New Places Munzees to Grow the Map With!

It’s been a while since we last introduced new Places Munzee types! While it may be tough to go anywhere at the moment, we hope this will help those of you who live near these types of places, especially those that participate in Clan Wars! The new Places Munzees were added to the Freeze Tag store as of 12:00 MHQ today. Shop them HERE! They are limited to one per account per 30 days, like the other Places.

NEW Places Details

Joining the ever-growing roster of Places are the Bank, Beach, Campground, and Golf munzees. You may be wondering — would a mini golf or “Top Golf” type location be eligible for a Golf Places munzee? The answer is yes! We got the ideas for these types from you, the players, so we’re confident they’ll be a welcome addition to the game. As with other Places munzees, these can be captured daily! They will also contribute progress towards the Places Capture badge line and the Places Streak badge line.

Capture Radius: 1,000 feet, not blastable

Deploy: 40 points

Capture: 20 points

CapOn: 10 points

To access these munzees, turn on your “Virtual – Places” filters. For more information on how to deploy a Places munzee, you can check out our Help Guide article. This document will be updated with our guidelines should any changes occur. Please note that these new places should be easily identifiable from Google Maps.

Deploy Guidelines:

Here is a breakdown of guidelines for each of the new Places types. Remember a Places Munzee has to have its location approved for deployment, so please be sure to read through these guidelines carefully. It is also very helpful for you to update the name and notes of the Munzee so our reviewers can verify it quickly to get it deployed for you.

Bank: Bank Places Munzees can be deployed at official bank buildings around the world. These will not include just an ATM, or “cash point” but an actual bank. The bank may be inside another business but must be a full service bank.

Beach: Beach Places Munzees can be deployed at many types of beaches around the world. They may be found at lakes, oceans, rivers, and many other bodies of water. “Beaches” at amusement parks, neighborhood pools and small playgrounds will not be accepted. “Real” beaches at “real” bodies of water are the intended locations.

Campground: Campground Places Munzees can be deployed at officially designated campgrounds around the world. These may include campgrounds that are a place of business but may also include free campgrounds.

Golf: Golf Places Munzees can be deployed at official recreation places used for golfing around the world. This type will include miniature golf, golf courses, and even some businesses providing indoor golf services.

Places Munzees are very unique due to the much larger cap radius (as compared with other munzee types) and aforementioned daily capture ability. Maybe you want to follow the advice in last month’s Munzee Mistakes post and trade Places munzees with other players to make the most of your deploys?!?

Munzee on!