Friday The 13th Clowns!

Prepare for an emotional roller coaster on Friday the 13th! Don’t be too frightened by the Scary Clown and turn that frown upside down for the Sad Clown. These two new Clown Scatter Specials have been released into the wild!

Starting now when you capture a bouncing Clown Car special, there is a chance any assortment of clowns will scatter within 1 mile for two hours. These include the five previously released as well as the two new clowns. All of these specials will last until July 31 at 23:59.

Be sure to capture one of each of the seven clowns to earn a badge!

  • Party Clown
  • Rodeo Clown
  • Harlequin Clown
  • Tramp Clown
  • Mime
  • Scary Clown
  • Sad Clown


Clown Car
Capture – 77; CapOn – 11

Clown Scatter
Capture – 37; CapOn – 11

Clown Car specials will be attracted to Munzee Magnets so be sure to stock up on those in the Freeze Tag Online Store.

You CAN capture these specials on your own greenies and these will count toward the Specials Hunter badges as well.

We hope you can keep your emotions in check this Friday the 13th! Good luck and Munzee on!