New Munzee Online Store Soft Opening

When the Munzee store originally launched in February 2013, it was a new and exciting way for quality Munzee stickers and products to be sold. It also allowed us to try new things and you, our players, to grow the map and game like we never expected. Almost three years later, however, that store just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Towards the end of last year, we began looking into alternative options for a new store. After months of research and testing, a new option was chosen, and we got to work building it out. Now, it’s time to test it.

From Friday, January 15th at 14:00 CST until Sunday, January 17th at 23:59 CST, the new Munzee store will be live for a soft opening. The new store can be found here or atΒΒ and will ONLY be active during that time frame. After the soft opening, we will assess what works and needs to be changed, and we will announce when we will be switching over for good!

You never know what new things you may find in the store, so check it out tomorrow! Thank you for all of your support, and grow the map!