Sillyman Special Icons Are On the Map!

April Fool’s Day is full of “new releases” or jokes from companies. Although we’ve been known to have a laugh or two, we like to put out some real items, too. Special icons are always fun, and our Sillyman icons are no joke!

Starting at 1200 MHQ time TODAY, 300 Sillyman icons will attach to physical greenies across the map and will bounce every 3 hours unless captured before then. Sillyman caps give you 0-25 points for capture and cap on. You may not capture your own Munzee. These icons will be on the map until 2359 MHQ time on Sunday, April 5th. You can see if there are any pins near your at

Make sure the joke isn’t on you, and cap your Sillyman Icon before they disappear!