Florida Historic Location Munzees!

UPDATE: The FL Historic Location Munzees will hit the map at 00:01 MHQ Thursday 7/12.ย 

At last year’s MHQ Bash we announced the release of a new munzee type deployed at Texas historical markers across the state we call home. We’re proud to announce that we have expanded that line to the sunny state of Florida! We have a great community of Munzee players throughout the state and it has become a hotspot for travelers looking to cap a bunch of munzees.

The FL Historical Location Munzees are deployed by an MHQ account throughout the state based on a database of historical markers. When captured players will earn between 18 and 45 points. These virtual munzees are not blastable, so you’ll have to get out and learn a bit more about the sunshine state! If you notice any are deployed in the completely wrong place please contact support with the name/URL of the munzee and correct information.

You’ll be able to earn a new set of five badges for capturing FL Historical Location Munzees. We have also added two more badges for capturing TX Historical Location Munzees as well so be sure to cap some if you’re joining us in TX for our Birthday Bash!

We hope to continue to expand this line of munzees into more states and different countries as well in the coming months!

Good luck on your historical hunting Floridians! Munzee on!