Munzee Mistakes: 20 Capping Tips for New Players

Last week we shared 20 deploy tips brought to you by fellow Munzee players. This week we’re happy to share 20 capping tips also shared by player suggestions. Have any helpful tips that you’d like to share with new players? E-mail us at to share your ideas! And be sure to share these blogs with new players, as well as have them scan your referral code.

This article’s theme is capping tips! “Capture,” “Cap,” or “Capping” are all terms we use for earning points from a munzee, which is either done by scanning a QR code on a Physical Munzee or by standing within the appropriate circumference to capture a Virtual Munzee. Remember you can purchase munzees for other players to capture, which will allow you to earn “CapOn” points, in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Here is what fellow players had to say about capping mistakes, tips, and tricks:

Tip #1: Always read the details of the munzee, including the about screen, history, and even the photos screen. These areas will usually have helpful information about the specific munzee that you’re trying to capture. (dgas71)

Tip #2: Take a black pen with you. It might help if you colour in the large black squares in the QR code if you can’t scan an old munzee! (Appeltje32)

Tip #3: Create a “Munzee bag” with wipes (munzees stick better in clean spots), extra munzees to deploy, water, a charging device, selfie stick, etc. You can carry this bag around with you while capping to always have the essential on hand. (thefoods)

Tip #4: For those living in areas that get a lot of snow, get a selfie stick. Selfie sticks will help you reach those munzees that are four feet away without having to climb through snow banks. It also helps you reach munzees deployed a little to high to reach. (SpiritTree)

Tip #5: In the winter months, invest in either electronic friendly gloves or a cheep pack of styluses to keep you from having to take your gloves off while capping. (Geodude)

Tip #6: Be prepared with water, sunscreen, generics, and referral cards before you set off to cap! (Jellybean88)

Tip #7: When Munzeeing, always remember to “slip, slop, slap” (wear plenty of sunblock) when playing during the daylight hours. You’ll regret it if you don’t and you end up sunburnt. (prmarks1391)

Tip #8: When walking and capping, consider wearing a safety vest. Not only do you look safe, but it will also make it appear as though you belong where you are. This will help it look less suspicious when you are capping random objects. (godspeed1074)

Tip #9: Carry alcohol prep pads with you while capping. They work great to get recently painted-over munzees clean so you can cap them. (TK7464)

Tip #10: If your GPS doesn’t show the position where you are and it isn’t refreshing, start another GPS app such as GPS Status. If that still doesn’t help, kill the app and start again. ( GeoLog81)

Tip #11: Invest in a Premium Membership! It really helps with captures. (newbee)

Tip #12: When capping, deploy a munzee near your car so that you can find it when you are done. Sometimes your munzee nose can lead you further and further away from where you started. (Godspeed1074)

Tip #13: Always carry a backup battery or charger, and make sure your phone is fully charged. (snakelips)

Tip #14: When you intentionally drive to an area to spend time capping Munzees, park near a munzee if possible, but don’t cap it until you are ready to leave. Use that pin to keep track of where you parked your vehicle (especially if you are doing a clean sweep of munzees). Knowing how far you’ve wandered from the munzee you parked near will allow you to estimate how long it will take to get back to your car! (Anitaz)

Tip #15: If you can’t reach a munzee, use the zoom (pinch out) to magnify the image a bit. (thefoods)

Tip #16: Hold down on the globe to realign the map so north is up! (danielle41101)

Tip #17: Use the satellite view on the map! It can give hints as to what light pole, sign, fence post. etc. the munzee is deployed at. This is very helpful if there are only vague hints provided. (Buckeyecacher111)

Tip #18: If you don’t see the munzee right at the listed coordinates, check some other locations nearby. Perhaps the hint is incorrect; i.e. the munzee is really on a green box, but the hint said “LP” for lamp post instead. There may be several of the hint all clustered together, so be sure to check them all. (5Star)

Tip #19: Remember to refresh the map if you scan any Elemental munzees. This is not the end of the fun! A new bonuses munzee has just appeared in your area! (Lumen)

Tip #20: Plan road trips so you can munzees along the highway. This makes the trip go a lot faster! However, don’t drive and cap! (Bowlr)

For more Munzee Tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and keep a lookout on the updates we’re doing on the Munzee Help Manual. A big thanks goes out to all players who shared their tips! Munzee may be complex, but there are always players ready to help decipher everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt.

Munzee on!