NEW St. Patrick’s Day Skins – Another Source of SRC!

With a Leprechaun and a Balor Cyclops already in the game, you’d think we’d tire of making Irish-themed myths. Think again! The rich culture gives us a lot of inspiration to draw from, and since we’ve embraced it as the theme for this month, new skins were the logical next step!

St. Patrick’s Day Skins

Like the Halloween skins, these skins are available in the Freeze Tag Store as a 3-Pack for $10! They will remain in the store until 23:59 MHQ on March 31st. You can shop them HERE!

Lady Leprechaun Oillipheist Hydra Far Darrig Faun
Landing Pads Landing Pads Landing Pads

If you don’t already own the base Myths, but are still interested in using these skins, here are the links to shop each one:

For more information on Skins, you can check out our Help Guide articles HERE and HERE.

Sham Rock Credits

You have the chance to earn 1 Sham Rock Credit upon capturing one of these skinned Myths. They don’t fall under the tPOB category, so we’ve added an entirely new source that you can earn SRC from! However, please note this will only apply in March. Once the month is over, you will no longer be able to earn SRC, as we stated in the original blog post.

We hope you look forward to seeing some new Myths on the map! Keep an eye on the Redeem Store as well… you never know what may show up!

Munzee on!