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May 13, 2024

🔩 ⚡️Double Mech Event!! ⚡️⚙️

Get ready to ignite your blasters and power up your laser swords because this Double Mech Event unleashes forces to be reckoned with! Whether you’re drawn to the light side like a true Zedi or tempted by the dark side, this event is your chance to conquer the Mech mayhem! From Monday, May 13th at 12:00 MHQ through Thursday, May 16th at 23:59 MHQ, any Mechz purchased or rebuilt will be doubled to deploy another twin Mech of the same type! 


If you’re looking to bolster your armory, warp over to the FT Online Store HERE! There, you can load up on vital Cogs for Mech rebuilding and snag some Scrap Stars, which attract Mech Bouncers to your side.  In the boundless reaches of the galaxy, every enhancement matters. Don’t delay, your cosmic conquest awaits!

Rebuild any past Mechz from the Mechz Event tab in the Redeem Store HERE.

Mech Blueprints Scrap Star Cog 10-Pack

Explore some of our galactic picks– which ones do you consider stellar standouts?

Choose your trusty Mechz and gear up for an electrifying cosmic expedition!


May 6, 2024

🚨 Defy the Darkness : Revenge of the Sixth Sale 🏷️

May The Fourth has come and gone, but now the Munzdalorian realm is facing darkness, and there are rumors of a move to the dark side! Amidst the chaos of Scrap Wars, darkness waits for a chance at big victories. To help in these challenging times, we’re introducing a storewide Revenge of the Sixth Sale!

If you purchase any 5 items in the online store, then you’ll get the SIXTH item for free! Or, in layman’s terms, Buy 5, Get 1 Free*! The sale will start Monday, May 6th at 12:00 MHQ and end Monday, June 3rd at 12:00 MHQ! That gives you plenty of time to collect all the treasures to combat the dark side! And FYI, there will be no limits for the first weekend, but that may change next week so act now!

Shop the sale NOW!

*Please note that the sale will discount the lowest priced 6th item for free. So if you buy 5 Flats and 1 Zodiac, it will discount the Zodiac. If you buy 12 items, it should discount the 2 lowest priced items for free, etc.

Returning Mechz!

Alongside products to boost your battles, get ready for the comeback of Mechz favorites and MORE! Secure these intergalactic combats before they journey back across the cosmos. Visit the Freeze Tag Store to discover what else is included!

Visit the Freeze Tag Store to shop Mechz and other Scrap Wars products NOW!

Buy Now! Buy Now!
PR1NC3SS Lou-a D4RTH Vardeman
Buy Now! Buy Now!

Double Points!!

Don’t miss out on our double points happening weekdays this month! Remember, Munzdalorian Mailbox owners also get double points every weekend, click HERE to view the schedule!

Stock up TODAY to defy the darkness!


May 1, 2024

May 2024 MunzPaks

MunzPak fans, we’ve cooked up something special just for you – an energizing NEW Recipe Greeting card and 2 Norse Zodiacs that are sure to inspire. Take a peek at all the appetizing offerings in this month’s Pak below!

May Virtual MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • 3 Ingwaz Norse Zodiacs
  • 3 Breakfast Recipe Cards
  • 1 Scrap Star
  • 1 Flat Cup
  • 1 Celtic Wren
  • 1 Sir Prize Wheel
  • 1 Jellyfish
  • 1 Pumpkin

May Hybrid MunzPak

  • 25 Generic Stickers (sent via mail)

Purchase HERE!

  • Credits
    • 2 Laguz Norse Zodiacs
    • 1 Bee
    • 1 Quick Grow
    • 1 Physical Capture Booster
  • Virtuals
    • 3 Breakfast Recipe Cards
    • 2 Ingwaz Norse Zodiacs
    • 1 tPOB Pub
    • 1 Flat Disc Golf Basket
    • 1 Onyx

MunzPak Exclusive – NEW Recipe Card

Whisk up an energizing breakfast masterpiece by adding your favorite morning recipe in the notes section when sending out your Breakfast Recipe Greeting Card! Don’t skip the chance to snap a pic of your next egg-cellent creation and watch as sunny-side-up smiles take center stage!

Check out this month’s Breakfast Greeting Card below:


Norse Zodiacs

For a refresher of the details about the new Norse Zodiac line of munzees, visit the December 2023 blog.

This month, you’ll receive the Laguz and Ingwaz Runes. Laguz, the sign of water, embodies fluidity and gentle strength, urging you to overcome obstacles with your innate skills while staying true to your morals. Ingwaz symbolizes new beginnings and endings and emphasizes gradual yet transformative change, guiding you through challenges towards energized new chapters in life. Let these runes inspire you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and embrace new beginnings with courage!


You will earn a badge for deploying each Norse Zodiac Munzee. Here are the badges for the Laguz and Ingwaz Norse Zodiacs:

Enjoy your March MunzPak options! Save with our monthly subscription instead of one-time purchases. Learn more about our subscription program HERE! First-time subscribers can earn one-time badges for each Pak type this month! Subscribe now at the Freeze Tag Online Store!


February 9, 2024

🔥 Get Fired Up For NEW Greeting Cards! 🐉

The Lunar New Year is here and we’re welcoming the Year Of The Dragon by turning up the heat! It’s time to set goals, and our NEW Greeting Cards are here to ignite your passion. Plus, every weekend in February is double points weekend, so be sure to deploy and capture these new Greeting Cards for a blazing double bonus! Read on to learn all about our fiery new cards, and be sure to stock up on some returning favorites as well! 

New Greeting Cards :

Our 5 new Limited Edition cards are available HERE for your deploying delight! Unlock courage, tenacity, and intelligence with our Lunar New Year Dragon Card. Let burning love light up the sky with our Set My Heart On Fire Card! Slay together, stay together by celebrating your fiery friendship with our Battle Friends Forever Card! The I Would Slay For You Card will have you brave the dragon’s keep for your love! And peek into your future with our Fortune Cookie Card, but don’t forget to eat the cookie for luck!

As they are all Limited Edition cards, the points are as follows:

  • Deploy: 50
  • Capture: 60
  • CapOn: 30

Returning Greeting Cards : 

Love is growing all around us, so we’ve brought back some Garden Party Cards to blossom just in time for Valentine’s Day! Select one of these heartfelt designs to send to a friend, spreading love and a year filled with passion. Also, our RUM Never Broke My Heart reseller card is a perfect pick-me-up. Garden Party Cards are available to purchase HERE and the RUM Never Broke My Heart cards can be purchased exclusively through Resellers HERE!

Double Points Weekend Reminder!

Double points are active on all Greeting Cards, Flats, Temporary Virtuals, Greenies, and Virtual Colors until this Sunday, February 11 at 23:59 MHQ! Shop the collection HERE to make the most of the weekend’s bonuses!

Looking for a quick tutorial on Greeting Card deployment?

SeeMyShell has got you covered. Check out his tutorial below!

Don’t wait til it’s too late. These cards are sure to get you fired up!


February 26, 2016

Rob is in Cocoa Beach, Florida!

As we’re sure you’ve heard, Munzee Marketplace – Cocoa Beach will be opening on Monday, February 29th. To help prepare for the opening and attend the Munzee event happening that day, Rob, Cecie, and Jeanna (the Munzee Marketplace manager) are headed East to Florida. That means there are two things to announce:

Flat Robs 

Flat Robs will be on the map starting today (February 26th) at 10:00 MHQ time through Monday, February 29th at 23:59 MHQ time. There will be also be a limited number of Flat Robs in the Munzee store.

Munzee Event at Cocoa Beach

To celebrate Leap Day and the opening of Munzee Marketplace- Cocoa Beach, a Munzee event will be hosted in Cocoa Beach, Florida! Check it out on the Munzee calendar, and head to the event if you can! It will be a day long event (from 09:00 ET until sunset) with special icons and a badge!

You can follow Munzee Marketplace – Cocoa Beach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A Meet Munzee Munday to officially intorduce MMCB will be posted on Monday!