Players of the Week: Susan and Mark (CalvertCachers)!

One of the many US-based Munzee communities we respect is Maryland, and we’ve got quite a few amazing players out there!  This week’s Player(s) of the Week are right at home in the Chesapeake Bay.  Everyone, please welcome Mark & Susan Kelley (Calvertcachers) as this week’s Players of the Week!

Sue and Mark

Who are you?  Mark and Susan Kelley, AKA Calvertcachers.

We also Munzee with our grandchildren Logan, LilCrab and Meli.

Logan and Meli Munzeeing DC Feb 2014

Where in the world do you live? We live in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland which is in the southern part of Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay.

How long have you played Munzee? We actually heard about Munzee when it first began but didn’t begin until a year ago, February 2013. Over the past year we have had a great time and are now officially addicted!

How did you find Munzee?

We learned about Munzee through a local group (MGS). Their website can be found at:

-Many MGS members Munzee and over the past year it has become more and more popular!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

We like how Munzee works to keep the game fresh with new specials and programs. We have really enjoyed all of the specials over the past year, and on many occasions, we have ran out after work to cap a special or work to earn a new badge. We love challenges! Badges were also a very nice addition. Our grandson now how his own account, and when he is with us, we let him cap and he gets SO excited when he earns a new badge.

We also love the Virtual and Virtual Mystery Munzee’s! These were a great addition. Especially since we live in a region with high security (Washington, D.C.) it is great to be able to place Munzee’s that showcase points of interest. Plus we have enjoyed placing virtuals in other parts of the Country and seeing all of the caps. Our grandson LilCrab just launched a social Munzee recently and he is enjoying seeing the comments from folks all around the world! He even shared with his first grade class.

We also enjoy doing hiking but in the summer months in southern Maryland, the ticks and chiggers have gotten fierce. Many folks in our area have been diagnosed with serious tick borne illnesses so we have reached a point to where we don’t want to do any deep woods hiking in the summer.

Thank goodness for Munzee because we now are having a great time Munzee’ing in the summer (and all year round) and it has offered us a way to feed our challenging spirits 🙂

Mark and Sue 2

What is on your wish list?

We are just a few thousand points away from reaching 100K so this will be an exciting milestone. Providing that we don’t get hit with another major snow storm in the next few days, we hope to reach this goal within the next week. We both enjoy history and since we live in a history rich area, we would like to incorporate more quiz munzee’s and make some type of challenge or Munzee History trail. Sue has been thinking about this for several months so we hope to have something soon.

Mark and Meli Munzeeing Wash. DC

We would also like to host a Munzee event in Maryland and try to do something to make it extra fun.

Tell us about yourself!

We have been happily married for 33 years, and have two children and three grandchildren. Mark is retired from the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission, Prince George’s Parks Department as a Maintenance Supervisor over historic sites. Sue has 26 years with the same agency but within the Prince George’s County Planning Department.
She is an Administrative Manager over Office, Publications and Web Support Services. We have always loved the outdoors; hiking, fishing, crabbing, camping, and caching. Since we live along the Chesapeake Bay, we enjoy being on the water during the summer. There is nothing better than a fresh caught Chesapeake Bay crab feast!

We have been highly involved with the MGS over the past 10 years and have enjoyed the many caching related activities, and treasure all of the friendships we have made. We are happy to see that many of our caching friends are now having fun with Munzee!

Susan and Mark were awesome enough to share their social, and LilCrab’s social.  Here they are:

LilCrab Social Munzee  Calvert Social

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