Cyber Munzday 2018 Preview!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Although the American offices will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their families tomorrow, Cyber Munzday will kick off the following Monday.

Our Cyber MunzDay sale will begin at 12:00 PM (Noon) MHQ time on Monday, November 26th and will last until 12:00 PM MHQ time on Tuesday, November 27th. Per usual the Munzee Online Store will be offline between 10:30 and 11:59 MHQ time on Monday in preparation for the sales as well as from 12:01 through 14:00 MHQ time on Tuesday to make changes.

We’ve got quite a few sales, which you can find detailed below. Throughout the rest of this week we’ll be releasing more detailed blog posts on the individual items leading into Cyber Munzday.

2018 Advent Calendar- $25 (Limit One Per Player)

We can’t say this clearly enough: You’re gonna want to get your hands on this!

Much like other Advent Calendars, starting December 1st you’ll get one Munzee-themed reward each day leading up to Christmas. Some of these will be virtual munzees, but there are a TON of surprises including access to a special Zee-Ops, limited edition badges, multi-point days, discounts and more! We won’t spoil the surprises, but this is really going to be a treat you won’t want to miss out on. More details to come…

Muru Pouch Creature- $20 (Limit one per player)

The latest cuddly critter from the Pouch Creature line is the rockin’ roller Muru! As you can imagine these grassy growlers will be attracted to Earth Mystery Munzees, which are also getting a bit of a change on Cyber Munzday. We’ll have more details later regarding the specifics, but per usual there will be a limited number of Muru Pouch Creatures released at various points in the day.

Bowling Ball Munzee- $15 (Sheet of 10)

This all new addition to the gaming line of Munzees (RPS and Prize Wheels) is sure to knock a few pins loose! Again, we’ll have more details soon, but this is Munzee’s take on a bowling mini game. When you capture a Bowling Ball Munzee a new munzee type called “1st Roll” will be scattered nearby. You can either earn a Strike or another munzee called “2nd Roll” will be scattered nearby for a chance to earn a Spare. Bowling Ball Munzees will come in sheets of 10 for $15 ($1.50 each) on Cyber Munzday, but will normally be $25 ($2.50 each). More details regarding points and how it works will be in a separate blog post.

New Myth Variants and Discounted Myth Upgrades- $4 per Myth

We have four all new Myth Variants that will go live on Cyber Munzday! There will be two new variants for both the Leprechaun and the Mermaid at 12:00 MHQ. Although Mermaids are already upgraded, you’ll need to buy a Myth Upgrade for the Leprechaun in order to convert it. If you didn’t Upgrade your Unicorn, now is a great time to do that as well because for Cyber Munzday Myth Upgrades will be discounted from $5 to $4. We’ll have more details about the individual Myth Variants in a separate blog post.

Personal Tags and Christmas Ornaments- Various Pricing 

What do all the good little boys and girls, all around the world, want from Santa? New Munzee personals of course! We have a handful of Cyber Munzday designs, as well as brand new Christmas ornament designs. These metal ornaments will come in a variety of shapes and there will be the option to add a personal code to it.

Limited Edition Closeout Apparel- Various Pricing 

Ever wish you could tell all your friends you went to MHQ Bash 4, when you actually had your second cousin’s third wedding that weekend? You’re in luck! We have a handful of different items from various events including shirts, hats, glasses and more! We want these deeply discounted items off the shelf, so load up now while you can. Limited sizes and supplies.

We’ll also have a handful of other discounted items for sale in a Cyber Munzday collection in the Freeze Tag Online Store. Follow the blog for the rest of the week for more information regarding the new items listed above. It’s sure to be a busy day, but as always Munzee teaches patience and Munzee on!