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November 30, 2013

Give a gift that “Grows the Map!” – Cyber Munzday

Well, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag.  It seems we’ve had a few sneaky-sneaky Munzee players snooping around Munzee Headquarters!  By now, many of you have seen this mysterious Cyber Munzday flyer:

CyberMondayFlyer (1)

Well, we’re here to let you know the rumors are true!  The holidays are fast approaching, and Team Munzee is here to help you find that perfect gift for the Munzee hunter in your life.  We’re throwing a Cyber Munzday sale in the Munzee store, with special deals, new products, and a special new Munzee!  Starting at Midnight (MHQT) new products will go live in the Munzee shop, and we’ll regularly update with new special items throughout the day.

Got a “mad deployer” on your Christmas list?  We’re offering a new line of Urban Camo stickers for as low as 25 cents each.  Check out these clever camo stickers, perfect for keeping your Munzee fun “under the radar”:

urban (2)

Want to go on a Cap n’ Deploy streak, but your phone needs a little extra “oomph” to get you through the day? Well, Team Munzee has a special deal on 20,000 mAH portable external chargers in the Munzee store.  A quick stocking-stuffer to get you through any Munzee adventure!

20000 mah battery packquickfic

Everyone loves showing some some “Munzee pride” -well now you can with our new T-shirts!  Regularly $17.99, we’re offering them for a special price this Cyber Munzday;

CyberMondayFlyer (2)

The most exciting item on the Munzee agenda will be the midnight release of our newest Munzee type: Mystery Virtuals!  That’s right, we’re offering up a Virtual Munzee worth a Mystery level points.  If that’s not exciting enough, check out the limited time only price of $2.00 USD!  And don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to get a Mystery Virtual, as Team Munzee will regularly re-stock throughout the day.


So, enough with the boring Holiday Shopping Madness, let’s get crazy this Cyber Munzday with Team Munzee!

November 25, 2013

Munzee Player of the Week: Sean Miller

Our players have chased down his socials all over the web.  And like a super-hero, he’s chased each of you down and reached out to support Men’s Health with Virtuous Virtuals all over the globe.  Always helpful and always smiling, this week’s Player of the Week is player batmanandrobin!  Successfully blending the world of Munzee with the world of Music Entertainment with, Sean Miller can be found at a moment’s notice offering help to his fellow players and engaging our online community with a positive attitude.  He’s received the highest number of independent player nominations from the Munzee community, and we’re happy to highlight him!


Who are you? 

batmanandrobin aka Sean Miller and Sarah Hitsman

Where in the world do you live? 

Petoskey/Rochester Hills Michigan

How long have you played Munzee?

2 years

How did you find Munzee? 

When my girlfriend and I started dating to keep our relationship going and keep us doing things together we would go on road trips throughout Michigan. One day we ended up in Mackinaw City and I had remembered where a previously found geocache was and we found a qr code attached to a sign near where the cache was supposed to be. We quickly downloaded and never looked back.

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

I enjoy how it forces me outside of my house and gives me something to do. I also love how I have been able to meet players from around the state and even some from outside.

What is on your wish list?

Most of the things I really wanted to see have come out for me to enjoy, so right now I am very content with the game.

Tell us about yourself!

I used to start playing with my girlfriend but she has since somewhat lost interest in the game. Our real names are Sean Miller and Sarah Hitsman. I am a Junior in college at Oakland University and am a journalism major with a music and world music minor.

My main project I have been working on is my website (visit and you may find some socials). The theme of the site can best be described as a sort of “Rolling Stone” and also does review and PR work for independent musicians.

My last ongoing project is my music. I have multiple songs in the works involving mainstream music elements and other world music aspects including Afro-Cuban, different African elements and some others that will hopefully combine into a great musical project that can help me pursue my dream as a mainstream musicians making a living off my music.

As a little shout-out to Sean, he’s provided us with a Social he’d like to share with the entire Munzee community:

coxillah social

Do you know a player that inspires you, or does their part to grow the world of Munzee?  Know a Munzee super-hero, or maybe just someone that makes you smile?  If so, send us a message at with their name, player name, and your info as well!

November 18, 2013

Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight: Lachy Gatland

By now, you know Team Munzee loves it when we’re introduced to players that just have that “something” that sparks the love of the game in all of us.  What adds to that spark is when we hear about our younger players, the players introduced to Munzee early, players who’ll carry the game with them as they grow up.  One of those great young players is McChickenNugget, aka Lachy Gatland.  We’re excited to have him as our Player of the Week, on his birthday week!


Who are you?

Where in the world do you live?
Perth, Western Australia

How long have you played Munzee?
One week over a year!

How did you find Munzee?
I found Munzee out when searching Google to see if there were any games for smartphones similar to Geocaching. From then the addiction started! I created an account and thought of one of a really silly name and began the hunt at a local park! 🙂

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
I LOVE MUNZEE!!! I love meeting new Munzeers and making new Munzee friends! I also love bumping into Munzeers on field while out capturing and deploying! It is always a great surprise!

What is on your wish list?
Being able to purchase mysteries the same as motels. Reasonably priced, virtual and with a limit you can buy each month to keep and equal playing field.
I can’t wait for when we will be able to host official events! (Editor’s Note: Patience! They’re coming soon!)

Tell us about yourself!
My name is Lachlan Gatland, but prefer to be called Lachy. I am currently 14 years old and born on the 19th of November. (Yes, ironic that the week I turn 15 is the week I have been nominated for player of the week! :D) I am part of a family of four that love traversing the globe!

Other hobbies include; Aviation, aviation photography, sport and finding the occasional Geocache while out Munzee-ing.
I always cycle to Munzees! Well, it is hard to drive a car without a license! 😛 and I love deploying! DEPLOY, DEPLOY, DEPLOY! Grow the map!

1468719_647633578614445_1822183545_n (2)Also thanks to the people who nominated me for the spotlight! 🙂 You are stars and on another note, thanks to everyone for all the support we have got on the Social Munzee Sharing Group on Facebook! When I started the group I was expecting maybe 50 people but we now have 600 members strong and have at least 1000 socials on the group so thank you! 😀

Lachy, we’re so happy to have one of our many great players from “down under” as a featured Player of the Week!  Your energizing Munzee spirit speaks volumes to our community, and it’s only fitting to feature you as our POTW on your Birthday week!  Happy Birthday, and happy Munzee hunting!

Do you know a player that inspires you, or does their part to grow the world of Munzee?  Know a Munzee super-hero, or maybe just someone that makes you smile?  If so, send us a message at with their name, player name, and your info as well!



November 11, 2013

Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight: Elliot Koeppel (1849)

When someone says “Munzee Madness,” one thought comes to everyone’s mind: 1849!  You know him as an Authorized Munzee Dealer, the man behind the Munzee Madness Facebook group, several Munzee + Photography websites, and one of our biggest celebrities.  1849, also known as Elliot Koeppel and proprietor of is Munzee’s Player of the Week.

Get to know the man behind the countless Social Munzees, amazing photography, and awesome Munzee merch’ through the interview below!

Who are you?


 Where in the world do you live?   

La Habra, Cal USA

How long have you played Munzee?  

739 days

How did you find Munzee?  

I first heard of Munzee in a couple of logs on one of my ‘caches. Two people mentioned finding it, as well as the Munzee that was located right near by (one of H20Klan’s). So I googled “Munzee”, thought it sounded fun and downloaded the app. I then went out to my ‘cache, found the Munzee and capped it. From that point on, I was hooked!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

There are several things I enjoy about Munzee. When I first started playing, it was all about the points and trying to get to the top of the leaderboards, I made it as high as #3 for about one day and then settled into #5 spot for a long while. I enjoyed leveling up, hearing the “ding,” and searching out places with lots of Munzees on the Munzee map.

My focus on how I play Munzee has changed a lot since I first started. Now my main focus is on having fun, points really aren’t a motivation any longer. I enjoy getting out to really remote, scenic or historic places and deploying a Munzee to try to lure others out to where I’ve been. I really enjoy combining Munzee with travel and photography, and then posting mini munzee travel blogs on my new website:

There’s something addictive about deploying a Munzee in such remote, beautiful places and then sharing the experience with others.

I also enjoy writing posts for my Munzee Mlog at:

Have I mentioned BADGES? I love BADGES! I think they are going to really open up a new style of gameplay for the players who are looking for an alternative to only playing for points. I still enjoy getting together with friends and “carpet bombing” a mall, or hitting a power trail and trying to rack up a big daily score, but for me, Munzee isn’t always about the points. It’s more about the sense of adventure, the thrill of the hunt and deploy out in the wilds, sharing experiences and the game with others and trying to grow the map.

What is on your wish list?

I would like to see tons of BADGES added to the game, with the ability for premium members to create one Badge of their own. I’d like to see more special events along the lines of the x-box, the Gold’n Coins, the Hamburger.

I’d really like the ability to contact brand new players I see capping my munzees, so I could help them out, get in touch with them, invite them to local events, etc… (Guess what Elliot, your wish has been granted!!!).  If we could do that and encourage the brand new players, I think they would be more likely to keep playing the game. It would be a great way to build a local community of players.

 Tell us about yourself!

Most of my Munzee activity is solo, but there are a number of nearby players with whom I regularly go out with to seek and deploy, as well as some long distance (even coachV on occasion)! I enjoy creating Social Munzees, co-hosting the annual Munzee Madness event with H2oKlan, running the site and the new  Anyone wishing to follow me on twitter, I have two accounts: @CaliFortyNine and @munzeemadness I really enjoy Munzee and being able to combine it with family, friends, travel, photography and then sharing the results with fellow players around the world. I’ve met some great people while playing, both online and in person, and am looking forward to many more years of a great game.


Do you know a player that inspires you, or does their part to grow the world of Munzee?  Know a Munzee super-hero, or maybe just someone that makes you smile?  If so, send us a message at with their name, player name, and your info as well!


November 4, 2013

Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight: KFL200


Munzee Player of the Week: KFL200

Munzee Player of the Week: KFL200

He’s friendly, he’s helpful, and he’s awesome!  This week’s Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight shines on player KFL200, also known as Ken Fairhurst!  Ken’s one of our many amazing UK players, and we’re lucky to have him as a part of our worldwide Munzee community.  Ken’s been a pillar in our international community and an excellent resource for new players.  Because of this, we’ve decided to introduce him to all our players, new and old!  Continue reading below to get to know KFL200/Ken!

 Where in the world do you live?   

Gt Altcar, Nr Formby, UK

How long have you played Munzee?  

6 Months

How did you find Munzee?  

Like a lot of Munzers I used to be a ‘Cacher. One day I got a comment on one of my caches:

TFTC, there should have been a Munzee here as well but no sign, a pity as it was an Easter egg.

I thought,”Munzee – Easter Egg; what on earth is he talking about?” There was only one thing for me to do and that was Google “Munzee.” I liked what I saw so downloaded the app and I have Munzee’d almost every day since.

 What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

I love Munzee as it gets me out walking with my dogs, seeing some of the beautiful area round where I live, places I never knew existed if I didn’t Munzee.

I love to be out deploying and seeing the map turning green along the routes I have been, and it’s great to receive emails saying people are capping my Munzees.  If I get new people capping, I send them a “thank you” message hoping it will help inspire them to come back and cap some more.

What is on your wish list?

I think MHQ do a great job in keeping the game fresh, there is always something new round the corner, just keep the specials coming!

One thing I would change would be the Mysteries, it is rather disappointing to only get 5 points, perhaps it  could be upped to 10 minimum? I would also like to see them sold monthly in limited quantities, possibly virtual, or like the Motels. This would definitely put everyone on a level playing field.

Tell us about yourself!

My real name is Ken (aka KFL200), I am retired now but as my wife is disabled I can only get out for a couple of hours a day.  I Munzee with my 2 dogs Baxter & Bailey who love to be out and about, they look forward to their daily dose of Munzee.


Happy Dogs make Happy Munzee Buddies!

At home I spend a lot of time on the computer, planning new routes and working out where to go the next day. I also enjoy the social side checking on all the Facebook messages and helping out with questions or problems where I can, and chatting to other clan members who live in the USA and Netherlands.

I set up a Facebook group called ‘Happy Munzees’ only happy posts are allowed (no negativity, mud-slinging, etc…) which has proved to be quite popular, and recently I set up a basic ‘Happy Munzee’ web site that brings all the Munzee stuff together in one place as a resource for new players:

I would just like to say I am really honoured to be chosen as ‘Player of the week’, it is something I never expected with so many worthy people out there. Thank you!

Ken, we thank you for being a valued member of the Munzee community!  It’s not always about the points, and the positive energy you bring to the game makes us a Happy Team Munzee!

Do you know a player that inspires you, or does their part to grow the world of Munzee?  Know a Munzee super-hero, or maybe just someone that makes you smile?  If so, send us a message at with their name, player name, and your info as well!

November 1, 2013

Munzvember is here!

It’s November 1st, and Munzvember has finally arrived!  If you’re not familiar with Munzvember, be sure to read HERE and HERE to get caught up.  Team Munzee’s been amping up all week preparing for Munzvember, and we’d like to share some of the fun with you!

Rob had a very “smooth” morning getting ready:

coachV’s Munzvember transformation!

So don’t forget to support Munzvember with Munzvember Mustache Virtual Pin from the Munzee store, and join Team Munzee as we change the face of Men’s Health via Movember.

Ladies, you’re not sitting this one out!  Get creative and help support Team Munzee this Munzvember.  Support your friends/family/nicely mustached strangers with Mustache pins, or become a Mo’ Sista on Team Munzee’s official Movember team!  Encourage your fellow players with creative mustache themes!  Check out this impromptu “Mustache Deploy kit” player LeftOvers4Dinner threw together for Munzvember:

DIY Mustache Deploy Kit!

DIY Mustache Deploy Kit!

If you’d like to share your Munzvember face or any fun adventures this month with Team Munzee, drop us a line at:  We’ll be happy to share your mug’ with all our Pinterest and Twitter friends!