfortable with capping and deploying a few (your free beginners pack) before you do all the other stuff. It will be less stressful. 

2. Take advantage of the Munzee community. There are many player groups and resources eager to help you out.

(MetteS) – First 0f all: Have fun! 🙂 Second: Don’t be afraid to ask more experienced players for help and advice. Most of us don’t bite 😉 Events and Facebook groups are great for this.

3. Attend a Munzee Event. Connecting to players in real life is a wonderful element of the game that provides more than just special badges and extra points. Make new friends who share a similar interest and learn invaluable advice.

(mobility) – Go to an event and meet experienced Munzee players and feel free to ask them about their experience.

4. Think before you deploy. Consider the best spot to deploy your munzees.

(PelicanRouge) – If deploying locally, remember your munzee may attract specials which you will want to cap in the future. It is perhaps not the best idea to deploy your munzee underneath a bench in a very busy area, as you can guarantee someone will be sitting on it when you need to cap it! (Trust me, I’m speaking from experience ?). Think before you deploy!

5. Consider a Munzee strategy. While how you play is entirely up to you, a strategy will help facilitate future progress.

(gruenthaler) – Start with deploying Greenies in your homezone and reserve places for future specials between these Greenies for Elemental stickers (Fire, Water, Ice, Earth) and for other specials, you may get in the future. Try getting those badges that may be harder to earn as a player who gets a lot of capture on points (for example the Pi badge), and last but not least: capture and deploy at least one munzee a day. A munzee a day keeps the doctor away 🙂

6. Be prepared. Many players carry Munzee Toolkits with them to facilitate easy access to deploys and gameplay.

(Prmarks1391) – Buy a battery pack, it’ll make playing the game so much more fun and less frustrating when your phone goes flat. But also take a look at the badges you could earn. Get some of them out of the way before you purchase some of the bouncers that may be sold, because they’ll get harder to achieve when you own a player owned bouncing special.

7. Help keep the map clean. Many players are a part of ZeeQRew or QRew in order to help keep the map clean and fun for everyone.

(LVBuccsFan) – Log everything. Don’t feel ashamed if you didn’t find a munzee. Lots of munzees go missing. Logging a munzee you did not find helps clear the map for other players. I myself replace munzees that haven’t been found by a few others just to keep the map fresh.

8. Consider competitive gameplay. When you feel ready to flex your Munzee muscles, look into Clan Wars for competitive group gameplay or ZeeOps for personal competition.

(Aukush) – Get into Clan Wars as soon as you can. It’s easy to reach higher levels in Clan Wars when you haven’t already capped a huge part of the munzees in your city. From Clan Wars, you can get credits to build up your city and make it more appealing for visitors.

9. Grow the map by planning your travels. Consider how you can expand the map and earn big when you’re out of town. Along the way you’ll find an added element of adventure and exploration that will help you discover new places!

(Littlethrower) – My advice is if you’re going to be traveling use the Munzee website to see if there are available munzees in that area. Helps you to plan ahead if that is something you’re planning on doing while there ? or may even help you find a really cool place you wouldn’t have thought to check out!

10. Go at your own pace. In line with play it your way, don’t push yourself to master the game in a limited timeframe. Munzee is a multi-layered game that will take time, patience, and experience to learn. Consult the Help Guide to learn about new types, and enjoy the game every step of the way!

(Billykaren) – Take it slow! Read tips and tricks and any info you can gleam from Munzee and ask questions in the Facebook pages. Do not cap everything around you… save some for each day if you have limited deploys around you. Learn what and where to deploy your own to attract Mythologicals, Pouch Creatures, and more!

For more helpful tips and to stay in the loop with all things Munzee, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check our our Tips & Tricks Help Guide! Thanks to all players who took the time to send us their tips! You can always e-mail any tips to to share your gameplay wisdom.

Munzee on!

April 30, 2019

Munzee Mistakes: Introduction to ZeeOps and Clan Wars

After sharing a variety of tips that covered many aspects of gameplay, such as deploying and capping munzees, this week we’re exploring two areas of everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt that new players may be entirely unfamiliar with. We’re talking about ZeeOps and Clan Wars, which offer the chance for competitive gameplay with both yourself and others, respectively. Read on to discover more about Munzee competitive play and hear what tips and tricks fellow players have to share to help you enjoy all that Munzee has to offer!

Are you interested in competitive gameplay with yourself? ZeeOps might be the answer for you! Feel like a secret agent by taking on monthly Missions that range in difficulty levels and require a variety of Munzee skills to conquer. Complete your Missions within the required amount of time to unlock treasures! Every month new Operations will be released, including confidential information related to each month’s Mission. In order to start ZeeOps, you’ll need to earn some ZeeCred, which you can pick up in the Freeze Tag Online Store. You will be able to earn more credits through completing operations.

Is competitive gameplay with others more your speed? Join a clan and compete in monthly Clan Wars with members of your team! Clans are formed with ten players, with the opportunity to use the Clan Randomizer button to find a spot in a clan from 00:01 MHQ time on the first of each month through 23:59 MHQ time on the second of each month if you need help joining. Clan Wars criteria will be released at the end of each month for the upcoming month, with all Clan Battles starting on the third and lasting for the duration of the month. The monthly requirements will vary, but they largely include both individual and group components needed to be achieved in order to move up between the five levels. That means a clan is often only as strong as its weakest link, though many clans only aspire to reach a certain level each month.

Below are 32 tips offered by fellow players. Munzee may provide some fierce competition, but that doesn’t mean that plenty of players aren’t here to help every step of the way!

Clan Wars & ZeeOps Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Take advantage of both Clan Wars and ZeeOps to earn credits and specials. Then place the munzees you earn near your home or work to increase your odds of attracting Bouncers. (KLC)

Tip #2: If you are a newbie to Munzee, don’t cap everything that is around you when you first start playing. You will need some convenient caps to meet the requirements for Clan Wars and for ZeeOps. (Bossmanlee)

Tip #3: Start “Clan Warring” and “ZeeOpsing” as soon as possible. It’s easier to fill requirements before you’ve capped everything in your city. Plus you’ll get credits to make your area more appealing to other players. (Aukush)

Tip #4: For ZeeOps, start with the Cadet level. It is fun and easy and a great way to introduce you to Ops and how it works. Plus you get enough ZeeCreds from completing the operation to try a Basic Level! (5Star)

Tip #5: If you’re doing a level 2+ ZeeOp and one of the available missions of the month is to have 500 or 1,000 cap-on points, schedule that on a Saturday or Sunday. That’s when most people are capping munzees (either at events or on their own). (pikespice)

Tip #6: Set a reminder for ZeeOps so you don’t forget. (qdog)

Tip #7: I love ZeeOps, because you can do some little personal challenges each day and get credits for them! I add the daily requirements to my reminders on my calendar so I don’t forget. (jellybean88)

Tip#8: Always wear sunglasses while doing ZeeOps… this makes you feel like a secret agent. ? (Jerzee)

Tip #9: Cluster your deploys — have pockets of jewels, zodiacs, elementals, etc. This will help attract players doing ZeeOps! (Leese Philip)

Tip #10: If you wonder how to try a longer operation or use the Mission Mulligan in the very beginning, you can win ZeeCreds on Prize Wheels, and you get some each month as a gift for being Premium Member. (xwusel)

Tip #11: If you are able, attend events to meet some friendly faces and have a chance to learn more about the game. Bonus tip: participate in some basic ZeeOps to earn a fun variety of new munzees to deploy. (beckiweber)

Tip #12: Remember that there is the Mulligan whereby you are allowed to fix one day’s failed operation at the cost of 25 Zeecred. But this doesn’t apply for the last day of the mission! (stebu)

Tip #13: You can win ZeeCreds by capping Prize Wheel Munzees. (BrianMoos)

Tip #14: Remember that Clan Wars don’t start until the 3rd day of the month. If you are doing a ZeeOp and are in a clan, you can consider not starting your ZeeOp before the 3rd. There is no reason for all the ZeeOps hard work to go to waste and not do double duty and count for the clan as well. (3Blanchards)

Tip #15: Consider joining a clan. It makes you part of a team with a common goal, and it teaches discipline when capping so you don’t just go around capping everything. (fsafranek)

Tip #16: Try to join a clan! Clan members are a mine of information and encouragement. Joining a clan also helps you realize that many other quite normal people enjoy scanning lampposts! (Thegenie18)

Tip #17: Join a low level clan to start. (TheFoods)

Tip #18: Join a clan and have a clan group chat page! It really helps all clan members with things like deploying virtuals near clan mates. It is great to have help with all things Munzee and have a general Munzee chat with fellow players. (lolbot)

Tip #19: Join the Munzee team sport that is Clan Wars. Once you understand the requirements, don’t cap everything in a 10 mile radius in your first week! (Section42)

Tip #20: In Clan Wars, if CapOn points are counted that month, consider focusing on capping the munzee’s deployed by your teammates to help their points increase as well. This will help the overall points of the clan. If you live in an area with few munzees, encourage your team to build the map locally so all will have points to obtain. This will also attract new and traveling players. (FindersGirl)

Tip #21: Not all clans aspire to reach Level 5, but different clans have different goals. Be ready to do 1/10 of the requirements before committing to a certain level in a clan, unless you agreed otherwise. (halizwein)

Tip #22: Choose a level in Clan Wars that you are comfortable playing to keep it fun. (YMHgra)

Tip #23: For Clan Wars, pick what level you can complete 10% of clan goals and what level you can complete just the personal requirements, and let potential clans know both levels you feel comfortable with. Some clans may not care if you can do 10%; others may require it. (technical13)

Tip #24: You can find a clan suitable for your level in the Facebook group “Munzee Clan Transfer Market.” (Justinas Rumcikas) 

Tip #25: At the end of the day, remember that you are playing a game. Yes, people can get competitive, and it’s fun to win, but it’s more important to enjoy yourself and celebrate small victories when you’re engaging in Clan Wars or ZeeOps! (violetblonde)

Tip #26: Get above your individual requirements to help your clan mates if you can! Remember you are playing with a team. (Faby)

Tip #27: If you run a clan, create a Facebook page for easy communication. If you join a clan with a Facebook page, make sure you join the page as well to keep up with clan requirements. (Orky99)

Tip #28: Be social on Facebook and with your clan mates. Your fellow players will be glad to help you meet your goals. (Kermit450)

Tip #29: Communication is key. Talk to your clan mates! (Sportytaxi)

Tip #30: Once you have chosen your Clan Wars Level, communication is the key! A number of clans have set up a private Facebook group to facilitate good clan communication. (EagleDadandXenia)

Tip #31: For Clan Wars, having clan mates in different areas can help with clan POB, TOB, and MOB requirements. (Belboz)

Tip #32: Play the game the way you like it. Whether you do Clan Wars or ZeeOps, deploy only physicals or only virtuals, that is up to you. Start the game the way you like it most, and if you still enjoy it after a month or so, branch out deeper into the game. It can be overwhelming if you try to learn it all at once. (Reart)

Do you have any helpful tips that you’d like to share with new players? E-mail us at to share your ideas! And be sure to share these blogs with new players, as well as have them scan your referral code. For more Munzee Tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and keep a lookout on all of the updates we’re doing on the Munzee Help Manual. As always, thanks to all the players who contributed their tips and suggestions!

Munzee on!

Suggested reading for new players: 25 master tips, 10 tips for new players, social media tips

April 17, 2019

Munzee Mistakes: 10 Tips and Tricks for New Players

Welcome to Munzee! Munzee is a complex game, and to make it easier for both new and old players, we have been sharing tips every week on social media with the help of player suggestions. Whether this is your first day or fourth year playing, it’s always helpful to connect with other players in order to hone your hunting skills. 

If you’re in need of some helpful hints, we have compiled together our social media tips that we have been sharing weekly. Consider these tips while playing to avoid the most common Munzee mistakes! If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these tips might look familiar. 

Tip #1: Use your filters! Make it easier to find specific munzee types by turning different filters off and on! Don’t forget that you can unlock even more filters with a Premium Membership.

Tip #2: Read the notes on munzees. Look under “details” to discover helpful hints that offer tips on where to look. When deploying a munzee at a location that is not obvious, be sure to add descriptive notes. They are always appreciated by players!

Tip #3: When deploying physical munzees, scan the munzee sticker in your hand first, then stick it. This will avoid any issues with attempting to deploy too close to another munzee, so you won’t have to peel off a sticker and relocate it! Once you’ve added the name and description to your deploy, you can re-scan the sticker to verify that it can be capped easily. (Tip courtesy of WiseOldWizard.)

Tip #4: When you first start playing Munzee, try to get the hard to earn badges first, such as the Pi Badges which require an exact number of points capped in a day. Once you start Deploying and earning CapOn points, some badges can be extremely tricky to get. (Tip courtesy of valmie.)

Tip #5: Buying a Premium Membership is worth the extra cost, as you are able to see more of the map area and be more selective with filters if you are in a munzee dense area and only looking for certain types to cap. It also helps because you can choose to not see munzees you’ve already capped or deployed. (Tip courtesy of bumpy.)

Tip #6: Leave some of your neighborhood blank – you never know what new types of munzees MHQ has up their sleeve. You don‘t want to not be able to deploy at least one nearby to keep your neighborhood interesting! (Tip courtesy of granitente.)

Tip #7: For a unique and adventurous Munzee experience, use tree tags to grow the game into the wild. When created with quality materials and deployed correctly, tree tags will likely last longer than stickers on light poles and signs. And you get to hike and enjoy nature while deploying and capping! (Tip courtesy of semipaw.)

Tip #8: Always keep two or three stickers between your phone and the phone case for those emergency replacements. (And to play it extra safe, don’t leave home without a portable phone charger!) (Tip courtesy of wazong.)

Tip #9: Remember that just because you CAN place a physical Munzee somewhere doesn’t mean you should. Consider dangers like traffic and terrain when placing that strategic sticker. Munzees placed in private courtyards and compounds not open to the public will see little action. Finally, remember the forbidden places in the Player Code of Conduct! (Tip courtesy of The8re)

Tip #10: Don’t cap everything at once! If you are doing Clan Wars, you may need to save certain caps in your town for future months. It can be overwhelming, but go slow and steady. Leaving munzees uncapped will also help with maintaining streaks during dry periods. (Tip courtesy of Sprinkman)

Bonus Tip: There are three kinds of bouncers: POBs (Player Owned Bouncers), MOBs (Munzee Owner Bouncers), and TOBs (Team Owned Bouncers.) The distinction is very important for Clan Wars. Attached are a sampling of some MOBs, TOBs, and POBs. You can also read a full listing of all MOBs, POBs, and TOBs here! (Tip courtney of aturner0010)

Do you have any tips to share? E-mail us at! You can also check out our past blogs about 25 master tips, 20 capping tips, 20 deploy tips, and 10 tips for new players. For more tips, be sure to check the blog daily for updates! 

A big thanks to all who shared tips, and if you’re a new player, welcome to the Munzee family! As you can see, this is an interactive community in which players help each other master the art of Munzee. We’ve also been updating the Munzee Help Manual, which will feature all of these tips and tricks as well as a comprehensive breakdown of many aspects of gameplay.

Munzee on!

April 11, 2019

Munzee Mistakes: 25 General Tips and Helpful Hints

The Munzee community has banded together to bring us 20 capping tips, 20 deploy tips, and last week’s 10 tips for new players. To continue our journey of making Munzee more accessible for our many new players, this week we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of general tips and tricks sent in by some of Munzee’s dedicated players!

Are you a brand new player? Are you a dedicated player browsing the list to learn some new wisdom? (Are you an absolute expert seeing if your tip is featured? ?) No matter your level of gameplay, there is always something new you can learn since we’re always mixing things up to introduce new adventures, excitement, and specials to everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt!

Here is some general gameplay advice offered by fellow players:

Tip #1: Help fellow players complete Virtual Gardens and Trail Munzees. It helps everyone! (Elisa Angel Reynozo) #GrowTheMap

Tip #2: Always check your filters to make sure you’re not missing anything. (dap217)

Tip #3: Definitely learn how to use the filters to get the best experience. You will need to become a Premium Member to get the better filter range. (mikedee)

Tip #4: Become a Premium Member. The ability to use filters is incredibly helpful. In an instant you can filter out and see hotels/resorts that have rooms. You can filter and see JUST where Mythological Munzees are located near you. Being a Premium Member allows you to do this! (MRSG9064)

Tip #5: When you become a Premium Member, spend some time looking at Statzee. (This is the home of munzee statistics!) There is an amazing amount you can learn by looking at this information closely. (Bungle)

Tip #6: Sign up for monthly MunzPak subscriptions! I love getting my Physical Pak every month, as it gets me out and about in my area! Points makes badges! (Jemma Jones-Hayes)

Tip #7: Go to an event and make lots of new friends! (See the Munzee Events Calendar HERE!) They will be willing to help you with all the questions you have. Remember, no question is too daft (silly) to ask! (Anwsmum)

Tip #8: Go to an Event in the neighbourhood. You are able to meet more experienced players who can give you all kinds of tips. You might even be able to go and Munzee with them to see how they approach things. (Feikjen)

Tip #9: Get in a WhatsApp, Facebook, or online community to share Munzee stuff and just chat amongst each other. Communicating with fellow players is a great way to keep up to date with Munzee and get to know other players. (Human01d)

Tip #10: Watch Facebook, Twitter, and Munzee Blog posts for Munzee Announcements. New Munzee types may mean you need to check your Physical or Virtual FILTERS to see everything. (KernKlan)

Tip #11: If you’re unsure of what a sticker is coded as, test scan it, and then write on the back of the sticker so you don’t forget! (Liam Kearns)

Tip #12: When you’ve completed the new player tutorial, go back and scan that referral code that led you to the game! (Penfold49)

Tip #13: When you are starting out with a fresh area, deploy a “Myth Farm”, a block of Shamrock munzees, a block of Water Mystery munzees, a block of Ice Mystery munzees. That way, you will always have several Myth munzees showing up every day. (MythBait)

Tip #14: When deploying, mix it up a little. A field of Greenies will be more likely to attract players if you add some specials in there. A few jewels, weapons, Destination munzees, and scattering types (Ice Mystery, Fire Mystery, etc.) can help draw a player in. (Jellybean88)

Tip #15: It will take a while and effort, but having ZeeQRew makes capping better, and you won’t miss specials. (GeoTracker7)

Tip #16: If you buy a Personal Munzee, make sure you scan it first to deploy it before letting others scan it! Otherwise, they own it. (Linda Shoemaker)

Tip #17: For deploy requirements, don’t forget that if you cap a Destination munzee (Hotel/Motel/Virtual Resort/Timeshare) that has a vacancy, the room you get counts as a deploy. (Bennycams)

Tip #18: Hold down the “my location button” and it will follow as you walk/drive. (Connor Brown)

Tip #19: For extra fun when deploying physicals, have three Munzee players deploying every 50 feet to make a great Munzee physical power trail! (earthangel)

Tip #20: In cities or areas where walking can be difficult, think about places where a future capper can park. It’s easier to cap when you can park legally and only have a short walk. (Kpr1000)

Tip #21: Think of the long haul. Build your home map to bring the CapOns to you— they will come if you build it well enough! (FrankBroughton)

Tip #22: Along with setting filters, research the area before trips so you don’t get sidetracked and miss the munzees you traveled for by capping everything in sight. (rufnredy)

Tip #23: Name your Virtual Resorts before you ever deploy them. (denali0407)

Tip #24: Deploy as you travel. Name them after the place you’re at. (Pyro1970)

Tip #25: Always take a few munzees along on your trips, and deploy everywhere you go! (Loxmudprincess)

As always, feel free to share these posts with new referrals! (And don’t forget to share your referral code!) If this is your first time reading a blog post, welcome to Munzee! There is much to learn, but so many players who are happy to help!

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with all things Munzee. We’ve also been updating the Munzee Help Manual, which will feature all of these tips and tricks as well as a comprehensive breakdown of many aspects of gameplay. (Currently in progress!)

Lastly, a big thank you to all in the Munzee community who shared their tips!

Munzee on!

April 4, 2019

Munzee Mistakes: 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was New

For the last few weeks, we have been sharing Munzee Tips to help ease new player transitions into everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt. After sharing 20 tips for both deploying and capping munzees, this week we’re keeping things simple with a short and sweet list of advice that long-time Munzee players wish to offer to the newbies.

Feel free to share these posts with new referrals (and don’t forget to share your referral code)! If you are new to the game and checking out our blog for the first time, welcome to Munzee! Things may seem confusing at first, but there are always plenty of players who are ready to help!

Here is the advice that current players have to offer:

1. The Facebook page Munzee Water Cooler* is a very helpful resource where you won’t be chastised for being a newbie asking questions. It’s filled with very helpful individuals for the most part. You will learn a lot by joining! (Mygalstar)

2. As a new player, build up the area where you live. You can then easily go out quickly to capture the many Bouncers that will land on your deploys. A good mix includes many greenies, a set or two of Elemental Mysteries, and a few Shamrocks. You can then fill in gaps with virtuals, starting with green, then red and black. Nothing beats just walking out of your house and capping some high point Munzees. (Jim Roik)

3. Try to earn the badges that are harder to earn, such as the Repeater and the Pi-badges, in the early days of the game. Very particular badges that include exact numbers will be harder to achieve once you are a regular player. (Norbee97)

4. As soon as possible, start deploying AND capturing at least one Munzee every day. This will let you get the streak badges sooner and get you into the game much more quickly. (malof)

5. Patience is an important tip! As a new player, it takes time to grow your local area, and it takes time to buy/earn munzees to deploy. It’s okay to get a little jealous of the older players and their many CapOns, but don’t worry, it will come in time. And there is a LOT to learn, so be patient with yourself! (Fizzlewizzle)

6. Get online and read about Munzee! The blog will tell you about badges, points, types of munzees, Specials, filters, etc. This helps you understand the game a little quicker. (Read about the different types HERE!) Also wherever you go, open the map and you will cap. (Sandmari)

7. Don’t cap everything in your local area. You never know when you need a quick cap or a certain type to keep a streak alive! This will also be beneficial if you choose to engage in Clan Wars or ZeeOps. (Cceasar)

8. Try to get into a Munzee community. This will help and support you in the game, as well as occasionally understanding the written word from MHQ. For me, the start of socializing within the game was attending an event and starting to talk to the lovely Munzee people. Today I think of them as my (Munzee) friends! (Jorgensen4220)

9. When attending events (or even just capping!), take along a portable battery charger or an iPad. Battery life is important when in a large area or park. (This tip may seem simple, but nothing cuts quite like a dead phone during a capping streak!) (NanaKern)

10. Become a Premium Member. The ability to use filters is incredibly helpful. In an instant you can filter out and see hotel/resorts that have rooms. You can filter and see JUST where myths are located near you. Being a Premium Member allows you to do this! (MRSG9064)

Don’t forget to follow us on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest tips and gameplay updates. We’re also beginning to dust off the Munzee Help Manual, where you can find these Tips and Tricks. To share your Munzee Tip, connect with us on social media or e-mail As always, a big thank you to all players who shared their tips!

Munzee on!

*Munzee Water Cooler is a player-run fan group not affiliated with Freeze Tag. 

March 27, 2019

Munzee Mistakes: 20 Capping Tips for New Players

Last week we shared 20 deploy tips brought to you by fellow Munzee players. This week we’re happy to share 20 capping tips also shared by player suggestions. Have any helpful tips that you’d like to share with new players? E-mail us at to share your ideas! And be sure to share these blogs with new players, as well as have them scan your referral code.

This article’s theme is capping tips! “Capture,” “Cap,” or “Capping” are all terms we use for earning points from a munzee, which is either done by scanning a QR code on a Physical Munzee or by standing within the appropriate circumference to capture a Virtual Munzee. Remember you can purchase munzees for other players to capture, which will allow you to earn “CapOn” points, in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Here is what fellow players had to say about capping mistakes, tips, and tricks:

Tip #1: Always read the details of the munzee, including the about screen, history, and even the photos screen. These areas will usually have helpful information about the specific munzee that you’re trying to capture. (dgas71)

Tip #2: Take a black pen with you. It might help if you colour in the large black squares in the QR code if you can’t scan an old munzee! (Appeltje32)

Tip #3: Create a “Munzee bag” with wipes (munzees stick better in clean spots), extra munzees to deploy, water, a charging device, selfie stick, etc. You can carry this bag around with you while capping to always have the essential on hand. (thefoods)

Tip #4: For those living in areas that get a lot of snow, get a selfie stick. Selfie sticks will help you reach those munzees that are four feet away without having to climb through snow banks. It also helps you reach munzees deployed a little to high to reach. (SpiritTree)

Tip #5: In the winter months, invest in either electronic friendly gloves or a cheep pack of styluses to keep you from having to take your gloves off while capping. (Geodude)

Tip #6: Be prepared with water, sunscreen, generics, and referral cards before you set off to cap! (Jellybean88)

Tip #7: When Munzeeing, always remember to “slip, slop, slap” (wear plenty of sunblock) when playing during the daylight hours. You’ll regret it if you don’t and you end up sunburnt. (prmarks1391)

Tip #8: When walking and capping, consider wearing a safety vest. Not only do you look safe, but it will also make it appear as though you belong where you are. This will help it look less suspicious when you are capping random objects. (godspeed1074)

Tip #9: Carry alcohol prep pads with you while capping. They work great to get recently painted-over munzees clean so you can cap them. (TK7464)

Tip #10: If your GPS doesn’t show the position where you are and it isn’t refreshing, start another GPS app such as GPS Status. If that still doesn’t help, kill the app and start again. ( GeoLog81)

Tip #11: Invest in a Premium Membership! It really helps with captures. (newbee)

Tip #12: When capping, deploy a munzee near your car so that you can find it when you are done. Sometimes your munzee nose can lead you further and further away from where you started. (Godspeed1074)

Tip #13: Always carry a backup battery or charger, and make sure your phone is fully charged. (snakelips)

Tip #14: When you intentionally drive to an area to spend time capping Munzees, park near a munzee if possible, but don’t cap it until you are ready to leave. Use that pin to keep track of where you parked your vehicle (especially if you are doing a clean sweep of munzees). Knowing how far you’ve wandered from the munzee you parked near will allow you to estimate how long it will take to get back to your car! (Anitaz)

Tip #15: If you can’t reach a munzee, use the zoom (pinch out) to magnify the image a bit. (thefoods)

Tip #16: Hold down on the globe to realign the map so north is up! (danielle41101)

Tip #17: Use the satellite view on the map! It can give hints as to what light pole, sign, fence post. etc. the munzee is deployed at. This is very helpful if there are only vague hints provided. (Buckeyecacher111)

Tip #18: If you don’t see the munzee right at the listed coordinates, check some other locations nearby. Perhaps the hint is incorrect; i.e. the munzee is really on a green box, but the hint said “LP” for lamp post instead. There may be several of the hint all clustered together, so be sure to check them all. (5Star)

Tip #19: Remember to refresh the map if you scan any Elemental munzees. This is not the end of the fun! A new bonuses munzee has just appeared in your area! (Lumen)

Tip #20: Plan road trips so you can munzees along the highway. This makes the trip go a lot faster! However, don’t drive and cap! (Bowlr)

For more Munzee Tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and keep a lookout on the updates we’re doing on the Munzee Help Manual. A big thanks goes out to all players who shared their tips! Munzee may be complex, but there are always players ready to help decipher everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt.

Munzee on!

March 21, 2019

Munzee Mistakes: 20 Deploy Tips For New Players!

As followers of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram know, we have been sharing Munzee Tips to help ease new player transitions into everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt. Along with our social media tips, we decided to release blogs for the next several weeks containing different categories of gameplay tips as suggested by players. Feel free to share these posts with new referrals (and don’t forget to share your referral code)! If you are new to the game and checking out our blog for the first time, welcome to Munzee!

This article’s theme is Deploy tips! Deploying is the term we use when you put out your own munzees for others to capture. Remember you can purchase munzees to deploy in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Read what fellow players had to say about how to best deploy your munzees:

Deploy Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: When deploying a physical Munzee, first deploy it, then stick it to the object. So if you can’t place the Munzee at your location, then you can walk to another position without wasting a Munzee. (Felixbongers)

Tip #2: Always carry “greenies” (generic stickers) in your pocket! You never know when you need to replace or find that PERFECT spot. (Thefoods)

Tip #3: When deploying virtuals from a desktop computer, after you deploy, look at the location to make sure you did not deploy too close to another Munzee. (This is especially helpful along roadways.) Move your munzee to allow enough distance between the two for capping. (Calvertcachers)

Tip #4: Remember to write the type of special Munzee on the back when cutting them into individual QR codes, particularly MunzPak ones. Also leave a slight margin around the QR code so that it scans easily (Nuttynan)

Tip #5: When deploying physicals, don’t place them too high, since not all of us are tall and not all of us have selfie sticks! If you want CapOns, short people have to be able to reach them! (BonnieB1)

Tip #6: Think about convenient places where you can deploy your munzees, because of jumping myths/pouches/specials. Choose a place that you and other players can come back to many times in the day and the night, in summer and winter. (BituX)

Tip #7: When deploying in winter, remember foliage will grow in the spring! (Penfold49)

Tip #8: If deploying physicals close to houses or schools, etc. place the Munzee so the capper doesn’t have to point their phone towards the building to prevent them causing suspicion by appearing to take photos of private property. (Tonydev)

Tip #9: Deploy lots of greenies in areas you frequent often… home, work, and convenient points along your regular routes. A high density of “greenies” can attract Mythologicals, so you won’t be driving out of your way to get them. (BAJAclan)

Tip #10: Before deploying, hit the locate button as you stand where you want to deploy. This will get the pin right where you want it. Write in the notes where the munzee is located so others cap it and not mark it as unable to locate. (Kcsilvia)

Tip #11: In the Northern Hemisphere, put your stickers on the north side of an object whenever possible. This will minimize the sun exposure, and they will last longer. This goes for the south in the Southern Hemisphere. (Sabaharr)

Tip #12: Deploy some virtuals nearby and some far away. Spread them out, and help build locally. (levesund)

Tip #13: Build your area quickly to attract bouncing specials…. Deploy, deploy, deploy! (Monrose)

Tip #14: Deploying clusters of one type is very helpful for folks doing ZeeOps & Clan Wars (and will get you caps!). Jewel fields, weapon armories, Prize Wheel clusters, Zodiac groups, Elemental Mystery pits, etc. (denali0407)

Tip #15: When you name your deploys, always use at least three characters to be able to search them later on, and avoid naming several of your deploys identically, for the same reason. (tcguru)

Tip #16: When deploying a physical Destination Munzee, first convert your generic/printed Munzee to the respective destination type at home at the computer (don’t forget to label it on the back). So when you are going to deploy it in the wild, you will get a message in case there is not enough space for it. (halizwein)

Tip #17: Grow your local area with many different types of munzees for bouncers to land on. (McAdies)

Tip #18: Help other players, especially travelers, by deploying virtuals with information about places. For example, restaurants offering free wifi or interesting museums or cool stores. (MariaBr)

Tip #19: When you deploy in a new area, look to see what types of munzees the locals have been deploying in that area. (Violetblonde)

Tip #20: When you deploy a lot of physicals and/or a garden in a heavy traffic area, put some sort of sign up so common folk can download app and see what they normally would be missing. (Wabazz)

We’re also beginning to dust off the Munzee Help Manual, where you can find these Tips and Tricks. To share your Munzee Tip, connect with us on social media or e-mail

A big thank you to everyone in the Munzee community who has shared their tips thus far! New players, rest assured that Munzee is a social game, and there are many knowledgeable players waiting to help you out!

Munzee on!

March 25, 2016

Share Your Munzee Tips and Tricks!

Team Munzee has recently seen players share tips and tricks for Munzee in online groups and at events. Some of us have even learned things we didn’t know! With this in mind, we want to spread the word on some of these tips to help other players, both new and old.

We’re asking you to share your tips/tricks with us as part of a new series of weekly social posts. You can submit them here, and we’ll share some of them on our social media channels every week!

If you’re not already, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram! Munzee on!