World Heritage Munzees!

Following the release of the Florida and California Historic Munzees, we thought it would be good to release some international Historic Munzees. We are happy to announce we have launched a new Munzee type for just that! The World Heritage Location Munzees will be deployed at culturally significant locations around the world at 00:01 MHQ Friday July, 27.

Similar to the Historical Location Munzees, the World Heritage Location Munzees are deployed by an MHQ account worldwide based on a database of historically significant attractions. This includes locations like the Grand Canyon National Park, the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House and more.

When captured, players will earn between 19 and 45 points. These virtual munzees are not blastable, so you’ll have to get out and learn a bit more about these unique locations! If you notice any that are deployed in the wrong location please contact support with the name/URL of the munzee and correct information.

There is not currently a line of badges for these since they will be so spread apart, but expect news regarding an overall Tourism badge line in the near future! As we have stated before, we plan to continue to expand this line of munzees into more states and different countries as well in the coming months.

Good luck on your historical hunting! Munzee on!