You’ll Be Ecstatic to Hear About These SHOCKING New Badges!

Last month, we announced quite a few updates to the Elemental munzee line, which included the NEW Electric Mystery munzee! It seems to be quite popular — if our social post last week was anything to go by — particularly due to the special effect of its scatters, the Charge munzees. To celebrate the success of this new type, we’ve created three new badge lines for Electric Mysteries! The lines are all retroactive and launch today at 10:00 MHQ time!


These badges are awarded for capturing and deploying Electric Mystery munzees, and also for capturing Charge munzees. There will be a total of 9 badges to collect!

As these badges are retroactive, you may have already met the requirements for some of them, and should see them on your account soon! If not, please wait a few days as our system catches up with awarding these new badges to everyone who has earned them, before contacting support.

You can check out the first badge of each line below! Please don’t try to replicate these images at home, or you’re in for a shocking surprise!

For help earning these badges, always check your local areas, because you never know when a new munzee will be deployed around you. Deploy Electric Munzees around the world, especially for the CapOn rewards! You can shop them in the Freeze Tag Online Store HERE!

We hope you enjoy these new badges!

Happy hunting, and Munzee on!