Another Update to Streaks

Last week, we did a quick announcement on our social media pages (FB|TWTR|IG) about a change we’d made regarding Universals and capture streaks. However, from that post we’ve received reports of additional inconsistencies from you, the players. So, in the interest of clarity and simplicity moving forward, we are making some more changes, which we’ll go into detail about below.

But before we get into all that, we’d like to put your mind at ease with some very important points:

  • The changes described below will be effective as of Tuesday, February 22nd.
  • The changes will only apply to activity moving forward from that date — so past streak progress will not be affected.
  • Streaks affected by the change we made on February 14th will be restored, to put everyone on equal footing for the upcoming update. However, that does not mean we’ve completely changed our minds about Universals, as you’ll see below.

Passive Activity

We’ve always stated in our blog posts that passive deploys, which are deploys automatically made by the app on your account, do not count for deploy streaks. A recent example of this are the Flamingo Feather scatters — the intent behind those is to increase the point potential for you, the deployer — not to count for streaks, since they required no action from you.

Similarly, we consider the tPOBs deployed as the final stage of Animal Evolutions and 2nd/3rd/nth Mech forms, such as the MUMM33, to be passive deploys, since the app automatically deploys these without you, the deployer, triggering them. However, it was brought to our attention that they have been counting for deploy streaks, which was never our intention. So, effective Feb 22nd, all such automatically deployed bouncers will no longer count towards deploy streaks.

Said another way, any deploy triggered by an action you’ve done will count. Of course, all the regular manual deploys you’d expect will count, but also deploys triggered by a purchase, as is often the case with any new Mechz we sell.

Location-less Game Pieces

The intent behind Socials, Personals, and Universals was to encourage Munzee players to socialize and build connections with others who share the same hobby. As it takes some effort to obtain and deploy these game pieces, they will count towards deploy streaks. However, if they are redeployed (especially in the case of Personals), the date that they count for will change, since the deploy on them can only count once. So, it’s best to not rely on them for deploy streaks.

On the other hand, captures of these pieces will not count towards capture streaks. As Socials and Universals are location-less, and Personals can be deployed up to 10 times a day, this makes the effort to capture them much lower than other game pieces.

We hope this post clears up any confusion regarding streaks, and that you are prepared for tomorrow’s update.

Munzee on!