Reduced Cog Cost ZEE-Dayz!

We’ve done double points weekends, double magnet effectiveness weekends, increased capacity weekends, and double radius weekends, so this time we wanted to test out a NEW special bonus!

Special Bonus Details

From the period of Friday, August 12th at 12:00 MHQ through Sunday, August 14th at 23:59 MHQ, enjoy halved cog costs AND double points on ALL Mechz!

If you need a refresher on all the different Mechz, here is a list:

Back in Stock!

Since we anticipate more Mechz bouncing around the map during this period, we’ve made the Scrap Star available again, as well as the 10-Pack of Cogs!

Scrap Star Cog 10-Pack

In addition, if there were any Mechz you missed out on the last time we made them available in May, select Mechz are back in stock! Shop them all in the Mech Collection HERE!

When you purchase a Mech, it will auto-deploy the Mech and also provide you with the Blueprints to rebuild it again with Cogs, if you don’t already own it.

We hope you have fun building up your Mech army — thanks for reading until the end!

Munzee on!