November 2020 GOTM Winners + December POTM Requirements!

This month has been a bit all over the place, but as it’s sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, perhaps November was doomed from the start to be a strange transitional period.

For those looking forward to Christmas, we started off strong with the MunzPaks, which include the very popular Christmas Critters! We also featured a past Christmas Event in an amazingly detailed Event Spotlight by denali0407! Lastly, we released the Holiday Card Collectors Club, which seems to be well-received so far! We have some more things related to Christmas in the works, so be on the lookout!

For those who wish it was still Halloween, we released the popular Kill Them With Kindness Greeting Card and had a double points day to go along with it!

As for non-holiday related updates, we announced the results of our Zeecret Agent Competition, released 3 more nomads, and a much-requested new Places munzee, the Drink Depot!

We are now happy to announce the winners of the November Garden of the Month (GOTM), give a reminder for November Player of the Month (POTM), and announce the criteria for December POTM! The badges for November GOTM and POTM will be awarded in early December, but we couldn’t wait to share the winners we’ve chosen!

November GOTM

As mentioned above, we’re caught between Halloween and Christmas, so the first garden we chose reflects this split. The second garden was chosen as it looks like the perfect Christmas gift for a young child! Remember that all winning GOTM organizers and all players who deployed in the winning gardens will be awarded special badges for their contribution to growing the map. This month weโ€™re happy to award the Claire’s Candy Canes Garden, designed by Jeffeth, and the Teddy Bear Garden, designed by CoalCracker7, as our winning November GOTM! The gardens will appear as follows:

Claire’s Candy Canes by Jeffeth in Ontario, Canada

We love the way Jeffeth expanded on the idea of Candy Cane gardens into other special days! Don’t forget that you can get a slightly larger Candy Cane garden deployed at your Christmas Event:

Jeffeth shared his thoughts behind the design:

A garden made for my wife, who always enjoys getting into the Christmas spirit early. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was designed specifically as a November garden. The first candy cane represents veterans day/remembrance day held in November, the second has a lot of orange in reminder of Halloween which just passed, and the third shows the original candy cane and Christmas that is coming.

Also, such a unique use of a variety of different munzees showing there are so many ways to make the same thing.

Teddy Bear Garden by CoalCracker7 in Gettysburg, PA

What an adorable way to celebrate the birth of a new baby!

This garden was created for this year’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic event! The tummy was colored blue to celebrate the birth of former staff member Daniel Hammock’s son.

All players who deployed in the respective winning gardens will receive the following special badges:

Rules for GOTM nominations:

  1. Garden must feature non-licensed character designs.
  2. The garden must feature a Garden Places Pin.
  3. The garden must be built using a publicly available spreadsheet which we will ask to be locked after being 100% deployed.
  4. Weโ€™re asking for ongoing nominations and we will release the winners throughout the year.

Send your nomination for GOTM toย! Keep in mind that we take all former nominations into consideration for upcoming months. Just be sure your garden follows the nomination rules in order to be considered eligible!

If you need help deploying in a Virtual Garden, you can check out this step-by-step tutorialย that will making deploying in a garden easy no matter how long youโ€™ve been playing. To fill in the gardens, make sure to stock up on Virtuals and Color Credits from the Freeze Tag Online Store.

November POTM

November’s POTM requires the completion of 20 Daily ZeeOps Missions within the month. There’s still a bit of time left to earn this badge, so don’t fret if you are close!

Thank you for trying out the new Daily ZeeOps! You can expect to see the badge in early December. If you weren’t able to meet the requirements this time, maybe this coming month’s POTM will work out better for you. Keep reading to find out!

We hope you enjoy what the updated ZeeOps program has to offer! To keep things fresh we’re planning to change up the missions and rewards in the future, so be on the lookout!

December POTM Requirements

This month’s POTM requirement was suggested by a player, and we thought it would be a great fit for the season of giving. We want to hear about Munzee acts of kindness! For December Player Of The Month we want you to send in stories about times your faith in humanity was restored (or perhaps you were the restorer of faith to someone else!) while playing Munzee. We know our player community is full of great people, so we’re expecting to receive a lot of submissions! Please send your stories to the Google Form at this link:

As in the previous months, this unique POTM badge is eligible for any player to earn regardless of previous wins. The badge will appear as follows:

We hope you’re excited for what December has in store!

Munzee on!