Continue the Social DistanZEEing Fun with Our New Global QRantine Event!

After the well-received Social DistanZEEing event we hosted last month, we wanted to do more with all the ideas we came up with to keep everyone amused while stuck at home! One of those ideas was a great new event name and theme, so we’ve decided to refresh what we did last month with the NEW Global QRantine Munzee Event! 

Calendar Page

You can join this Munzee event from anywhere in the world, but be sure to RSVP on the Munzee Calendar by clicking on the green [I’m Going] button. You will need to be signed in to the calendar page to see the button. We awarded free magnets and temporary virtuals to all attendees at various points throughout the Social DistanZEEing event, so it’s very possible that we’ll do something similar for this month-long Global QRantine event! If that’s not incentive, we don’t know what is!

Eventzee Hunt

Since our Couch Potato Party Eventzee hunt was a resounding success, we made sure to create a new FREE Eventzee Photo Scavenger Hunt for this event!

Is staying inside making you go QRaZEE??? Well it’s April, which means it’s time for fools, so join us in another FREE photo scavenger hunt! This hunt will include 20 clues in total, with ten being released each week. Per usual no screenshots will be accepted unless the clues asks for it. Learn more on the Eventzee blog!

Just download the Eventzee app* and use the code “QRAZEE” to access this special hunt.

Event Account

Make sure to follow the Global QRantine event account as well! Remember that this month’s Player of the Month (POTM) badge will require you to capture ALL the munzees deployed by this account.

You can view the event account’s profile HERE.

While the munzees deployed by this account can be located anywhere in the world, we’ve maxed out the capture radius so that anyone should be able to capture them. In most cases, any virtual deploys can be found and captured easily if you put the right filters to use in the app. However, physical deploys are trickier as the code to scan may be hidden in the deploy notes, here on the blog, on our social media accounts — anywhere we have a presence. Sometimes puzzles will require you to put things together before you can scan a code. You will not need to use the replace feature for any munzee during this event, so please don’t! Remember this is supposed to be a fun way to Munzee, this time it is a virtual scavenger hunt!

If you need help figuring out how to capture any of these deploys, why not study our Help Guide or ask a fellow player? This is a great way to learn more about advanced Munzee gameplay, and you might make a new friend in the process!

TIP: You can add the event account to your Friends List in the app to more easily view its deploys!

More to Come?

Follow our blog and social channels to find out what’s next for our Global QRantine event! We know being stuck at home can drive you crazy, but we hope to offer some fun options at home and in the real world depending on your situation. As always play your way, follow the code of conduct, and please use your best judgement when playing any of our games.

We look forward to fighting cabin fever with you all!

Oh and one more thing! Watch the video below to see our global events manager, Louise kick off the event with our first code!

Munzee on!

*We’re aware of issues for some players joining the hunt. We suggest logging out and then logging back in. Delete and reinstall the app. Also check your data setting specific to the Eventzee app. If you are still dealing with issues please reach out to with your device model and operating system. Thank you for your patience!