Zeecret Agents Competition Update 2

Agents, we’ve been continued to monitor the competition, and while Round 2 nearly lasted the full 6 days, we’d still like for the competition to be as tough for both agencies as possible. For the next round, we’ve made some adjustments to the point values and types that can affect agency HP. You can find a breakdown below:

Add 7 points to your team P.E.A.R. Agent
P.I.N.E. Agent
Add 3 points to your team Spyderbot
Add 1 point to your team Pear
Night Vision Goggles
Laser Pen
Subtract 10 points from the other team Squashed Spyderbot
Subtract 5 points from the other team Bowling – 2nd Roll
Physical Pear Bomb
Physical Pineamite
Subtract 3 points from the other team Virtual Pear Bomb
Virtual Pineamite
Laser Trail 2
Laser Trail 3
Trojan Unicorn
Subtract 2 points from the other team Flaming Arrow
Rainbow Unicorn
Gnome Leprechaun
Ice Dragon
Sasquatch Yeti
Fire Pegasus
Fairy Godmother
Mother Earth
Subtract 1 point from the other team Infrared Virtual
Laser Trail 1
Self Destruct Greeting Card
Add 3 points to your team Spyderbot
Add 2 points to your team Briefcase
Add 1 point to your team Self Destruct Greeting Card
Subtract 2 points from other team Night Vision Goggles
Trojan Unicorn

*We may change these values between rounds in order to improve gameplay.

This will also be reflected on CuppaZee’s Zeecret Agents Competition page. You can check out the state of the competition at any time there, or join an agency if you’re late to the party.

Round 3 of the competition has already begun and will run until Friday, October 23 at 11:58 MHQ or when one team hits 0 HP. Registered agents, check your credits page for a special gift from MHQ to help with Round 3!

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

This message will self destruct in 3… 2… 1…