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May 23, 2023

NEW Mega Event Attendance Badges!

What’s better than a Mega Event? Seeing friends, exploring new places…CAPPING Munzees! Good times. Well if you really need even more incentive to start attending – we have a NEW line of Mega Attendance Badges that trigger rewards when you earn each one! Cool, right?!

Check out the details below!

Badge Requirements and Rewards

We know making it out to Mega events can take planning, traveling, and lots of energy so we want to reward those of you who go the extra mile! Below are the requirements and rewards for each badge. These badges aren’t just for this year either, so even if you can’t make it out to every Mega Event you’ll still be able to earn these as time goes on.

We’ll show the first badge image and keep the others a secret for now.

  • Mega Floater- Attend 2 Mega Munzee Events

1 Virtual Capture Booster, 1 Physical Capture Booster, 1 Virtual Deploy Booster, 1 Physical Deploy Booster and 4 Capture Radius Boosters.

  • Mega Flyer- Attend 6 Mega Munzee Events

1 Virtual Capture Booster, 1 Physical Capture Booster, 1 Virtual Deploy Booster, 1 Physical Deploy Booster, 4 Capture Radius Boosters and 4 Blast Captures.

  • Mega Frontrunner- Attend 12 Mega Munzee Events

1 Virtual Capture Booster, 1 Physical Capture Booster, 1 Virtual Deploy Booster, 1 Physical Deploy Booster, 4 Capture Radius Boosters, 4 Blast Captures and 1,000 Zeds.

Something to keep in mind – you can only get these badges from scanning the main Mega Event pin. So be sure to look for the events with the black border to identify official Mega Events on the Munzee Calendar.

We hope this inspires you to get out there and attend some Mega Events in the years to come!

Munzee On!

April 18, 2023

NEW Premium Treehouse & Skyland Upgrades

We have some SUPER exciting news to share today, Munzee fans! For awhile now, we’ve seen requests from players wishing they could capture their Treehouses and Skylands more than just once per MHQ day. We can now happily announce that these dreams have become a reality!

Premium Members can now convert and upgrade their Treehouses and Skylands into Premium Destinations, which allow them to be captured once every 12 hours, instead of just once per MHQ day! NOTE – Once converted into a Premium Treehouse or Premium Skyland, only Premium Members will be able to capture and/or magnetize these destinations. This action is permanent and cannot be reversed, so upgrade wisely! Only the owner of the destination can upgrade their Munzee.

To upgrade, visit the Munzee Details page and tap the option to Convert

  • It will cost 1 Destination Credit to upgrade your Treehouse or Skyland

Below, you can see what capturing successfully as a new Premium Destination looks like, and the error message that will tell you how much time you have left before you can capture it again:

If you need to stock up on more Destination Credits or renew your Premium Membership, click the links below!

We hope y’all love these upgrades! And if you need a refresher on Bouncer Destinations, check out our help article HERE!

Munzee On!

April 6, 2023

Have a BLAST with this NEW Booster!

Our team is THRILLED to announce the ALL NEW Capture Radius Booster! Prepare to reach new heights (or distances) with this all new Booster credit. The Capture Radius Booster (CRB) works a little different than other Boosters, but the gist is that it will double the distance of the virtual munzees you can capture. This includes virtual scatters, bouncers on virtual landing pads, Places, ALL things virtual! We’re considering this a soft launch as there may be a few more small adjustments to be made as we get your feedback over the next few weeks.

This all new Booster can only be purchased for 60 Zeds in the In-App Store.

The CRB will work with Blast Captures and Rover Treats to double their distance as well! This means you have the ability to blast munzees up to 2 miles from your current location. Due to its unique nature the Capture Radius Booster will last for 5 minutes.

From our internal testing we think 5 minutes will be a nice number in order  to meet some different types of needs. While you’re a passenger in a car you now have the ability to reach upcoming virtuals from twice the distance, never missing those amethysts again. 🙂 Remember, about a month ago, we announced players could now set off Blasts without having to wait until the previous one finishes! That meant more Blasts in less time! No more ignoring your friends at events while you watch the screen, waiting to blast again!

Our goal is to make this new Booster easily accessible so players can use it at anytime, so please let us know of any feedback in case there is some more tinkering needed. The CRB is just right for that extension you need to cap a few more munzees that have previously been out of reach, or those lining many of the roads across the world. If you need a refresher on how Boosters work check out our Help Guide Article to learn more!

Munzee on!

March 20, 2023

New Feature to Change Your Username!

Hey, everyone! A much requested, and long awaited, feature has just been added to Munzee. We’re so excited to tell you about it!

We know for a long time, some players have requested the ability to be able to change their username. We’ve finally been able to setup a way to make this possible and make sure it correctly updates all your Munzees, account data, etc.
All Munzees you have previously deployed will be converted. All Munzees in your undeployed list will be converted. You lose NOTHING!

This feature will cost 1000 Zeds per use.

How do you do this, you may ask? Visit the Munzee website and the feature to Change Username will be under Settings.


Then, simply scroll down to Change Username, and voila!

Some important things to note:

  • After changing usernames you will need to logout and log back in on the website AND the mobile app across all devices

  • Usernames are case sensitive, so be extra careful when typing new usernames
  • After you change your username, you may change your username to one of your own previously set usernames if you have name change regret
  • There are no limits on how many times you can change your username
  • Only a-z, A-Z, or 0-9 are allowed as characters in a username (no spaces or special characters)
  • No refund on name changes – the details are tracked in your credits history

We hope you’re as pumped as we are about this new change and that you’re granted the username of your dreams!

Munzee On!

March 9, 2023

Explosive News!

Y’all, this is HUGE! We are SO excited to announce an update that is going to CHANGE the way that you BLAST Munzees! Check out the live announcement video from Rob on our Facebook page here:

The masterminds over here on Team Munzee have been brainstorming ways that we can improve the performance of Blast Captures and we’re excited to announce….we’ve finally done it! Players can now set off Blasts without having to wait until the previous one finishes! That means more Blasts in less time! No more ignoring your friends while you watch the screen, waiting to blast again at events!

This will also make Boosters much more efficient! No more getting stuck when trying to set off more blasts! With the ability to quickly blast one after another, you should have ample time to queue up plenty of Blasts while a Booster is active. NOTE – While blasts can be queued up quicker, please keep in mind that the boosters must still be active when each individual Munzee is processed and captured in order for any bonuses to apply. The more Munzees blasted at once, the more time it will take to capture each one. To keep things processing quickly, we recommend setting off smaller chunks of Blasts at a time. For example, 4 mini blasts should process faster than 2 regular blasts even though both are 200 total munzees.

While blasting you’ll also notice that the pins will update MUCH quicker than before to either show as captured or disappear from the map!

It’s almost the weekend which means it’s the perfect time to try out some Blasts! Shop Blast Captures in the FT Online Store HERE so you’re all stocked up for optimal testing!

So make like a bomb, and blast off with this new update!

Munzee on!

February 16, 2023

E-mail Address Updates

Have you checked your Munzee account details lately?

We want to make sure you don’t lose access to your Munzee account! A future update will require you to use your e-mail address instead of your username to log in. This also means that any Munzee accounts sharing an e-mail address must be updated so that they have unique e-mail addresses.

Please do take some time to make sure your e-mail address is correct. You can do so at Make sure to click the green [Save Settings] button if you make any changes!

Munzee on!

January 24, 2023

An Update Regarding MEGA Blasts

Ever since we introduced the Mini and MEGA Blast Captures via the In-App Store, we’ve been monitoring their processing times and also how they affect the overall app’s performance. Over the years we’ve made various code changes in the hopes of improving things, but after our recent tests, we’ve decided it’s time to retire the MEGA Blast.

As you can see in the first screenshot below, we’ll be removing the MEGA Blast from the selection screen and will also remove it from the In-App Store. Since 1 MEGA Blast could capture up to 500 virtual munzees, while regular Blasts can capture up to 100 virtual munzees, if you have any MEGA Blasts in your inventory, we will be converting them to regular Blasts at the exchange rate of 1 MEGA Blast = 5 regular Blasts.

Another change shown in the screenshots above is that we’ll also lower the max number of Mini Blasts and regular Blasts you can fire at once. You will only be able to fire 4 Mini Blasts or 3 regular Blasts at a time (200 – 300 virtual munzee captures). We’re making this change for the same reason as removing the MEGA Blast — to improve the app’s performance and reduce processing times.

While we understand that the convenience of setting off a larger number of Blast Captures will be missed, we believe that this change will provide a better experience in the long run — instead of wondering when your blasts will complete, they should finish within just a few minutes once this update is out. In addition, you’ll be able to set off more blasts much sooner, which is especially good if you have to move to another location. No more feeling like your phone is locked up by in-process blasts!

Munzee on!

November 7, 2022

An Update to Places Munzees

We heard your feedback on proximity requirements for Places Munzees! Previously, ALL Places had to be at least 1 mile (= 5,280 ft = 1609.34 m) apart from other places of the same type. Meaning, a Faith Place had to be at least 1 mile away from any other Faith Place, and so on. We’ve now reduced that distance for certain Places as follows:

2,000 ft (609.6 m) Radius

2,500 ft (762 m) Radius

In light of this change, if you’d like to stock up on any of these Places, you can do so HERE! We’ve also reset the usual limit on purchasing Places, so if you were maxed out for the month, you don’t have to wait all the way until next month to treat yourself!

Munzee on!

October 19, 2022

In-App Map Link Update!

The focus of our Tech Team the past few months has been to address the unresolved Known Issues — namely the “GPS Sticking or Not Following” issue. We are happy to report that some of our beta testers have noticed that this latest app update has resolved these issues for them. If you’re still experiencing any GPS issues after trying a fresh install, please follow up with so that we can investigate further. In the meantime, we’re also still investigating the floating pin issue some are encountering on Android.

In addition, today’s app update includes work on another improvement which we’ll go into detail about below, along with other various bug fixes and tweaks.

If you’re interested, you’ll need to download the latest update — which is 4.1.155 on Android and 4.1.156 on iOS — from your device’s App Store. If you do not see the latest update in the App Store, you’ll need to check back later. On Android devices, you could try clearing the cache of your Google Play Store app to see if you can force your store to refresh.

In-App Map Links!

Similar to the Permalink feature on the Web Map, you can now generate links to specific munzees OR areas on the map from the app! Here’s how:

Specific Munzee Map Link:

  1. Navigate to your desired munzee’s [Details] screen
  2. In the top-right corner, tap […]
  3. Tap [Copy URL]
  4. A popup with the URL will appear
  5. Tap [OK] on the popup
  6. Another popup should appear at the bottom confirming you’ve copied the URL to your device’s clipboard
  7. Paste where needed!

Map Area Link:

  1. Navigate to your desired area on the map
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the screen for 3+ seconds
  3. A confirmation popup will appear
  4. Tap [Yes] on the popup
  5. A popup with the URL will appear
  6. Tap [OK] on the popup
  7. Another popup should appear at the bottom confirming you’ve copied the URL to your device’s clipboard
  8. Paste where needed!

Please note that creating links to bouncing munzees — i.e. Unicorns — will NOT work as they are not tied to a specific set of coordinates. If you navigate to a link created for a bouncing munzee as shown in the next section, it will always bring you to (0, 0) — the middle of the ocean.

In-App Map Links = Deep Links

When you tap on an In-App Map Link, it will work differently depending on the device being used to access them:

  1. If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer, the link will launch the Web Map centered on either a specific munzee or area on the map, depending on how the link was created
  2. If you’re using a mobile device:
    1. If you do NOT have the Munzee App installed, the link will launch your device’s App Store and navigate to Munzee’s app page so you can download the app
    2. If you do have the Munzee App installed, the link will launch an intermediary page, as you can see in the screenshot below
      1. Once you tap [OPEN], one more confirmation popup will appear
      2. Tap [Open] on that popup and it will launch the Munzee App, moving the map so that it is centered on either a specific munzee or area on the map, depending on how the link was created
        1. If the link is for a specific munzee, it will also display the Summary Panel at the top, as if you’ve selected it on the map!

If the link doesn’t open to the correct location, try tapping it again to reload! NOTE – players tapping the links must have the latest build installed for them to work as expected.

Use Cases

  • All players can now share a link to any Munzee or location on the map!
  • New players can share a location to ask for help and nearby deploys
  • Players looking to trade virtual deploys can drop a link to where they’d like it
  • Event Hosts can quickly link players to where to deploy for the event
  • Garden Builders can easily share a link to the location of their Garden
  • Sick or injured players requesting for nearby deploys while they recover

We hope you find this feature useful, and thank you for your continuing patience as we work to fix the outstanding app issues! If after installing this update, you are still experiencing the main issue mentioned above, please e-mail with your device model and OS combo.

Munzee on!

May 2, 2022

Premium Membership Follow-Up

Last week, we announced an update we were making to Premium Memberships. Now that the date and time we stated has come, we wanted to take this opportunity to review the list of current Premium Membership benefits — if you’re a Premium Member, you may not be taking advantage of all there is to offer! Here is the most up-to-date list of everything you get, with links to more info and visual guides underneath:

Unlocked In-App Features

  • Ability to view exclusive Premium Filters
    • Hide captured Munzees with red checkmarks from the map
    • Find special types or Munzees that will expire soon
  • Ability to customize Preset Filters
    • NEW: Preset Filter slots have increased from 5 to 10!
  • Ability to view a real-time Daily Leaderboard
  • Ability to upload photos to Munzees
  • Ability to earn/display special Titles
  • Ability to create Clans
  • Ability to hold an extra QRate
  • Ability to delete a QRate once per day
  • Ability to reroll Daily ZeeOps missions once per day
  • Ability to view caps/deploys for specific days on the Daily Activity Tracker
  • Ability to filter blasts to capture specific types
  • NEW: Ability to attract an extra bouncer from magnets
    • Non-Landing Pad Destination munzees (i.e. Greenies) will now attract up to 4 bouncers when magnetized
    • Landing Pad Destination munzees (i.e. Treehouses) will now attract up to 7 bouncers when magnetized
Premium Filters Preset Filters Daily Leaderboard
Upload Photos Special Titles Create Clans
Extra QRate Delete QRate Daily ZeeOps Reroll
View Caps/Deploys Filtered Blasts Magnet Boost

Unlocked Outside-App Features

  • Ability to view detailed Munzee activity stats collectively known as Statzee
  • Ability to receive email notifications when a new munzee is deployed

Goodies Received

  • Monthly Premium Memberships – on the 15th of each month

If you aren’t already a Premium Member, you can purchase a Yearly Membership via the Freeze Tag Store or the In-App Store. You also have the option of purchasing a Monthly Membership via the In-App Store.

We hope this blog post has been useful to you!

Munzee on!