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October 19, 2022

In-App Map Link Update!

The focus of our Tech Team the past few months has been to address the unresolved Known Issues — namely the “GPS Sticking or Not Following” issue. We are happy to report that some of our beta testers have noticed that this latest app update has resolved these issues for them. If you’re still experiencing any GPS issues after trying a fresh install, please follow up with so that we can investigate further. In the meantime, we’re also still investigating the floating pin issue some are encountering on Android.

In addition, today’s app update includes work on another improvement which we’ll go into detail about below, along with other various bug fixes and tweaks.

If you’re interested, you’ll need to download the latest update — which is 4.1.155 on Android and 4.1.156 on iOS — from your device’s App Store. If you do not see the latest update in the App Store, you’ll need to check back later. On Android devices, you could try clearing the cache of your Google Play Store app to see if you can force your store to refresh.

In-App Map Links!

Similar to the Permalink feature on the Web Map, you can now generate links to specific munzees OR areas on the map from the app! Here’s how:

Specific Munzee Map Link:

  1. Navigate to your desired munzee’s [Details] screen
  2. In the top-right corner, tap […]
  3. Tap [Copy URL]
  4. A popup with the URL will appear
  5. Tap [OK] on the popup
  6. Another popup should appear at the bottom confirming you’ve copied the URL to your device’s clipboard
  7. Paste where needed!

Map Area Link:

  1. Navigate to your desired area on the map
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the screen for 3+ seconds
  3. A confirmation popup will appear
  4. Tap [Yes] on the popup
  5. A popup with the URL will appear
  6. Tap [OK] on the popup
  7. Another popup should appear at the bottom confirming you’ve copied the URL to your device’s clipboard
  8. Paste where needed!

Please note that creating links to bouncing munzees — i.e. Unicorns — will NOT work as they are not tied to a specific set of coordinates. If you navigate to a link created for a bouncing munzee as shown in the next section, it will always bring you to (0, 0) — the middle of the ocean.

In-App Map Links = Deep Links

When you tap on an In-App Map Link, it will work differently depending on the device being used to access them:

  1. If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer, the link will launch the Web Map centered on either a specific munzee or area on the map, depending on how the link was created
  2. If you’re using a mobile device:
    1. If you do NOT have the Munzee App installed, the link will launch your device’s App Store and navigate to Munzee’s app page so you can download the app
    2. If you do have the Munzee App installed, the link will launch an intermediary page, as you can see in the screenshot below
      1. Once you tap [OPEN], one more confirmation popup will appear
      2. Tap [Open] on that popup and it will launch the Munzee App, moving the map so that it is centered on either a specific munzee or area on the map, depending on how the link was created
        1. If the link is for a specific munzee, it will also display the Summary Panel at the top, as if you’ve selected it on the map!

If the link doesn’t open to the correct location, try tapping it again to reload! NOTE – players tapping the links must have the latest build installed for them to work as expected.

Use Cases

  • All players can now share a link to any Munzee or location on the map!
  • New players can share a location to ask for help and nearby deploys
  • Players looking to trade virtual deploys can drop a link to where they’d like it
  • Event Hosts can quickly link players to where to deploy for the event
  • Garden Builders can easily share a link to the location of their Garden
  • Sick or injured players requesting for nearby deploys while they recover

We hope you find this feature useful, and thank you for your continuing patience as we work to fix the outstanding app issues! If after installing this update, you are still experiencing the main issue mentioned above, please e-mail with your device model and OS combo.

Munzee on!

March 2, 2022

Updates to the Daily Activity Tracker

At the end of January, we released an update featuring a new Daily Activity Tracker screen. We’ve always planned to include rewards for completing streaks up to certain days, so we’re happy to announce that that feature is in this latest update, along with some other improvements suggested by you, the players!

If you’re interested, check to see if you’ve received Build #857 over-the-air — to find out what version you are currently on, look at the bottom of the [Help & Info] –> [About Us] page inside the app. If you have not received the latest automatic update, please restart the app. It may take a few tries depending on your Wi-fi/data connection.

NEW Rewards!

As you can see in the screenshots below, we’ve updated the calendar on the Daily Activity Tracker so that some rewards are sprinkled throughout the month.

After Day 28, the cycle of prizes starts over again — so that’s why in the screenshots above, you can see a Zed icon again on March 31st.

There are a few important things to note:

  1. You MUST tap the green [Collect Reward] button in the bottom-right corner of the calendar on the day the reward is available for it to be added to your account. If it is not collected before the next MHQ day, the calendar will update and you will not be able to collect the reward.
  2. If your streak is broken at any point, it will cause the cycle to reset, and push back the rewards for all subsequent days accordingly.
  3. As noted in our previous DAT blog, it may take a minute to update your streak information after a capture or deploy is completed. This means that if you tap the [Collect Reward] button while your captures or deploys are still processing, you may see the text on the button change to “Verifying…” like in the screenshot on the right. If you see this, you can stay on the screen and wait for all the processing to complete, or just try again later.

Other Improvements

Many players requested that we add the ability to scroll the calendar back so they can more easily see their past progress. We’ve added a small arrow button to the top-left corner of the calendar so you can scroll back to the previous month, and similarly, a small arrow button to the top-right corner of the calendar to return to the current month.

We hope this update brings some changes you were looking forward to, or, at the very least, runs smoothly for you! If you find that you are experiencing any issues, please let us know at!

Munzee on!

February 21, 2022

Another Update to Streaks

Last week, we did a quick announcement on our social media pages (FB|TWTR|IG) about a change we’d made regarding Universals and capture streaks. However, from that post we’ve received reports of additional inconsistencies from you, the players. So, in the interest of clarity and simplicity moving forward, we are making some more changes, which we’ll go into detail about below.

But before we get into all that, we’d like to put your mind at ease with some very important points:

  • The changes described below will be effective as of Tuesday, February 22nd.
  • The changes will only apply to activity moving forward from that date — so past streak progress will not be affected.
  • Streaks affected by the change we made on February 14th will be restored, to put everyone on equal footing for the upcoming update. However, that does not mean we’ve completely changed our minds about Universals, as you’ll see below.

Passive Activity

We’ve always stated in our blog posts that passive deploys, which are deploys automatically made by the app on your account, do not count for deploy streaks. A recent example of this are the Flamingo Feather scatters — the intent behind those is to increase the point potential for you, the deployer — not to count for streaks, since they required no action from you.

Similarly, we consider the tPOBs deployed as the final stage of Animal Evolutions and 2nd/3rd/nth Mech forms, such as the MUMM33, to be passive deploys, since the app automatically deploys these without you, the deployer, triggering them. However, it was brought to our attention that they have been counting for deploy streaks, which was never our intention. So, effective Feb 22nd, all such automatically deployed bouncers will no longer count towards deploy streaks.

Said another way, any deploy triggered by an action you’ve done will count. Of course, all the regular manual deploys you’d expect will count, but also deploys triggered by a purchase, as is often the case with any new Mechz we sell.

Location-less Game Pieces

The intent behind Socials, Personals, and Universals was to encourage Munzee players to socialize and build connections with others who share the same hobby. As it takes some effort to obtain and deploy these game pieces, they will count towards deploy streaks. However, if they are redeployed (especially in the case of Personals), the date that they count for will change, since the deploy on them can only count once. So, it’s best to not rely on them for deploy streaks.

On the other hand, captures of these pieces will not count towards capture streaks. As Socials and Universals are location-less, and Personals can be deployed up to 10 times a day, this makes the effort to capture them much lower than other game pieces.

We hope this post clears up any confusion regarding streaks, and that you are prepared for tomorrow’s update.

Munzee on!

January 31, 2022

NEW In-App Daily Activity Tracker!

One of the first things you learn when you’re just getting into Munzee is that the most impressive accomplishments are related to streaks — meaning either capping, deploying, or both each day, for as long as you can! While capping each day can be difficult for those who live in munzee-sparse areas, and on the other side of the coin, deploying each day can be difficult for those who live in munzee-dense areas, the main difficulty most players have is making it part of their daily routine.

In the past, players have relied on simpler solutions, such as setting alarms on their devices, or more complex solutions, such as using third-party tools, to remind them to cap and/or deploy for the day. While there’s nothing wrong with using those solutions, we’ve always wanted to have a built-in option for you to use as well!

If you’re interested, check to see if you’ve received Build #834 over-the-air — to find out what version you are currently on, look at the bottom of the [Help & Info] –> [About Us] page inside the app. If you have not received the latest automatic update, please restart the app. It may take a few tries depending on your Wi-fi/data connection.

Daily Activity Tracker

The Daily Activity Tracker allows you to view your captures and deploys for each day of the month to help track your streaks. It will appear before the map the first time the app is launched each day. Afterwards, you can access it by going to your Profile –> [Stats] –> [Daily Activity Tracker].

The Current and Highest Streak counters at the top track how many days in a row you have either captured or deployed a Munzee.

The calendar in the middle is the main attraction, but we’ll get into more detail on it below!

The Monthly Streak Challenge at the bottom features the unique Flamingo skin that can be earned by keeping up your activity streak each month. Make sure all of the boxes for the month are colored orange or green to qualify for the skin reward!

Colors on the calendar are color coded to help you quickly see which activity happened on which days:

  • If it’s flashing yellow, make sure to complete your activity for the day!
  • If you’re aiming for the Deploy Streak Badges, make sure all the boxes are orange!
  • If you’re aiming for the Capture Streak Badges, make sure all the boxes are green!
  • If you’re aiming for the Capture & Deploy Streak Badges, make sure all the boxes are split between orange and green!
  • Make sure to avoid any red missed days that will break your streaks!

Please note that it may take a minute to update your streak information after a capture or deploy is completed.

Premium Feature

Premium members can tap on a specific date to see a summary of the Munzees that were captured and/or deployed on that day. The tabs at the top will allow you to switch between the displays.

  • Please note that the caps/deploys listed will only show types that count towards streaks, so it won’t show caps of Socials or Universals, and it also won’t show passive deploys (such as deploys of Flamingo Feathers)

This should also make it easier to track down certain Munzees that need to be moved around, like Mailboxes.

If you’re not a member, sign up for a free trial in the app to check it out!

Capture Mulligan Integration

If you break your capture streak, a Capture Mulligan icon will appear on the missed day if there is one available for you to use.

  • Note that it might not always appear on a red day. It’s possible that it may appear on an orange day if a capture was missed.
  • If the missed day is not visible on the calendar anymore because the next month has already started, you can always purchase the Capture Mulligans directly from the In-App Store

Tap on the icon to see which Capture Mulligan is offered: 1, 7, or 14 Day.

After purchasing, it will add a capture to the day that was missed and update your current streak counter at the top.

We hope this update brings some changes you were looking forward to, or, at the very least, runs smoothly for you! If you find that you are experiencing any issues, please let us know at!

Munzee on!

February 22, 2019

Announcing New Team Owned Bouncer Badges!

Feel like you’re deserving of another badge for your monumental Munzee accomplishments? We’re releasing a line of badges for capturing each of a person’s Team Owned Bouncers (TOB) going live today at 15:00 MHQ!

A badge will be rewarded after you manage the tricky feat of capturing all of a person’s TOBs (including AlternaMyths and the Hadavale Pouch Creature). These badges will be hidden, but they will also be retroactive since we can’t let your hard work thus far go unnoticed.

Each badge will count for all current TOBs, but if a new TOB is released, the badge requirements will update as well. That means it’s time to start hunting, because now is your best chance at earning these badges! The more TOBs we release, the trickier it’s going to get.

There’s a number of players on the Freeze Tag Team, so if you manage to earn all 22 badges, you really are a Munzee champ. Think it can be done?

Freeze Tag Team Accounts 

UPDATE: As of January 21st the following badges are no longer be available: matthewmccann, dafi87, violetblonde.

Good luck, and Munzee on!

February 13, 2019

V Day 2019 Munzee Specials Are Here! Heavenly Hammock and More

The day of romance is almost upon us, and what could be more romantic than Heavenly Flat Hammock?

Cupid who?

In honor of Valentine’s Day 2019, we have two specials launching this week, including virtuals and physicals!

Heavenly Hammock 

Some of you have already been treated to a Heavenly Flat Hammock virtual bouncing special sighting on your map. This special virtual launched on February 12 at 00:01 MHQ time, and it will last until February 24 at 23:59 MHQ time. That gives players plenty of time to spot everyone’s favorite angel of love! Heavenly Hammock will bounce every six hours or when captured. When the special first started there was only one bouncing around, but each time one is capped, another is deployed. Who knows how many of the cupids could be floating around by the end of the special?


  • Capture: 142
  • CapOn: 42

Lands On 

  • Crossbows
  • Stage two virtual evolutions
  • All variety of pink/red virtuals
    • Virtual Melon
    • Virtual Pink
    • Virtual Carnation Pink
    • Virtual Mauvelous
    • Virtual Salmon
    • Virtual Tickle Me Pink
    • Virtual Magenta
    • Virtual Wild Strawberry
    • Virtual Violet Red
    • Virtual Red Violet
    • Virtual Bittersweet
    • Virtual Red Orange
    • Virtual Scarlet
    • Virtual Red
    • Virtual Brick Red
    • Virtual Mahogany
  • Flat Hammocks

Heavenly Hammocks will be attracted to Virtual Munzee Magnets, but only when used on the Virtual Munzee colors listed above. There will also be two badges associated with capturing Heavenly Hammock specials. The first badge in the series will be as follows:

Capture 1 Heavenly Hammock special

As a special Valentine’s Day bonus, all Flat Hammocks will be 14 percent off for 24 hours, starting February 13 at 15:00 MHQ time. And this is only half of our Valentine’s Day special!

Throwback Candy Hearts  

Starting at 00:01 MHQ time on February 14, our Throwback Candy Heart Physicals will be live until February 24 at 23:59 MHQ time. These revamped designs are similar to our 2015 charity specials, but just different enough to give you some new icons to add to your collection! It might not be easy to pick up everyone’s favorite conversation candies in stores this year, but you can cap four different versions of them on the map for Valentine’s Day and beyond. (Just don’t try eating them!)

All four types of candy hearts will be attracted to Munzee Magnets, but only when used on Greenies. These Physical bouncers will bounce every 6 hours or when captured. There will be four different icons, with 214 of each icon deployed for plenty of chances to cap your own special Valentine’s message from MHQ. (They’re almost as romantic as Heavenly Flat Hammock.)


  • Capture: 56
  • CapOn: 56

Lands On

  • Greenies
  • Premiums
  • Stage two physical evos
  • RUMs

Additionally, there will be two badges associated with capturing our Throwback Candy Hearts. The first in the series will appear as follows:

Capture 1 Throwback Candy Heart special of any type

Don’t forget to act fast, because these bad boys are almost out of stock!

Limited Time Sales

And, of course, what holiday would be complete without a little present? You can access all of our Valentine’s Day specials here!

In honor of the day of love, all Flat Hammocks will be 14 percent off until 15:00 MHQ on Thursday, February 14, so don’t forget to pick up these romantic Valentine’s gifts! You can enjoy the same 14 percent off discount on Physical Jewels, including Diamond, Ruby, Aquamarine, Topaz, and Pink Diamond! The Physical Jewel sale will last until 10:00 MHQ on Monday, February 18 for a little extra shopping time.

And don’t forget to shop our brand new Heavenly Hammock and Valentine’s Day Personal Tags! It’s a close call between who wins cutest tag!

Who do you deploy for? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and Munzee On!

February 7, 2019

Munzee Merch Drop! New Merchandise Available Online

New Munzee apparel has been added to the Freeze Tag Online Store in celebration of our recent Munzee 4.0 launch! We’ve dropped half a dozen brand new designs, available in more styles and sizes than ever! Our merchandise line now includes t-shirts, baseball tees, sweatshirts, crop tops, hats, lanyards, and more!

Check out some of our new unisex t-shirt designs:

Additionally, we will be offering our first ever Munzee crop tops, featuring everyone’s favorite robo-dog, Rover, as well as Mitmegu!

We’ve also added in some more long-sleeve options, including baseball tees and sweatshirts, as well as our first ever tote bag.

Additionally, we’ve restocked the store with a variety of different Munzee hats, including the following:

We hope you enjoy these new items! What merchandise ideas would you be interested in seeing in the future? Connect with us on  Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to let us know!

Munzee On!

December 8, 2013

Announcement: Weekly Activity Summary -Straight to your inbox!

Hot off the presses -Starting Tuesday, Munzee players will now receive a weekly activity summary sent straight to their inbox!

This summary includes the point accrual for the week, repair entries left on your Munzee, badges awarded to your account, and other important news.

The email will be sent directly to the email account registered/linked to your Munzee player account.  Be sure to check the email you registered with and check your Munzee User Settings in your Profile on the website if you don’t see your email next week.

By default, all players will receive a weekly email with their activity.  Premium users have the option to setup daily summary emails!  Once we launch the Weekly Activity Summary emails, premium users can go into their User Profile, and then User Settings on the website to change how often they would like to receive emails.

Curious as to what your Weekly Activity Summary will look like?  Have a sneak peek at coachV and LeftOvers4Dinner‘s Activity Summary Emails:

coachv email

Seen above, we’ve added a cool feature that breaks down the types of Munzee you’ve captured during the day/week. This will be very helpful while trying to earn weapons in clan battles!


In the case of LeftOvers4Dinner‘s Weekly Summary, we can tell she’s got 2 Munzee in Maintenance Mode, and a few critical journal entries to look into.  With one easy click from your weekly email you can go directly to any Munzee that needs to be addressed, or view comments on recent “Unable to Locate” or “Needs Repair” Munzee.

Our hope is to better equip our players with the tools and information they need to make their Munzee gaming experience the best it can possibly be.  Sending you all the info you need directly to your inbox is a great feature, and we’re happy to launch it this week for everyone!

November 4, 2013

Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight: KFL200


Munzee Player of the Week: KFL200

Munzee Player of the Week: KFL200

He’s friendly, he’s helpful, and he’s awesome!  This week’s Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight shines on player KFL200, also known as Ken Fairhurst!  Ken’s one of our many amazing UK players, and we’re lucky to have him as a part of our worldwide Munzee community.  Ken’s been a pillar in our international community and an excellent resource for new players.  Because of this, we’ve decided to introduce him to all our players, new and old!  Continue reading below to get to know KFL200/Ken!

 Where in the world do you live?   

Gt Altcar, Nr Formby, UK

How long have you played Munzee?  

6 Months

How did you find Munzee?  

Like a lot of Munzers I used to be a ‘Cacher. One day I got a comment on one of my caches:

TFTC, there should have been a Munzee here as well but no sign, a pity as it was an Easter egg.

I thought,”Munzee – Easter Egg; what on earth is he talking about?” There was only one thing for me to do and that was Google “Munzee.” I liked what I saw so downloaded the app and I have Munzee’d almost every day since.

 What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

I love Munzee as it gets me out walking with my dogs, seeing some of the beautiful area round where I live, places I never knew existed if I didn’t Munzee.

I love to be out deploying and seeing the map turning green along the routes I have been, and it’s great to receive emails saying people are capping my Munzees.  If I get new people capping, I send them a “thank you” message hoping it will help inspire them to come back and cap some more.

What is on your wish list?

I think MHQ do a great job in keeping the game fresh, there is always something new round the corner, just keep the specials coming!

One thing I would change would be the Mysteries, it is rather disappointing to only get 5 points, perhaps it  could be upped to 10 minimum? I would also like to see them sold monthly in limited quantities, possibly virtual, or like the Motels. This would definitely put everyone on a level playing field.

Tell us about yourself!

My real name is Ken (aka KFL200), I am retired now but as my wife is disabled I can only get out for a couple of hours a day.  I Munzee with my 2 dogs Baxter & Bailey who love to be out and about, they look forward to their daily dose of Munzee.


Happy Dogs make Happy Munzee Buddies!

At home I spend a lot of time on the computer, planning new routes and working out where to go the next day. I also enjoy the social side checking on all the Facebook messages and helping out with questions or problems where I can, and chatting to other clan members who live in the USA and Netherlands.

I set up a Facebook group called ‘Happy Munzees’ only happy posts are allowed (no negativity, mud-slinging, etc…) which has proved to be quite popular, and recently I set up a basic ‘Happy Munzee’ web site that brings all the Munzee stuff together in one place as a resource for new players:

I would just like to say I am really honoured to be chosen as ‘Player of the week’, it is something I never expected with so many worthy people out there. Thank you!

Ken, we thank you for being a valued member of the Munzee community!  It’s not always about the points, and the positive energy you bring to the game makes us a Happy Team Munzee!

Do you know a player that inspires you, or does their part to grow the world of Munzee?  Know a Munzee super-hero, or maybe just someone that makes you smile?  If so, send us a message at with their name, player name, and your info as well!