A Virtual Nomad to Carry Your Bags!

After much code wrangling, we are happy to announce the release of new Virtual Bellhop Nomads! Similar to the Jewel Thief and Warrior Nomads, the original Bellhop Nomads were only bouncing to the physical types of their corresponding landing pad categories.

10 NEW Virtual Bellhop Nomads have been unleashed on the map. To keep the total number of each type at 20, this means that 10 of the original Virtual Bellhop Nomads will be removed. Like other nomads, they will bounce every 12 hours or when captured.

These captures will also count toward the Nomad Munzee Badge Line.

Landing Pads:


  • Capture: 500
  • CapOn (for host owner): 250

Better your chances at capping a Virtual Bellhop Nomad by deploying a Virtual Destination Munzee near you! Please note that Skylands are not included in its list of landing pads. If you don’t already have any Virtual Destination Munzees in your inventory, you can shop the collection at the Freeze Tag Store, or perhaps make a trade with other players who have them stocked up!

To learn more about Nomads, check out the Help Guide article!

We hope you look forward to spotting these extremely rare pieces on the map!

Munzee on!