Put on These 20/20 Vision Munzees for Instant Glamour!

With a distinctive shape and pearly accents in the upper corners, we think these glasses are the perfect accessory to wear at your next Sock Hop! These classic shades were deployed this afternoon at 15:00 MHQ. While typically viewed as a more feminine style of eyewear, we think there are options out there for everyone! Read on for some inspiration!

Only ten Cat-Eye Glasses will be deployed, and they will bounce to Greenies every 12 hours or when captured. These will be attracted to Physical Magnets though so be sure to stock up! 


  • Cap: 200 points
  • CapOn (Host): 100 points

Capturing the Cat-Eye Glasses will add this fabulously feline Purr-fect Vision badge to your collection! Also, as of July we’ve released the details on the overall capture line — the post is HERE if you missed it!

While the glasses depicted in the pin and badge art are certainly a sweet choice for those who enjoy retro style, perhaps you’d prefer a more modern example? Though The Matrix was released in 1999, the fashion still seems modern by today’s standards — and the striking sunglasses worn by the character Trinity have a unique shape while still meeting the “cat-eye” criteria. As they are black in color and give off a more insectoid appearance, they can be considered a unisex alternative to the typical cat-eye pair. Curious about how these glasses were made? According to Fashionista.com, costume designer Kym Barrett first drew up the designs of each character’s signature pair. Then glasses designer Richard Walker made each pair according to her specifications by hand. To ensure that these custom lenses would be a perfect fit, head molds of each glasses-wearing actor were made, and then cast in plaster! The process may seem extravagant, but there’s no denying that the extra effort definitely paid off! Where else have you seen such sensational sunglasses?

You’ll be able to capture the 20/20 Vision specials on other players’ munzees as well as your own for the remainder of the year! As a reminder, all 20/20 Vision specials will leave the map on 12/31/2020 at 23:59 MHQ. More unique 20/20 Vision specials will launch throughout the year so keep on the lookout — you won’t want to miss out on these bouncing bifocals!

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