Shocking News: a New Elemental Has Emerged + Many More Updates!

Like the Jewel Munzees, it’s been quite a while since a new Elemental has joined the mix! Joining current elements — Water, Earth, Fire, Ice, and Air — is a shocking new type!

We are happy to announce the Electric Mystery Munzee is now available for purchase and all Premium Members have been given 1 Electric Mystery Munzee for free! You can pick up the Electric Mystery Munzee from the Freeze Tag Online Store HERE.

Electric Mystery Munzee Details

The Electric Mystery joins the Air Mystery as a virtual type. Once the Electric Mystery is captured, it will scatter 3 Charge Munzees onto nearby Virtual Colors, similar to how the current Physical Elementals work. Those virtuals will then be worth double points for the next capture!

Capture Radius: 300 feet, not blastable

Deploy: 50 points

Capture/CapOn: Split of 60 points with 10 point minimum

Charge Capture/CapOn: 2x points of the virtual it lands on

To access the Electric Mystery munzee, turn on your “Virtual – Mysteries” filter. To access the Charge munzee, turn on your “All Expiring Specials” filter. For more information on the Electric Mystery, you can check out our Help Guide article.

Electric Mystery Munzees can be magnetized (more on this below!) with Virtual Magnets. From our current Bouncing Munzee roster, the following can be attracted to Electric Mysteries:

  • Magnetus
  • Chimera
  • Hadavale
  • Pimedus
  • Pegasus (from time to time when others are in short supply)

Elemental Magnetization

Continuing our initiative to increase magnet utility from last month, starting from today via an OTA update you can now use Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets on Elemental Munzees!

The specific Elemental you magnetize will still only bring Bouncers that land on that type of Munzee though, so you’ll be able to have a bit more control over what you’re attracting. This should help Myth chasers encounter some of the rarer myths out there, like Chimeras and Wyverns.

You can easily magnetize Elementals within the app, but you can also magnetize on the web as well. To learn more about Magnetizing munzees visit the Munzee Help Guide. There has also been an update to Evolution Munzee Resets in the app, but we’ll have more information on that tomorrow!

NEW Earth Mystery Scatters

In a push to make Boulder scatters exclusive to Catapults, which we feel are hard-earned Clan Weapons, we decided to change things up for Earth Mysteries yet again.

This time, we headed in a growing in a different direction, which we think takes Earth Mystery scatters to the next level! In place of Boulders, Tree Munzees will now scatter to nearby Greenies after an Earth Mystery has been capped.

In turn, when a Tree Munzee is captured, up to 3 new virtuals will scatter nearby. Currently, there are 2 possible scatters — a Red Apple or a Cherry Blossom Munzee! Over time we’ll introduce different types of virtuals that scatter from Tree Munzees so stay tuned for more!

Tree Munzees are worth 50 points for Capture and 10 points for CapOn, while Red Apples and Cherry Blossoms are both worth 25 points for Capture.

Updated Scatter Artwork

Since the Charge, Tree, Red Apple, and Cherry Blossom munzees’ pins looked so snazzy, we decided to update the artwork for all the other Elemental scatters as well! We hope this helps them to stand out more on the map and makes capping them just a bit more special!

2x Mystery Days!

Lastly, to cap off all of this great news, ALL Mystery Munzees will be worth double points from now through the weekend! Starting at 13:00 MHQ on March 18 players will be able to earn double points on Mystery Captures, Deploys, and CapOns. The bonus will last until 23:59 on Sunday March 22, so be sure to stock up on the above Electric Mystery Munzees, and don’t forget we have the All the Mystery Pack to earn even more points this weekend! You can shop the whole Elemental Mystery Collection HERE!

Munzee on!