Munzee Mistakes: 10 Tips and Tricks for New Players

Welcome to Munzee! Munzee is a complex game, and to make it easier for both new and old players, we have been sharing tips every week on social media with the help of player suggestions. Whether this is your first day or fourth year playing, it’s always helpful to connect with other players in order to hone your hunting skills. 

If you’re in need of some helpful hints, we have compiled together our social media tips that we have been sharing weekly. Consider these tips while playing to avoid the most common Munzee mistakes! If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these tips might look familiar. 

Tip #1: Use your filters! Make it easier to find specific munzee types by turning different filters off and on! Don’t forget that you can unlock even more filters with a Premium Membership.

Tip #2: Read the notes on munzees. Look under “details” to discover helpful hints that offer tips on where to look. When deploying a munzee at a location that is not obvious, be sure to add descriptive notes. They are always appreciated by players!

Tip #3: When deploying physical munzees, scan the munzee sticker in your hand first, then stick it. This will avoid any issues with attempting to deploy too close to another munzee, so you won’t have to peel off a sticker and relocate it! Once you’ve added the name and description to your deploy, you can re-scan the sticker to verify that it can be capped easily. (Tip courtesy of WiseOldWizard.)

Tip #4: When you first start playing Munzee, try to get the hard to earn badges first, such as the Pi Badges which require an exact number of points capped in a day. Once you start Deploying and earning CapOn points, some badges can be extremely tricky to get. (Tip courtesy of valmie.)

Tip #5: Buying a Premium Membership is worth the extra cost, as you are able to see more of the map area and be more selective with filters if you are in a munzee dense area and only looking for certain types to cap. It also helps because you can choose to not see munzees you’ve already capped or deployed. (Tip courtesy of bumpy.)

Tip #6: Leave some of your neighborhood blank – you never know what new types of munzees MHQ has up their sleeve. You don‘t want to not be able to deploy at least one nearby to keep your neighborhood interesting! (Tip courtesy of granitente.)

Tip #7: For a unique and adventurous Munzee experience, use tree tags to grow the game into the wild. When created with quality materials and deployed correctly, tree tags will likely last longer than stickers on light poles and signs. And you get to hike and enjoy nature while deploying and capping! (Tip courtesy of semipaw.)

Tip #8: Always keep two or three stickers between your phone and the phone case for those emergency replacements. (And to play it extra safe, don’t leave home without a portable phone charger!) (Tip courtesy of wazong.)

Tip #9: Remember that just because you CAN place a physical Munzee somewhere doesn’t mean you should. Consider dangers like traffic and terrain when placing that strategic sticker. Munzees placed in private courtyards and compounds not open to the public will see little action. Finally, remember the forbidden places in the Player Code of Conduct! (Tip courtesy of The8re)

Tip #10: Don’t cap everything at once! If you are doing Clan Wars, you may need to save certain caps in your town for future months. It can be overwhelming, but go slow and steady. Leaving munzees uncapped will also help with maintaining streaks during dry periods. (Tip courtesy of Sprinkman)

Bonus Tip: There are three kinds of bouncers: POBs (Player Owned Bouncers), MOBs (Munzee Owner Bouncers), and TOBs (Team Owned Bouncers.) The distinction is very important for Clan Wars. Attached are a sampling of some MOBs, TOBs, and POBs. You can also read a full listing of all MOBs, POBs, and TOBs here! (Tip courtney of aturner0010)

Do you have any tips to share? E-mail us at! You can also check out our past blogs about 25 master tips, 20 capping tips, 20 deploy tips, and 10 tips for new players. For more tips, be sure to check the blog daily for updates! 

A big thanks to all who shared tips, and if you’re a new player, welcome to the Munzee family! As you can see, this is an interactive community in which players help each other master the art of Munzee. We’ve also been updating the Munzee Help Manual, which will feature all of these tips and tricks as well as a comprehensive breakdown of many aspects of gameplay.

Munzee on!