More UnBirthday QRates are Materializing!

A week ago, we revealed what was waiting inside the UnBirthday Qrate for Tier 3 UnBirthday Mailbox members — the SUN! As one of the newly-released FL0W3R Mechz, it’s definitely a hot commodity! Of course, we didn’t want to leave the rest of the players out indefinitely, so we thought it would be nice to release the Blueprints (just the Blueprints, no auto-deployed tPOB) in a slightly different UnBirthday QRate for all!

What’s Different?

Here’s a handy chart to make it easy to compare:

Wild UnBirthday QRate UnBirthday Mailbox UnBirthday QRate UnBirthday Event QRate All other QRates
Where to find Greenies, Physical Elementals (Fire, Ice, Earth, Water) UnBirthday Mailbox Tier 3 Day 4 Event Indicator pin of UnBirthday Event Greenies
Need Empty Slot? Yes No – came with a temporary slot No – came with a temporary slot Yes
Cap Requirements 100 physical munzees 25 physical munzees 48 physical munzees 100, 124, or 160 physical munzees, depending on type
Prize Pool SUN Blueprint, NEW/SELECT Cubimals, 5-pack of certain Greeting Cards Auto-deployed SUN + SUN Blueprints guaranteed R053 Blueprint guaranteed, otherwise Magnets, Zeds Cubimal, Booster, other Credits

Or, if you prefer some slightly more detailed info in list form:

  • UnBirthday QRates can be found when capturing physical Elementals (Fire, Ice, Earth, Water) in addition to Greenies — other QRates can only be found when capturing Greenies
  • It will require an empty slot to be found — the UnBirthday Mailbox’s UnBirthday QRate came with a temporary slot, if all your slots were full
  • It will require 100 physical munzee captures to open — the UnBirthday Mailbox’s UnBirthday QRate only required 25 captures
  • Upon opening the QRate, there is a chance to receive the SUN Blueprint, but it is NOT guaranteed — the UnBirthday Mailbox’s UnBirthday QRate is guaranteed to deploy a fully-built SUN AND award the Blueprint
    • Other prizes in the prize pool include a previously unreleased Cubimal, and 5-packs of certain Greeting Cards
    • If you already own the SUN Blueprint (i.e. if you are a Tier 3 UnBirthday Mailbox member) you will receive one of the other prizes

Please note that these UnBirthday QRates will only be available until 23:59 MHQ on July 31st. Good luck to those seeking out the SUN Blueprints!

We hope you enjoy the other prizes in the pool as well!

Munzee on!