Roverhaul Part 3!

Roverhaul Part 1 gave Rover the ability to dig up Jewel Shards while accompanying you on Jewel-capping sessions. Roverhaul Part 2 gave Rover the ability to extend your capture radius with Rover Treats. What does Roverhaul Part 3 have in store? A combination of the two!

Another Trick in Rover’s Toolkit!

When you capture the last stage of a Physical Trail Munzee while a Rover is with you, you have a chance of finding a Rover Treat! In addition, the deployer of the trail will also receive a Rover Treat! After all, the deployer did go to the effort of deploying and maintaining their Trail, which is not an easy feat!

Please note that this is only for Physical Trails. The chance of finding Rover Treats may spread to other types in the future!

The popup that appears after you’ve captured the final stage of a Trail will let you know if Rover has found any, so make sure to keep an eye out! You will also find them on your credits list.

Of course, if you need more Rover Treats, you can pick them up in the In-App Store for 40 Zeds, or get a pack of 10 Rover Treats in the Freeze Tag Store for $3.

As we continue to refine and improve the Munzee app, expect more Rover-related news!

Munzee on!