NEW Wonder11and Merch!

We released a new Universal and our first batch of Wonder11and Merch towards the end of last month. Since then, we’ve added a few new products we’d like to share with you! Read on to get the details!

Special Urban Camo Prize Wheel Packs

We’ve got a charming limited-edition pack of Urban Camo Prize Wheels available in the Freeze Tag Store! This time, we’re not limiting the amount you can purchase. And while they are limited-edition, once our current stock is gone, we will order more if they are in demand — shipping will just take longer at that point.

As you can see in the images above, the pack includes 5 magical Wonder11and designs = 5 total stickers perfect for a rabbit hole near you!

NEW Personal Tag Design!

In addition to the stickers shown above, Wylie has designed a new Personal Tag featuring the Wonder11and logo!

You can shop the new tag HERE!

Redeem Store Reminder

Lastly, don’t forget to check out what you can get for your Painted Rose Credits atย! A new batch of items has just rotated in!

We hope you are enjoying our month-long UnBirthday Celebration!

Munzee on!