Welcome, CuppaZee!

We have some VERY exciting news here at MHQ that we can’t wait to share! We’re sure you all know and LOVE the amazing app, CuppaZee – and we do too! The creator, Sam Hindess, is doing AMAZING things over there, and his dedication to Munzee and CuppaZee is super inspiring. With all that being said, we’re extremely happy to announce that Sam and CuppaZee are now officially joining the Freeze Tag Family!

Sam started playing Munzee in 2013, being an avid Munzee player for almost a decade before joining Freeze Tag. For over half of that time playing, Sam had been developing CuppaZee, initially a 3rd party companion website (and later mobile app) for the game, regularly expanding its feature set based on the wants and needs of other players.

The CuppaZee app allows Munzee players to track their daily activity and ZeeOps progress, as well as keep track of items in their inventory and the locations of their bouncers. These features have become invaluable to the thousands of players who utilize the app!

This partnership between CuppaZee and Munzee will allow us to bring some very cool updates to you in the near future, so keep an eye out!

And now, a word from Sam:

“It’s awesome to have CuppaZee finally joining the Munzee family. I’m excited to be part of the Freeze Tag Team and look forward to seeing what brilliant ideas we can achieve together in the future!” 

And of course, a statement from our President, Rob Vardeman:

“I’ve watched Sam progress in his development skills over the past several years and seen CuppaZee grow to be a powerful sidekick to the Munzee app. I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome both to our family! The future is brighter together!”

And to go along with this exciting announcement, we have a new “Meet Sam Badge” as well! How can you earn this magnificent badge, you may be wondering? Find Sam at one of the Mega events happening in the UK on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13! Rob and Lou will also be there to officially welcome him to the team! So many awesome reasons to attend!