Double Points and 14% Off Sale!

I guess this is why you shouldn’t gamble, huh?

Well our Global Goblet predictions didn’t exactly pan out, so unfortunately we won’t be celebrating with double points on virtuals. Lucky for you all though, we love a good third place match as well! Since England is playing in the 3rd place match we’ve made three items worth double points TOMORROW!

From 00:01 through 23:59 on July 14th there will be double points for all activity on Crossbows, Temporary Virtuals, and Water Mysteries.

We also have a sale in the Freeze Tag Online Store that begins NOW (15:00 MHQ) and will last until 15:00 on the 14th. Head to the store now for a 14% discount on Temporary Virts and Blast Caps!

Let’s all give three cheers for England and hope they win 3rd place because we might have more surprises in store if they do!