Relive Our Greatest Hits With Retro Munzee Logo Specials!

Over the years we’ve had a variety of different Munzee logos, all leading up to the all new (and very different) 4.0 QR Code logo! To celebrate the upcoming release of Munzee 4.0 (we promise it’s very close!) we’re launching Retro Munzee Logo Specials.

Featuring each of the logos Munzee has used over the years, these specials will be on the map starting November 15 at 00:01 MHQ and will last until November 25 at 23:59 MHQ.

400 of each logo will bounce on Greenies every 4 hours or when captured. Remember that although some of the logo icons have been used as the Greenie design in the past, with each logo update that original design has been removed. So this will be your first chance to earn and keep Special icons featuring the retro designs!

The Retro Logo Specials will also be attracted to Magnets on Greenies. Players will be able to capture these on their own Greenies as well.


  • Capture: 40
  • CapOn: 40

There will be badges for capping each of the specials, which feature throwback screenshots from earlier versions of the app. We’ll just show you the first one for now, but be sure to capture at least one of each logo so you can earn all five badges!

First Steps- Capture a 2011 Munzee Logo Special

You can purchase Magnets in the Freeze Tag Online Store where we also have sets of Retro Icon generics for sale! We originally sold these last year and they flew off the shelves. For $4 you’ll get a pack of 20 greenies (5 of each design) featuring four of the pin logo variations Munzee has used over the years.

You can purchase retro generic HERE.

What better way to kickoff #ThrowbackThursday tomorrow than by capping some of these retro logo specials?! Thanks for seven great years of Munzee and (soon to be) four ever-growing versions of the app! We think you’re all going to really enjoy 4.0 and it’s just the stepping stone to all sorts of cool new things!

Good luck and Munzee on!