A Challenger to Cyborg Santa Has Appeared + Cyber Munzday Info!

As we mentioned in our posts yesterday on social media, we’re still enjoying a break from our usual duties today (hopefully you are too) — so this is some pre-scheduled programming! If you’re jealous of Holiday Card Collectors Club members because of the super-cool Cyborg Santa, but aren’t ready for the commitment, or if you just enjoy collecting robot toys, we’ve got an option for you! We’ve also got some info on the promotions we’re planning for Cyber Munzday, so make sure to read all the way to the end!

Cybersaurus Rex

Our solution to deliver Christmas presents in a contactless manner all around the world was a good one — build an army of Cyborg Santas! But an enterprising elf — who may or may not have marathoned the entire Jurassic Park film franchise — applied the same technology to some T-rex prototypes, not knowing that part of their AI had already been programmed to mimic real T-rex behaviors! If you’d like to take a Cybersaurus Rex off our hands, it is available at the Freeze Tag Online Store as an individual product!

This new temporary POB (tPOB) will be available for purchase for $5 ONLY on Monday Nov 30th — Cyber Munzday! These are limited to 1 per player.

Like the Cyborg Santa, the Cybersaurus Rex is a temporary POB. It will bounce to both physical and virtual munzees. It will stay on the map until 23:59 MHQ on December 31, when it will be automatically archived on your account. If you’ve ever deployed a Butterfly or Frog Evolution munzee, these will behave similarly with a few exceptions.

  • Deploy: 750 points
  • Capture: 300 points
  • CapOn: 150 points

This fierce foe is ready to fight! He loves the sound of wrapping paper being ripped up and tearing silky gift ribbons to shreds! Stop the Cybersaurus Rex in his tracks at the following munzee types:

The Cybersaurus Rex will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture a Cybersaurus Rex on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Cybersaurus Rex visits you. However, Cybersaurus Rexes are non-blastable. They will be attracted to either Physical Magnets or Virtual Magnets on their respective landing pads. You can access Cybersaurus Rexes under the “All Limited Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials” filters.


All players who purchase a Cybersaurus Rex will also receive the respective deploy badge shown below:

We hope you enjoy this newest invention from the MHQ Workshop!

Cyber Munzday

As noted above, the Cybersaurus Rex tPOB will be available starting at 00:01 MHQ on Nov 30th, which is Cyber Munzday!

We’ve also got 2 other promotions you may be interested in:

If you enjoy the physical game, you can save 20% on any generic stickers in this collection: https://store.freezetag.com/collections/generic-stickers. Please note that the sale starts on Cyber Munzday, NOT today.

If you enjoy expressing your love of Munzee via fashion, you can get 500 Free Zeds with Apparel Purchases from this collection: https://store.freezetag.com/collections/apparel. Please note that you MUST add the Zeds to cart for them to be awarded.

Munzee on!