New Places Munzees And Point Increase!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve extended the line of Places Munzees! Along with the current Places, we’ve added:

  • Hospital: to be placed at hospitals. Note that no animal hospitals or urgent care facilities will be accepted.
  • Post Office: to be placed at actual post offices, mailboxes will not be accepted.
  • Cemetery: to be placed at cemeteries, no funeral homes or crematoriums will be accepted.

Starting at 15:00 MHQ on Thursday July 26 the Hospital and Post Office Places Munzees will be for sale in the Freeze Tag Online Store. The Cemetery Places Munzees will first be released through the August Virtual MunzPak which will not be on sale until August 1 and then put on general sale September 1.

All of these new Places Munzees have a 1,000 ft capture radius, can be captured daily, but cannot be captured via Blasts. Reminder: Once submitted for deployment, Places Munzees must be verified by MHQ. Please allow up to 2 business days for approval before emailing support. You will receive an email with approval or rejection with a reason. Please see all details about Places Munzees in our help manual.

These new Places Munzees will be available for $10, and you can purchase one of each type per account every 30 days.

The release of these new Places will also include a point increase for all Places Munzees.

All current types of Places will be updated to:

  • Deploy- 40
  • Capture- 20
  • Cap On- 10

The point increase will be active starting at 15:00 MHQ on Thursday July 26.

Remember that all of these places Munzee’s will count toward the Places Munzee Capture and Streak badges as well so be sure to cap a Place every day!

Oh, the Places you’ll go! Munzee on!