Introducing Specials Badges!

We’re excited to announce the release of a new line of badges for capturingΒ special seasonal munzees!

Nearly every month we release new limited time specials and we want to award our players for capturing these year round! In the past we have released hoverboards, groundhogs and much more so always be on the lookout for new, unique specials.

The Specials Badges are now LIVE and you can start earning them when the next special is released!Β These badges will NOT be retroactive, but moving forward every new seasonal special we release will count. They may not be totally retroactive, but these badges will include all captures from the World Turtle Day specials that went out in May.

You might also keep your eyes out, we hear someone’s birthday is coming up…

These badges will remain hidden so we can keep you guessing, but here is a look at the first badge:

Special Hunter- Capture 10 Munzee Specials of any type.