The Great Wallaville Soap Box Derby Comes to Munzee!

After the madness that was the Wonder11and Playing Cards, anything would be more manageable, right? At least, we hope…

The gearhead in us has been tinkering under the hood, and we’re off to the races- the Soap Box Derby races that is! This month we’re putting a twist on our build-a-badge-style specials. The short version is, the more Soap Box Derby Car Parts you cap, the more Racers will be deployed on the map! These specials are now live for everyone and will remain available until August 31 at 23:59 MHQ, when we’ll announce the winner(s) of the race!

Build Your Racers!

You’ll need to collect 5 Basic Parts to build ALL Racers:

Please note that each Racer needs its own set of these Basic Parts — so, the first time you cap all of these items, you will build the Basic Racer. You’ll then need to capture another set of them to make progress towards the next Racer.

Speaking of the next Racer — in addition to the 5 Basic Parts above, you’ll need to collect 2 additional parts from Junk Boxes:

Junk Box Scatters

Special Race Cars need extra parts, as seen in the example below:

The points for ALL Parts are as follows:

  • Capture: 100
  • CapOn: 50

Basic Parts and Junk Boxes will be released in waves, ending at a total of 100 of each = (5 Basic Parts x 100) + (2 Junk Boxes x 100) = 700 total.

They will bounce around every 4 hours or when capped.

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Once you’ve captured the necessary parts for a Racer, you will receive the badge for doing so, AND a new Racer of that type will be deployed on the virtuals account bearing your username!

You won’t get CapOn points, but you will get bragging rights for all to see, and 150 points whenever you cap a Racer doesn’t hurt either!

While you can collect multiple sets of parts, each user will only be able to trigger 1 deploy per Racer type. That means, at most, there will be 6 Racers deployed for each user. If you want to see more Racers on the map, make sure to get yours built ASAP!

Racers will be moving faster than their Parts, so they will bounce every hour or when capped.

General Info

The information in this section applies to Basic Parts, Junk Boxes, AND Racers.

The landing pads are as follows:

Physical Virtual

They will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture a Basic Part/Junk Box/Racer on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Basic Part/Junk Box/Racer visits you. They will not be blastable. They will be attracted to magnets, available from the Freeze Tag Online Store. You can access them under the “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Specials” filters.


There are three lines of badges related to Soap Box Derby specials.

The first line is based on overall Soap Box Derby special captures. These badges will show the progress of the Soap Box Derby race. The first badge in this line depicts Benson signaling the racers to start and is earned by capping any Part, Junk Box, or Racer!

The second line of badges is based on capping different combinations of Parts to successfully build a Racer, as mentioned above. Make sure to cap at least one of each special so you can build all 6!

You can sneak a peek at the first of these badge lines below: