May 2020’s Resolution Will Help You to Rise Above it All!

Can you believe we’ve survived nearly a month or more in self-quarantine?! We hope you’ve found an exercise routine that works best for you, whether they line up with these resolutions or not! As we announced in our January Resolutions blog, we will be launching monthly Capture Streak Badges centered on a year of being active. Each month’s badge will be dedicated to practicing a different exercise. Similar to how our Super Streak badges operate, you will be awarded a badge if you capture at least one munzee* each day for the entire month. This month’s badge may be tricky to get, but we believe in you!

Each month’s badge will be themed around the particular resolution goal. For May we are highlighting Mountain Climber exercises as this month’s theme. This is slightly different from the activity of mountain climbing — it is a specific exercise you can use to strengthen the same muscles. You don’t even have to climb any mountains! More on that below!

How can I train for mountain climbing at home?

Mountain climbing requires strong arms so you can pull yourself up to the next ledge, or maintain your current position for as long as you need. While you can certainly target your arms by doing push-ups and planks, there is a “mountain climber” exercise you can try as well! All you need to do is start off with the plank position, then bring one knee as close as you can to your chest while keeping the rest of your body in place. Make sure not to lift your hips! You can actually refer to the badge image above as a guide. Then switch to the other side. If you do this at a fast pace, it can be an aerobic exercise as well!

While you probably won’t be able to head to the gym anytime soon, you could put your skills to the test by driving to a secluded spot and climbing some real rocks — though we wouldn’t recommend this if you are a beginner! At the very least, honing your climbing skills should come in handy for any hard-to-reach munzees!

Before you attempt any exercise, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor**. Good luck and Munzee on!

* In order to encourage active gameplay we will not count Social Munzees for these capture streaks. If you know you’ll be in an area without munzees, plan ahead!