🌞 Celebrate The Dawning of a New Era in Munzee!Β πŸ¦„

You may have noticed over the last few month’s that the arrival of Cappy The Unicorn has also ushered in a number of new elements for the game of Munzee. There’s plenty more to come as we focus our efforts to make an engaging gameplay experience for players new and old alike, but July is a time of celebration as we commemorate Munzee’s 13th birthday!

This time of year marks a special moment in the world of Munzee, but instead of celebrating the past we’re looking toward the future as we enter Cappy’s realm to celebrate 13 years of fun! This month of merriment kicks off an all new annual jamboree we’ve dubbed the New Dawn Festival and travelers from realms far and wide have come to honor the next era of Munzee!

New Dawn Festival Collection

As the Year of the Dragon continues to blaze forward we have reached the Zeenith of the changing seasons and the stars are beginning to align for some truly magical moments. Join Cappy to kick off a month of celebrations with a sale alongside some new items before they leave the store on Thursday, August 1st at 12:00 MHQ here: https://store.freezetag.com/collections/new-dawn-festival

  • Dragon Egg Pack – $13
    • 1 Striped Dragon Egg tPOB deployed on your account
      • Features the NEW Sunlit Baby Dragon and Hospitality Elder Dragon!
      • Learn about the NEW Hospitality Elder Dragon on the Help Guide HERE!
      • NOTE – This will only deploy the egg on your account. The standard cycle will still continue and allow others to train and tame the baby and elder dragons.
    • 1 Dragon’s Keep Temporary Destination
    • 1 Light Mystery
    • 1 Celtic Adder
    • 1 Master of Disguise

  • Bonus Glass Guardian – $6
    • An extra Glass Guardian is available for purchase, if you’d like to show off ALL your unique Glass Guardian skins at once! Plus get closer to earning a permanent one to carry over into the new year.
    • LIMIT: 1 per player

  • All Past Bouncers Return to the Store
    • If you missed out on any Mythologicals, Pouch Creatures or Mechz throughout the year, they’ve all bounced back for a bit and are available to purchase!
  • All Past Secret ZeeOps Return In-App
    • Visit the Secret ZeeOps section in the app to discover any past operations!

15% Off Collection

There will also be a 15% discount on any items purchased from this specific “13th Birthday Sale” collection HERE!Β Stock up on Magnets, Blasts, and more for the month ahead!