Munzee Mistakes: 20 Deploy Tips For New Players!

As followers of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram know, we have been sharing Munzee Tips to help ease new player transitions into everyone’s favorite real world scavenger hunt. Along with our social media tips, we decided to release blogs for the next several weeks containing different categories of gameplay tips as suggested by players. Feel free to share these posts with new referrals (and don’t forget to share your referral code)! If you are new to the game and checking out our blog for the first time, welcome to Munzee!

This article’s theme is Deploy tips! Deploying is the term we use when you put out your own munzees for others to capture. Remember you can purchase munzees to deploy in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Read what fellow players had to say about how to best deploy your munzees:

Deploy Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: When deploying a physical Munzee, first deploy it, then stick it to the object. So if you can’t place the Munzee at your location, then you can walk to another position without wasting a Munzee. (Felixbongers)

Tip #2: Always carry “greenies” (generic stickers) in your pocket! You never know when you need to replace or find that PERFECT spot. (Thefoods)

Tip #3: When deploying virtuals from a desktop computer, after you deploy, look at the location to make sure you did not deploy too close to another Munzee. (This is especially helpful along roadways.) Move your munzee to allow enough distance between the two for capping. (Calvertcachers)

Tip #4: Remember to write the type of special Munzee on the back when cutting them into individual QR codes, particularly MunzPak ones. Also leave a slight margin around the QR code so that it scans easily (Nuttynan)

Tip #5: When deploying physicals, don’t place them too high, since not all of us are tall and not all of us have selfie sticks! If you want CapOns, short people have to be able to reach them! (BonnieB1)

Tip #6: Think about convenient places where you can deploy your munzees, because of jumping myths/pouches/specials. Choose a place that you and other players can come back to many times in the day and the night, in summer and winter. (BituX)

Tip #7: When deploying in winter, remember foliage will grow in the spring! (Penfold49)

Tip #8: If deploying physicals close to houses or schools, etc. place the Munzee so the capper doesn’t have to point their phone towards the building to prevent them causing suspicion by appearing to take photos of private property. (Tonydev)

Tip #9: Deploy lots of greenies in areas you frequent often… home, work, and convenient points along your regular routes. A high density of “greenies” can attract Mythologicals, so you won’t be driving out of your way to get them. (BAJAclan)

Tip #10: Before deploying, hit the locate button as you stand where you want to deploy. This will get the pin right where you want it. Write in the notes where the munzee is located so others cap it and not mark it as unable to locate. (Kcsilvia)

Tip #11: In the Northern Hemisphere, put your stickers on the north side of an object whenever possible. This will minimize the sun exposure, and they will last longer. This goes for the south in the Southern Hemisphere. (Sabaharr)

Tip #12: Deploy some virtuals nearby and some far away. Spread them out, and help build locally. (levesund)

Tip #13: Build your area quickly to attract bouncing specials…. Deploy, deploy, deploy! (Monrose)

Tip #14: Deploying clusters of one type is very helpful for folks doing ZeeOps & Clan Wars (and will get you caps!). Jewel fields, weapon armories, Prize Wheel clusters, Zodiac groups, Elemental Mystery pits, etc. (denali0407)

Tip #15: When you name your deploys, always use at least three characters to be able to search them later on, and avoid naming several of your deploys identically, for the same reason. (tcguru)

Tip #16: When deploying a physical Destination Munzee, first convert your generic/printed Munzee to the respective destination type at home at the computer (don’t forget to label it on the back). So when you are going to deploy it in the wild, you will get a message in case there is not enough space for it. (halizwein)

Tip #17: Grow your local area with many different types of munzees for bouncers to land on. (McAdies)

Tip #18: Help other players, especially travelers, by deploying virtuals with information about places. For example, restaurants offering free wifi or interesting museums or cool stores. (MariaBr)

Tip #19: When you deploy in a new area, look to see what types of munzees the locals have been deploying in that area. (Violetblonde)

Tip #20: When you deploy a lot of physicals and/or a garden in a heavy traffic area, put some sort of sign up so common folk can download app and see what they normally would be missing. (Wabazz)

We’re also beginning to dust off the Munzee Help Manual, where you can find these Tips and Tricks. To share your Munzee Tip, connect with us on social media or e-mail

A big thank you to everyone in the Munzee community who has shared their tips thus far! New players, rest assured that Munzee is a social game, and there are many knowledgeable players waiting to help you out!

Munzee on!