A ZEE-Dayz for March MunzPak Owners + A NEW Destination!

Our Pre-Paddy’s Day Party was only the beginning… March has much more in store! Read on for everything you need to know!

Double Points Details

From the period of Thursday, March 17th at 12:00 MHQ through Sunday, March 20th at 23:59 MHQ, March MunzPak owners can enjoy double points on select Mechz, Evolutions, and MORE!

Mechz Evolutions Other

Please note that the double points only applies to the munzees listed above, not any scatters that may be triggered after their capture.

NEW tPOB Pub Details

Last week, we teased that a NEW game piece was coming and that non-trial Premium Members would be getting one automatically at 12:00 MHQ today! The wait is over — we are happy to unveil the tPOB Pub,  the first temporary virtual Destination!

Otherwise, if you’re not a Premium Member, the tPOB Pub is available NOW in the Freeze Tag Online Store HERE. Be sure to shop fast, because it will leave the store at 23:59 MHQ on Thursday, March 31st!

Why use a tPOB Pub? This extra special munzee has the following awesome advantages:

  • Perfect for travelers who may want the benefits of a Skyland, but only for a short time
  • Quick and high points
  • Easy access to multiple tPOB caps at once
  • The ability to share the love with other tPOB owners
  • Achieve tPOB Clan Wars requirements quicker

Don’t forget that this month, as it’s a Destination, upon capture you have the chance to earn 1 Sham Rock Credit! Otherwise, the info below will always apply (unless we make any tweaks in the future):

Basic Info Special Info
  • Attracts up to 6 tPOBs over time
  • Stays on the map for 7 days
  • Automatically magnetized when 1st deployed
    • Is magnetizable afterwards
  •  Points:
    • Deploy: 250 points
    • Cap: 10 points + points for tPOBs in the PUB at the time of capture.
    • CapOn: 50 points
  • Can be capped once per player per 24 hour MHQ day
    • New tPOB landings do NOT refresh the capture setting
  • The regular tPOB timer is still in effect. If a tPOB times out, it leaves the PUB and an open spot becomes available for others
  • Players will see the base icon above for 0, but then a 1-6 as more tPOBs stop by

The deploy circle for tPOB Pub will be 4,000 feet (1219.2 m) from the nearest tPOB Pub. Capture radius is 1000 feet.

To access the tPOB Pub, turn on your Virtual filter and find it under “Destinations”. If the tPOB Pub is hosting munzees, it can also be visible with the “All Expiring Specials” filter.

For more information on Destinations, you can check out our Help Guide article.

We hope you join us in taking apart some Mechz this weekend — thanks for reading until the end!

Munzee on!