Munzee Mistakes: How to Munzee from Home!

Last year, we started the Munzee Mistakes series of blog posts using tips from our very helpful and knowledgeable players! As we thought we had done a good job of covering the basics, we started going into more specific territory with the last Munzee Mistakes post. This post is somewhat a return to the origins of Munzee Mistakes, as we’ll be covering the basics of munzee-ing from home. While the core of Munzee gameplay is to visit many locations to either capture or deploy munzees, there is a lot you can do without setting foot outside! Here are some tips from both players and staff that we hope you’ll find useful, quarantine or not!

We posted a call for tips from our players last Saturday, and have compiled them in the list below. Consider these tips while playing to avoid the most common Munzee mistakes! For more, you can see what everyone posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! 

Tip #1: Maximize the munzees you can capture from your house!

Keep proximity requirements in mind, and deploy a variety — both physical AND virtual munzees. You need to be within a certain distance to capture a munzee, and munzees must be deployed a certain distance from other munzees to prevent crowding. Both distances vary by munzee type, but most munzees can be captured from within 300 ft. Some munzee types can be captured from a much further distance — if you don’t know which, read on as specific munzee types are recommended in later tips!

Tip #2: Virtuals are made for at-home Munzeeing!

Deploy a few near your home as well to attract bouncers (and to magnetize if you want to ensure bouncers will land), or if you are feeling social, you can trade deploys with other players! Ask friends or other members of your clan! If you don’t know anyone to ask, there are Facebook Groups made specifically for the purpose of trading virtual deploys with other players — those would be a great place to start!

Tip #3: Did you know you can deploy virtuals from the Munzee website?

This allows you to be very precise as you can enter in a latitude and longitude before deploying!

Tip #4: Deploy in a virtual garden, or create a virtual garden near you!

Don’t think that gardens have to be as large as the ones featured in our GOTM posts — small gardens are just as sweet! If you want a new garden near you but you’re not confident in creating a design, there may be another player who’ll be willing to create one for you — again, Facebook Groups are your friend! Though we heard that Dale of Space Coast Geo Store might create a cookie cutter garden for you if you ask nicely!

Tip #5: Deploy virtual munzees thoughtfully!

If gardens aren’t really your thing but you still want a way to deploy virtual munzees thoughtfully, consider high traffic locations such as airports and tourist attractions (i.e. Disneyland, Las Vegas, etc.). Another factor to consider is future events — check the Munzee Calendar and deploy a temporary virtual or a regular virtual depending on how soon the event is going to take place. Definitely check any notes the host has left to find out if the event will be rescheduled or canceled, so you don’t waste a deploy!

Tip #6: Places Munzees make especially great trades!

You can capture them within a 1,000 ft radius and you can capture them once a day!

Tip #7: Deploy Treehouses and greenies near your home!

Paired with a Physical Magnet, you’ll be able to attract all sorts of bouncers! Your mailbox can be a great spot for this, as it will still be accessible to other Munzee players (one of our rules for Physical Munzees), but will be close enough for you to get to it first most of the time! If you don’t have a mailbox, just look for the nearest street sign! If you are on good terms with your neighbors, you can also ask them for permission to stick a munzee on their mailbox / other parts of their property that are prime sticker locations.

Tip #8: Be consistent in your Munzee play!

If you are an active player, you may notice more bouncers coming your way, without even using a magnet!

Tip #9: Swap certain virtual and physical munzee types for points!

If you need deploy points for Clan Wars, this is a great way to meet that quota without having to scout around for new locations. This swapping is currently only a feature on the Munzee Website, so it’s definitely stay-at-home friendly!

Tip #10: Join the Global QRantine Event!

Munzees deployed by the event account have been “upgraded” so that they can be captured from anywhere in the world — but they function exactly the same way as other munzees of the same types! Here’s one you can capture right now!

Do you have any tips to share? E-mail us at! You can also check out our past blogs about 25 master tips, 20 capping tips, 20 deploy tips, and 10 tips for new players. For more tips, be sure to check the blog daily for updates! 

A big thanks to all who shared tips, and if you’re a new player, welcome to the Munzee family! As you can see, this is an interactive community in which players help each other master the art of Munzee. We’ve also been updating the Munzee Help Manual, which will feature all of these tips and tricks as well as a comprehensive breakdown of many aspects of gameplay.

Munzee on!