Get Your Christmas Greetings Done Early With This NEW Card!

Did you know it’s only 65 days until Christmas? YIKES! We plan to celebrate with players worldwide in many unique ways all through December. Our first announcement is about events!

Any event that purchases a badge and icon that is being held during the month of December will receive 50 free EXCLUSIVE Christmas Event 2020 Greeting Cards for the event account to deploy.

That’s not all for the upcoming Christmas event season. Event hosts will also have the option of adding a festive Candy Cane garden to their event location. It’s 63 virtuals and a Sir Prize Wheel, deployed by our event account for the month of December for all your attendees to capture. This add-on will be $25 and available after you submit an event and begin communicating with Louise. It’s only available for events from December 1-31.

We know the world is in a different state than the past and want to be sensitive to this. That is the reason we’re making these available for the entire month of December. Socially-distanced and responsible events are taking place within local guidelines and we want to celebrate with you. Stay safe and stay aware!

Munzee on!