NEW Limited-Time Credits are the Real Deal!

— UPDATE: As of 3/3/22 12:00 MHQ — The new tab in the Redeem Store is now live! Put those Sham Rocks to work!

You’ve heard of Candy Corn Credits and C04L Credits — now get ready for Sham Rock Credits!  After reviewing the activity on C04L Credits and making some improvements (we hope ?) we’ve created a new limited-time credit for you to earn and redeem!

Like Jewel Shards, Weapon Shards, and Cogs, you’ll be able to redeem Sham Rock Credits (SRC) at the Redeem Store for game pieces. However, similar to Candy Corn Credits and C04L Credits, they can only be redeemed until 02:30 MHQ on Sunday, April 3rd (when April Clan Wars starts).

How to Earn Sham Rock Credits

Sham Rock Credits can be earned from 00:01 MHQ on Tuesday, March 1st to 23:59 MHQ on Thursday, March 31st.

You can earn them the following ways:

  • Chance to earn 1 SRC upon capturing a tPOB
  • Chance to earn 1 SRC upon capturing a Destination
  • Chance to earn 1 SRC upon capturing Shamrocks (both Physical + Virtual)
  • Chance to earn 1 SRC upon capturing Emeralds
  • Chance to earn 1 SRC upon capturing a St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Card
    • Owners of these cards will also have a chance to receive SRC
  • Chance to earn 1 SRC upon capturing an Event Pin (excluding the Event Indicator Pin)
  • Chance to earn 3/4/5 SRC (dependent on type) upon opening a QRate
  • Guaranteed to earn 1 – 3 SRC upon capturing certain MOBs we’ll release next week!
  • — UPDATE: As of 3/9/22 12:00 MHQ — Chance to earn 1 SRC upon capturing a St. Patrick’s Day skinned Myth.

Goodies You Can Get With Sham Rock Credits

As usual, the most up-to-date list of what’s available will be what you see on Like the tabs for C04L Credits, you’ll only be able to redeem items in the “Week 1” tab during Week 1, after which, only the “Week 2” tab will be visible until Week 3, and so on. So make sure to spend your credits each week!

The rewards/rates may change from time to time, but to start off with, this is what we have planned:

However, you may see another tab appear later on, which will contain items that will remain available through the end of the month — this should appeal to those who are saving up!

ZEE-Dayz Coming Soon!

As mentioned in our social posts, expect a ZEE-Dayz event kicking off Thursday at 12:00 MHQ! Physical and Virtual Shamrock Munzees will see TRIPLE their normal point values, plus a special badge and sale!

If you are shooting for the the badge and exclusive bouncer for hosting an event every month this year, why not plan your March event for this weekend? Your attendees will be raking in the points! To refer to the details for the Monthly Event Packages again, click HERE!

May your pockets be heavy with Sham Rocks!

Munzee on!