Celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day With Us!

Last year we hosted 3 Eventzee Hunts: the Couch Potato Party 2020 hunt, the QRantine 2020 hunt, and the MHQ Bash 2020 Event. While we enjoy putting them together, it does eat up a lot of resources, even for a fairly short hunt. However, as we were planning for this month, we knew it was about time to host one again! After all, there are still so many people who haven’t tried out the NEW Eventzee app!

Unlike the hunt we hosted for last year’s Bash from the Past, you’ll be able to access all the challenges once you join the event. In addition, we’ve set it up so that Photo and Video challenges will auto-approve, so you can see what others have submitted in the Feed much more quickly! We hope that this will help you feel more connected to the rest of our player community, and ask that you refrain from submitting anything that is not family-friendly.

If you do spot something in the Feed that is not family-friendly, you have the option to Report it. Tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the post, tap [Report], and then tap [OK] to confirm. We will review any reports we receive periodically and take action as we see fit. You also have the option to Block the player in the same menu.

This event will be available until May 31 at 12:00 MHQ time. Per usual no screenshots will be accepted unless the clues ask for it. Just download the Eventzee app* and use the code FTHUNT2021 to access this special hunt. Or scan this QR code using the Eventzee app to join quickly!


We’ll be awarding prizes to the top finishers, so make sure to submit your best photos, videos, and text to rise to the top!

  1. $15 Freeze Tag Store Credit OR a FREE pre-built Eventzee Party Pack ($50 value)
  2. $10 Freeze Tag Store Credit
  3. $5 Freeze Tag Store Credit
  4. 110 Zeds or 90 Royal Jellies
  5. 110 Zeds or 90 Royal Jellies
  6. 110 Zeds or 90 Royal Jellies
  7. 110 Zeds or 90 Royal Jellies
  8. 110 Zeds or 90 Royal Jellies
  9. 110 Zeds or 90 Royal Jellies
  10. 110 Zeds or 90 Royal Jellies

Munzee on!