UPDATE on Glitch Badge

11025688_1074606469222761_909309285628722268_nAs many have noticed, a glitch badge featuring a disoriented Munzee logo surfaced about a month ago. With the help of the players we’ve been working diligently to find the source of the problem, but much is still unknown. When our servers went down for routine maintenance last month, something seemed to get into our system and since it would take a server-wide shutdown to quickly find the source we have had to slowly dissect portions of the game in search of answers.

We understand the timing around this is less than desirable, what with April Fool’s Day around the corner, but it would appear that the joke is on us. Early Friday we received this semi-cryptic email from former Munzee President Aaron Benzick.

“Hey guys, 

Hope everything with Munzee is going well and relatively GLITCH-less. I remember a few BLURRY days during my time with Munzee, but nothing a few MISSING NO.s wouldn’t fix. Just remember to wear your Team Munzee BADGE with pride and never settle for MALFUNCTIONS. Hope I’m not BUGging you all, just wanted to send over some words of encouragement. Enjoy your week and happy April!


Although we don’t know “how” (Scott is crying foul) the “why” seems to be a bit of a joke from the original co-founders. So luckily it appears that you don’t have to worry about your phone exploding, but there is still the matter of this badge. After much deliberation we have decided to keep the so-called Missing No. badge for at least a few more days so Aaron’s plan can come to fruition. The following requirements are needed to attain this badge, but you’ll only have until Thursday to do it. These do not need to be done in any particular order, but all must be done within 24 hours to receive the badge.

  • You must capture a munzee with coordinates that end in 11 (ex. 33.185989696811)
  • Capture on the 11th second of an odd numbered minute (ex. 4:26:11 AM)
  • You must have at least one capture worth 11 points during the day.
  • Capture a munzee within 1 hour and 11 minutes of receiving cap on points.
  • Deploy 4 greenies within 24 hours. 
  • Wear your hat backwards in an Opposuit (Not really, but you should still buy an Opposuit.)

Obviously our trickster has an affinity for 11 (perhaps symbolizing 2011, the year Munzee was born) but these requirements come straight from Aaron himself, so despite their extensive nature it seems this is the only way to get the badge. Good luck and as always, Grow The Map!