ZeeOps Program Reboot!

Agents, in August we informed you that a change was coming to the ZeeOps program, which is why we had no monthly ops planned for September. As you’ve probably guessed from our numerous hints, we’re finally ready to unveil our NEW ZeeOps program! Here’s a briefing on the changes:

ZeeOps Changes

As mentioned in the August blog post, we’ve shifted to a Daily ZeeOps Mission system. These new Daily ZeeOps Missions will NOT require ZeeCred. Those players that have ZeeCred stored up have no need to worry, as we still have that data saved. We will release more information regarding ZeeCred usage in the near future!

Each day, at 00:00 MHQ time, you will receive a new mission in your ZeeOps Hub (more info in the next section) which is located above the Clan Wars hub on the main map screen. Just click the red ZeeOps button to access this all new section.

If you complete the mission during that MHQ day, you will earn a stamp for that day and receive the reward as indicated in the mission. Currently, the pool of rewards includes Zeds, Zeecret Weapons, or the deploy of the NEW Laser Pen (click HERE to learn more) near you! As always, this reward pool may be subject to change.

If you do not complete the mission, you will simply not earn a stamp on that day (likewise with the reward) and can try again the next day. After completing the very first Daily ZeeOps Mission you will have the option to discard missions once a day. The discard will simply remove that mission and give you a new option but it’s only available once daily.

Once you’ve completed your seventh mission and collected the indicated reward, you’ll unlock the vault and earn a Spyderbot! You can find more information about this  NEW temporary POB HERE!

Once the 7 days have been completed the counter for missions will reset and you’ll start over at Day 1.

In-App Updates

Whether you’re an experienced player or just started yesterday, we want everyone to get a good introduction to this updated area.

Once you have the update on your device, you’ll need to work through our tutorials before you can unlock the new ZeeOps Hub. You’ll earn 25 Zeds for each tutorial you complete, so it’s definitely worth your while!

Once you’ve done that, here’s what you’ll find:

The Daily Tab, which contains the following:

  • A visual representation of Daily ZeeOps Missions completed, up to the seventh mission
  • The current Daily ZeeOps Mission, consisting of the requirement, reward, and current progress
  • Ability to view more information about the reward by tapping on the reward image
  • Ability to discard the current Daily ZeeOps Mission in order to try a different Mission (once daily)
  • Depending on the Mission status:
    • View more information about the reward by tapping on the bottom button
    • Ability to collect the reward once the requirement is met
    • View the time remaining until the next Daily ZeeOps Mission will appear

The Secret Tab, which functions much like the old ZeeOps area, and contains the following:

  • The active Mini Ops or other non-Daily ZeeOps
  • Ability to view more information about the Op by tapping on it
  • Ability to view old Ops


There is a new badge line based on overall Daily ZeeOps missions completed. These badges depict fun interactions between rival spies! The first badge in this line is Vault Hunters, earned by completing your first Daily ZeeOps Mission! You can sneak a peek below:

Vault Hunters- Complete 1 Daily ZeeOps Mission.

Since everything here is new, you may run into bugs we haven’t squashed, so we thank you in advance for your patience. Please report anything you find to support@munzee.com.

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

This message will self destruct in 3… 2… 1…